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Part 138: Episode CXXXV: Our Mother

Oh shit, folks. It’s the final chapter of Xenogears! Oh rather, they just stopped adding new chapters at this point since there’s still a sizable amount of crap to get past. Ah well, we’re getting there...

Episode CXXXV: Our Mother

Music: Omen

"This is where it all started. This is our genesis!, humans were born here."
”Well, humans on this planet at least... It’s complicated...”
"...Long ago, Deus crash-landed on this planet in an interplanetary colony ship. In order to revive itself someday, Deus detached the Zohar Modifier's core... After this core unit came down here, a single woman awoke and arose from out of it. She's the mother of all humanity..."
*walks further up the hill* "After she awoke, she used all her power to bear several beings. These would become the ancestors of the whole of humanity. These were the Emperor and the Gazel Ministry."
”Hell of a litter...”

"Two selves... The -human- Mother and the weapon... The Subject and the Complement. That is Elly and... Miang."
”...I should probably feel grossed out for finding both of them hot then, huh?”
“I’m finding it best just not to think about it. Like at all...”

"I, the sole survivor from the colony ship, met Elly and...”
”Wait, YOU survived the big ship crash dealie? So you’re alien?”
“Umm... I guess. Technically... I hadn’t really thought about that part... Thanks, another thing to be weirded out about. Anyway...”

“Everything started from there... The land of genesis, -Kadomony-... This is that place."
"Yeah, but Fei... Even with your shared fate with Deus, why do you have such ancient memories...?"
"Usually, human memories cannot be passed down through the generations. Humans do not normally have the ability to compress and store memories in their introns. But Elly and I... and Miang... are different. Due to our connection with the 'Wave Existence'... That is, due to Zohar's ability to change possible phenomena, we can clearly store data in our introns. In other words, we can leave behind memories to be inherited by our descendants."
”But err...well they’re not technically our genetic descendents. A ‘me’ randomly pops up every generation or so. Same with Elly. And her parents always think that ‘Elhaym’ is a really good name for a kid. And Miang just possesses random women. Err... It’s complicated...”
“...Yeah. Are you getting all this, Citan?”
“Indeed. And I am coming up with elaborate conclusions I’ll share later.”
“Well, at least someone understands...”

"Just as the Wave Existence is bound inside of Zohar...the information is affixed to me, so to speak, by some of the power of the Wave Existence."

"This is the form from when Elly and Miang were still one being... This is the first woman of our world..."

“...Yeesh. And I thought that Cain geezer aged like crap...”

“So, I talked to the ‘Wave Existence’ and got all my memories back from every other prior incarnation of myself. So I pretty much know the entire backstory now.”
“The hell is a Wave Existence?”
“So anyway, this is the spot where humanity was born. Miang and Elly used to be one being and she gave birth to the Gazel Ministry and Cain. Then copies of herself to make sure humanity cleaned behind their ears and didn’t stick forks in the power outlets. That was Miang and Elly. I was the only survivor of the colony ship crashing and connected with the Zohar so all three of use get genetic memories of our past lives when we get reborn.”
“So what’s with the gross rotten corpse in the tube on the hill?”
“Oh, that’s humanity’s mother. Say hi.”
“...This has been the *weirdest* few months. Goddamn.”

Humanity’s Mom Concept Art – Remember we saw her in the prologue? Hey, I think everything in the prologue has now finally become relevant. And it was 59 hours and 13 minutes. I was pretty close!