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Part 140: Episode CXXXVII: Overdoing It

Episode CXXXVII: Overdoing It

So, we’re really going through with Bart’s Big Battle Plan™ to ram the Xeno-SDF-1 into Merkava and then blow it up... I sure to hope detonating a nuclear reactor on top of a giant flying doom base won’t cause it to...ya know...blow the fuck up and kill everyone inside, including Elly... Oh well, no use worrying about it now. Let’s have a look at how this goes...

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(You’re gonna wanna watch that!)

Pictured: A 500 story tall giant robot (that was formerly the administrative district of Xeno-Russia) riding a half mile long airship while being propelled by 4,000 year old nuclear missiles. I’m pretty sure Bart dreamed up a plan like this when he was eight years old.

Our target is the Death Dreidel atop the Doom Top which is fairing around Deus. I guess Krelian couldn’t be bothered to come up with a new design for the command center in the two week time period Merkava was thrown together in.

Nice to see Solaris’ Emblem is still the cannon for the main cannon of Merkava. You just know that’s a design the Gazel Ministry came up with in a staff meeting a few hundred years ago.

Well, the first part of the plan seems to being going alright. Excalibur and Yggdrasil IV are outputting enough energy to deflect Merkava’s death ray while the Zeboim missiles propel the whole shebang along.

Once getting close enough, Bart ditches the nukes (there’s nobody down below us we care about anyway) and proceeds to the next stage of the plan.

You see there’s one key part of this whole plan Bart left out in the mission briefing. He doesn’t intend to just ram Yggdrasil IV into Merkava.

That would be some kind of cartoon slapstick silly. Instead, there’s this little fun fact: The pointy ramming end of the Excalibur ships can detach from the rest of the vessel. Why the hell would it need to do that? Well, I suppose it can be just used as a giant harpoon if you’re not going on a suicide run like Sophia. Alternatively...

...Hyper Dimensional Fortress Yggdrasil IV could use a giant fuck-off sword.





And so the Yggdrasil IV plunges a gigantic sword into the top of Merkava since, at this point, why the hell not?

After that’s done, Andvari sails off on the Yggdrasil III hover scooter and flees to safety.

And boom goes Merkava’s main gun. I...can’t believe that sort of worked...

Unfortunately, the explosion not only takes out the main guns of God’s Ark. It also causes a chain reaction spreading through the entire ship, bringing the entire thing down. It’s going to be kind of hard storming the final dungeon and saving the girl if it’s a smoldering crater...

Music: Fuse

"A secondary explosion...!?"
*grabs head and looks panicked* "Oh no! I should have known better. What a miscalculation!! The explosion was too big. It reacted with the main condenser right under the main cannon...and induced a secondary explosion... How could I have been so stupid!?"
*radios in* "You mean, we overdid it!?"
”I mean... I thought stabbing the command center with a giant sword and then causing a nuclear explosion in its face was a *little* bit overkill. But nobody told me otherwise so I thought it was cool...”
"Why did I not realize it sooner!? This means... We might have... Oh no, Elly...!"
"Oh... oh my gosh... Elly...!!"
”Goddammit, doc! You are the WORST doctor of EVERYTHING!”

Rumbling in the distance...

"W, what is it, this time?"
"Hey, Citan! What more is going to happen!?"
”I’ve haphazardly blown up enough crap over the years to know my explosion sounds and that isn’t something going boom...”
*ponders* "Something is happening in the center of Merkava... What could it be...!?"

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(You should watch this!)

Well, there is some good news and some bad news. The good news is Merkava isn’t going to explode and kill everybody.

The bad news is Deus is pissed we just ruined his ride... You do not mess with a man’s inter-planetary invasion weapon god’s car. You just don’t.

In retaliation, Deus transforms into Terra Tower’s final form. Ah neat, I always wanted to poke around that place.

Or maybe it’s going for a Lavos look instead. Either way, it doesn’t appear too pleasant.

And so Deus begins terraforming the planet into a moon. Umm...yeah... Welp, if turning into a mutant to be eaten by Deus, the hordes of nanomachine angels or the Merkava Death Ray didn’t kill ya, then you now have the planet being glassed to look forward to citizen of Xenogears world.

I’m starting to get the feeling our heroes are sort of bad at this whole saving the world thing...

Bart’s Big Battle Plan

Deus Rises

Merkava Concept Art – According to Perfect Works, Merkava is a beefy 80 km across. That’s quite the Doom Top.

Excalibur Concept Art - Good with there was still a spare after Sophia kamikaze’d the first one.