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Part 144: Episode CXLI: A Brave New World

Episode CXLI: A Brave New World

Music: Wings

Alright! Welcome to the endgame of Xenogears. Like any good ‘90s JRPG, after a completely linear tale up until the final dungeon, we are granted a bit of freedom to do a few sidequests and explore the world before the end. And the world has changes substantially since our last visit to the world map some 50 updates ago. If you’ll remember way back when, Solaris had some magic Gate devices that both hid its capital, Etrenank, as well as several entire continents, we don’t really ever get a reason why they did that. Other than it is something an Orwellian bunch of jerks like the Gazel Ministry would get a hard-on for.

In any case, back in Solaris Citan and Jessie bombed the final Gate generator (and then Id blew the entire capital right the fuck up not long thereafter), thus ending the Solaris lockdown by Gates. But then Disc 2 happened and we were unable to see the effects of any of this. Until now!

We’ve gained quite a few new landmasses between discs. And wouldn’t you know it...most of the new areas in Disc 2 just happened to be on said new continents. Funny how that works out, huh? The Snowfield Hideout is the blue dot way at the bottom of the map. I’m not sure what in the hell Shevat was doing hanging out at the Xenogears equivalent of Antarctica. But I just try not to think about Shevat’s motivations for anything too much. We’ve also visited a couple other locations on the map already as well. The smaller island in the south-eastern corner of the map is...

...Anima Dungeon #1 situated in the planet’s vagina. If you need a refresher: it’s where we fought G-Elements.

Likewise, the northwestern most corner of the world map is where Anima Dungeon #2 was located (the place we fought Cyber-Hammer.) There’s no particular reason to visit either of these locals other than grinding. But, it was nice enough to have something left on the map. The Soylent System, Golgoda and Point Bethlehem (where the Zohar Modifer was hanging out) all still have data left on the disc for map locations, but none of them were finished enough to actually show up on the map proper.

The downside of this brave new world is the fact that...just about every location from Disc 1 is no longer accessible. They’re mostly still there on the map physically. There is just no way to enter any of ‘em. Though, at least the excuse of “everyone is fucking DEAD in that city” is a slightly better justification for final disc space limitation crap than Final Fantasy VIII’s “time compression locked off the cities!” That said, there is one city still somewhat active. We’ll check that out next time. Let’s finish up our sightseeing first.

If we check out the large continent on the eastern part of the Aquvy Region, near that mysterious lighthouse, we’ll find a gigantic crater from where Etrenank crashed into the earth. There’s nothing to be done on the site Fei murdered over a million people. But I thought it was a nice detail.

Oh yes, and last but not least there is the final dungeon, Deus, chilling out on the central western continent terraforming the planet and looking rather phallic in the process. We can enter Deus at any time. But let’s finish up some sidequests before we enter the finale. Don’t worry. Deus isn’t going anywhere.

But, before we head off into the wild world of sidequestin’, let’s take a final stroll through the Yggdrasil. This is the last chance we’ll get to hear from several somewhat central characters. So we might as well let them get in some closing words before dropping off the planet forever. First up is Old Maison over in the Gun Room.

“If need be, this Maison will also take up arms and come to your aid!!"

Unfortunately, this never happens and we never hear from Maison again. Oh well. Next up is Margie. She might show up during the ending. But this is the last time she ever gets any lines.

Music: Bonds of Sea and Fire

"Young master... You better not die! Promise me!!"
"Of course! I'm not going to die! Quit sayin' such weird stuff!!"
”I mean if they were gonna kill off anybody, they woulda done it already. Well not counting Elly. She might be toast.”
“Hey! Don’t say that kind of stuff!’
“I’m not saying it is certain. But it’s you or her on the chopping block if this game is going to kill off any main characters. I’m in the clear unless there’s some heroic sacrifice for me and I don’t see that coming. Nobody would care if Citan dies since he’s a jackass. And everyone else is kids or Rico.”
“...I guess you have a point.”
“Just watch your back in cutscene territory, Fei.”

"Sorry... Yeah... you're right... You'll make it back... When you come back, I'm going to... well... I just thought... maybe I could be... closer to you... you know..."
"Hey, whoa! Quit it. Do you know what you're saying!?"
”She’s saying she wants to step up to kissin’ cousins and that is not cool, Bart. Not cool!”
"Heh, just kiddin'!! Young master, you're all panicked!!"
*looks around* "Funny... I don't see Chuthulhu anywhere! Where'd she go off to?"

Indeed. Chuthulhu is nowhere to be found and cannot be selected for our active party. And I see no problem with that. Moving on...

Music: Leftover Dreams of the Strong

A few people have requested we go check on the Gear Hangar to see some fluff about our assorted giant robot collection. It’s worth noting that Seibzehn does not get a place in the hangar. I’m not sure why , especially with that vacant spot from Vierge disintegrating as soon as Elly popped her cherry. One of life’s great mysteries...


Height 19.8 sharls
Base Weight: 18.9 kahnns
Full Weight 21.4 kahnns when fully equipped

“Weltall-2 was transformed after its contact with Zohar. Detailed specs cannot be ascertained by measuring devices here. But then again, I wonder whether this Gear has a limited ability to measure at all? It almost seems that this Gear gets stronger and stronger as Fei’s mental powers increase... Anyhow, the engine seems to have been left in there from before, so it should require fuel as before... But it wouldn’t surprise me if this thing doesn’t actually need fuel anymore!”
”Interesting. Just trying not to get any mess on my Gear from gushing all over it all day.”


Height 18.3 sharls
Base Weight: 15.2 kahnns
Full Weight 19.1 kahnns when fully equipped

“It was created by two of the sages of Shevat, Balthasar and Melchior... They made it using the data on the Omnigear left by Roni Fatima, an ancestor of the young master, and the data obtained from Xenogears. It is a combination of the latest Gear technology and nanotechnology. But the performance is the same as when it was an Omnigear. Even when it was found hidden in the underground in Nisan, its basic weapon equipment was the whip. That must mean, the young master’s ancestors must’ve used whips and rods too... I guess it’s in the blood, huh!?”
”Well them Fatimas DO like to...keep it in the family... Heh.”


Height 18.6 sharls
Base Weight: 17.2 kahnns
Full Weight 20.4 kahnns when fully equipped

“it was created by two of the sages of Shevat, Balthasar and Melchior. They used the data from the Omnigear, Fenril (sic), brought from Solalis (sic) by the Doctor, and Fei’s Xenogears. It is a union of Gear and nanotechnology. But the performance is the same as when it was an Omnigear. The default equipment is the sword...which seems to be the doctor’s weapon of choice.”
”Funny... I could have sworn his weapon of choice was Dickery.”
*hops around* “Dickery! Dickery!”


Height 19.2 sharls
Base Weight: 22.2 kahnns
Full Weight 26.7 kahnns when fully equipped

“Like the other Omnigears, it was at one point an Anima Relic absorbed by Deus and deactivated... However, using the data taken from Xenogears as a base, the sages of Shevat, Balthasar and Mechior (sic), reconstructed it. Thanks to that, its capabilities have increased compared to the prior version. Its standard weapon is the same as it was before its reconstruction.”
”Did it get any faster than molasses?”


Height 18.8 sharls
Base Weight: 14.9 kahnns
Full Weight 19.3 kahnns when fully equipped

”Remember what I said for Stier? Same deal. Except Billy can still fire his father out of the Buntline Cannon.”
“What happened to that guy anyway?”
“I’m gonna guess he was fired out of a cannon...”


Height 15.4 sharls
Base Weight: 9.2 kahnns
Full Weight 13.3 kahnns when fully equipped

“This Gear’s controls are quite unique. The colony of nanomachines from Emeralda’s body physically merges with the Gear for direct control. Theoretically, this Gear shouldn’t require repairs but it seems they don’t try to repair anything except Emeralda herself. So, we’re left with no choice but to have to maintain the Gear. The surface hovering and flight capabilities are quite impressive.”
”So, Emeralda you...merge with the Gear when you pilot it?”
“Yeppers!” *arms turn into mist*
“...That kid seriously freaks me out.”
*turns into a ball and rolls away*

Last, but no—

Music: The Sky, the Clouds, and You


Oh gawd!

“You don’t need any maintenance work!! You’re in the way! Go eat some food and take a nap or sumthin’!”
"I'm exhauschued chu! Since you're here... I'd like a massage!! Just kidding..."

”Oh god!”
“Why would you mention eating around that giant thing?!”

"Elly, she was so kind... I know I'm not the only one chu miss her. I know Bart, Margie, Billy, Citan, Rico, Maria, Emeralda, and Fei all do chu... Although they don't say it, I can feel it... Standing here, I remember her kind and gentle smile. Elly will return, won't she?"
”Yes. But only if you return to normal size and go play with Margie or something... Err... I mean...”
"...Thanks, Chuthulhu... Thanks for trying to reduce all this tension in the air for me. I'll remember this... Anyway... Elly's gotta be alive! Right?"
”She’s gonna need her Gear spot back soon. So get moving...”
"Let's go back to the room. Margie seemed worried."
"Okay. I'll come chu!"

And with that, Chuthulhu rejoins the party. Sure, we didn’t need to do that. But I personally prefer having Chuthulhu in the party and CHOOSING never to use her, rather than her being straight inaccessible. In any case, let’s conclude this final tour with a chat on the bridge with Sigurd.

"But we've found out Deus is in the center of the giant structure created out of the fallen Merkava. The only way we can think of to destroy Deus is to penetrate into there and make our way to the center. That structure used to be Merkava itself, but we must assume the inside has changed significantly. We don't know what dangers await inside of there. Please be very careful."
"Yeah, thanks Sigurd. Let me take care of it. I will destroy Deus. Even if it costs me everything I have..."
"Fei... Are you sure about this?"
"I know what you must be thinking now. If you destroy Deus...the proliferation of the nanomachines that are out to turn this planet itself into a weapon will stop... But, if you end up losing Elly, who was united with Deus for that very purpose, then what good will it be?"
”...Saving the world and all that? I thought that was important.”
"That's right, Fei. She's our friend who's been through a lot with us too. I think that saving a dear friend is just as important as protecting our planet or saving the world... What better reason is there to fight? If you can't even save your friends, then how could you save the world? Don't you agree?"
"Yeah, Sig's right! Don't you ever give up, Fei, no matter what! You're the only one who can release Elly from Deus' spell. But, we'll give you as much backup as we can. So..."
"Thanks a lot. Bart, Sigurd... I won't give up."
”You all gave a much better closing pep talk than that Zephyr jerk.”
“Ah, don’t be too hard on them. Shevat crashed in a frozen wasteland. They can’t grow any bud there. The whole lot of ‘em are cranky.”

"You volunteered to fight for the young master and the rest of us. So it's our turn to fight for you and Elly. Let's go, Fei... to gain true freedom!! Shall we launch the Yggdrasil?"
”Let’s rock!”

Margie Fatima Concept Art