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Part 149: Episode CXLV (Part 2): Odds and Endgames

Episode CXLV (Part 2): Odds and Endgames

“...Should I even ask?”
“...No. No you should not.”

Welp, we learned of another of Fei’s past lives, found the origin of Big Joe and made Emeralda hit puberty. I think that is enough adventures in Zeboim for a lifetime. With that said, we are just about done with all the endgame content of Xenogears before we go challenge the final dungeon. There are just two brief, easy to miss pit stops left now that we have Adult Emeralda in the party.

Music: Shevat, The Wind is Calling

The first takes us back to the Snowfield Hideout for one final chat.

If we poke around the southeastern passage from the main chamber, we’ll find that the dungeons of Aphel Aura survived the crash landing of Shevat. There isn’t anything to be done there other than receive some half-assed apologies from some Shevatites about that whole freezing Fei in carbonite thing.

But, if we keep heading further past the dungeons, we will come to an old woman standing alone at the bottom of a dark staircase leading nowhere. Normally she will just mumble something about her son. But now that we have Emeralda 2.0...

“Since then he hasn't gone out to sea, he's become a landlubber... We haven't seen him these past few years, I don't know what he's doing now.”
”...I’m sure he’s fine.”
“Hey, you have a rare stone there, too. Is it a mermaid's tear...? They're tough to find. My son wore one as a good luck charm. I wonder if there is a girl out there fit to wear your stone?”

”Neat. Another stimulating conversation with one of the locals... See you around...”
“No... Wait up, boy! I’ll give you this. Take it.”
*looks around confused* “...??? What is that?”
“I have no use for it... Don’t worry ‘bout it. Just take it.”
“Nobody knows... In the depths...of the sea...a tear...drop...shed by...a mermaid...”
*Backs away slowly*

*fiddles with stone* “Long ago, I used to be a famous designer. See, it’s ready. You can take this. Good luck. Just don’t get taken in by any strange men now, love!”
”...I not understand.”
“Oh gawd. Do nanomachine girls need to get ‘the talk’...? Moving on. Moving on!”

And so we receive the Mermaid Ring, the accessory with the longest initial item acquisition to pay-off length in the entire game. It’s an Emeralda only item that grants +10 to Ether Attack/Defense, which isn’t bad. Though certainly not really worth a 60 hour span to collect on.

We have one final trip before we wander off to face Deus. Despite 95% of the old World Map locales being inaccessible on Disc 2, the Mountain Path to the Uzuki household still remains. Blackmoon Forest is still around too, but there is absolutely nothing to do there and I’m pretty sure it is still around solely because Taura’s House reuses just about all the assets from it.

Anyhow, the Mountain Path is unchanged from the first half hour of the game, complete with packs of Level 1 wolves and delicious Hobgobs.

Music: The Valley Where Wind is Born

Citan’s house is unchanged from our first and only visit here. And indeed, there is nothing new to be found item wise. But there is one tiny little Easter Egg to be had following our trip to Zeboim. And it’s located in Citan’s workshop...which still has the Landcrab on top of it. Citan took the time to take his Landcrab back to his house? When?! Ah whatever...

If we return to that music box from way back at the beginning of the game and look at the left-hand side of it, there is a small carving...

D’aww. Well, I guess we know what ancient ruins this was dug out of and why Fei felt the tune sounded familiar. He made the thing for his nanomachine daughter 4,000 years ago.

Alrighty then. Unless I am forgetting something, I do believe that concludes the endgame sidequests of Xenogears. Tune in next time for the beginning of the end...

Unused Seibzehn Omnigear Sketch

Unused Crescens Omnigear Sketch