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Part 15: Episode XV: Bartholomew Fatima and a Reason to Fight

Episode XV: Bartholomew Fatima and a Reason to Fight

Music: Leftover Dreams of the Strong

We rejoin Fei as he storms out into the hallway and slowly realizes that it is rather difficult to run off in a fit of frustrated anger and sulk when you’re in an unfamiliar location with nowhere to actually go to... So he decides to watch a couple of kids tool about saying they’re going to undoubtedly get into trouble go help repair the Gears. Now, your video game progression senses might be telling you to go follow the little tikes to go advance the plot. But, that would be incorrect.

Instead, the correct course of action is to be a dick and break into Bart’s room to rummage through his stuff for no particular reason. Sure...why not?

Hmm... I would have thought a deposed prince in hiding would have slightly nicer digs. All we can do in here is steal a whip upgrade for Bart from a treasure box. This begs the question as to why Bart was carrying a crappier weapon when a superior one was just collecting dust in his quarters. But meh... Details...

There’s also a picture of a young Bart and the princess fantasy pope Holy Mother of Nisan we will undoubtedly be roped into rescuing by the end of this chapter. And...that’s about all there is to do in here... Hmph... I was hoping for something slightly more dickish out of Fei.

Ah! There we go. Fuck yo mattress, Bart!

Before Fei can go find another room to nose about in like a creep, he hears someone coming and decides to hide.

Fei springs into action and...ducks next to a bed in plain sight... Solid Snake he ain’t.

*glances toward the bed* < new whip is missing and Fei is squatting in the corner of my room... I don’t like where this one is going...>

“I try and become his friend and he suddenly explodes in anger... Well, looks like he's got a lot on his mind. I don't want to force him. But he would be fun to fight... Maybe I'll ask again."
”I wonder where FEI wandered off to anyway. I hope FEI calms down so we can sort things out.”

“That is the ELEVATOR straight out the door down to the YGGSRAIL HANGAR. I will WAIT for FEI there.”

Bart leaves his room...

”Hah! I am one with the shadows!”

Welp, now that we have a more clear cut goal we can just take the elevator down to go speak with Bart. Get ready for some soap opera.

Bart pops out and asks for a second of Fei’s time...

Music: Bonds of Sea and Fire

“Why didn't you tell me? It sounds pretty rough."
”I’ve known you for all of half a day and ‘hey I murdered half my village earlier this week’ isn’t the best icebreaker...?”

"Forgive me, will ya?"

Bart jumps on the partially open hatch and nearly breaks his neck like a spaz...

"I don't like fighting like you do. I only got into that Gear because I had to. I'd rather not ride them. If you want that Gear so much then you can have it! I don't want it!"
"You think I like fighting? ...Is that it?"
"Don't you? Sure looks that way. It looks like the only thing you do enjoy is fighting."

”You’ve tried to fight me like half a dozen times now...”
“Look...I’ve just got a bit of anger management issues. I’m going to meetings when I have the chance...”
“Picking fights at those too?”
“What was that?! That’s it! The gloves are com—Urgh...”

“Like it or not, I fight because I have to. I got my reasons, but you wouldn't understand."
"Well I don't have a reason to fight! I don't want to fight. I just want to live in peace and quiet. But you people keep on hounding me to get into a Gear? Why don't you just leave me alone!?"

”! That guy punches shit GOOD!”
"Well I hate it! Whenever I get in a Gear people get hurt. If I fight, people die. I don't want to hurt people! I don't want anyone to die! I hate it...can't you see that?"

”It’s called ‘being a pussy’...”
“But do you think the kids left behind in your village would understand?"

“Would it have been better if you had done nothing? Sure, that happened because you were in the Gear. But even if you hadn't, people would have died... Right? You weren't the reason., the people who started the war are the reason. And unless you get rid of the reason, nothing will change. I fight to get rid of the reason... Right now there is no other way so I have to fight... But that doesn't mean I enjoy it."
”Unless it’s REALLY awesome. Then I guess maybe I enjoy it...a little...”
"I understand why you would feel guilt toward the kids in your village. And I know why you don't want to harm others. But if you want to make it up to those children, don't you have to fight?"
”’Sorry I murdered your parents, I’m going to go live in the woods by myself now’ doesn’t solve anything. They’ll just go on thinking ‘that jackass in the woods killed my folks. I hope he chokes on a dick!’ Is that how you want to go down, Fei? A hermit like that Bal guy with orphans hoping you choke on a dick...? Or do you wanna make something of yourself?”
"You do have a reason to fight. A reason you must fight. But as long as you ignore it and continue to run away, those kids will never forgive you. Just remember that. And another thing, I'm not saying that not helping me is running away. You don't have to help. This is my own problem. I don't wanna get you in this against your will. But, if I had your skill I could bring all of this to an end... And make it up to those kids. At least that's what I think..."

Bart walks off...

“The mechanic wanted to talk to you about your Gear. You probably don't care now, but at least hear what he has to say.”

Music: Leftover Dreams of the Strong

Well, Fei can mull over Bart’s argument for fighting for justice and the like. But for now let’s go speak with that mechanic. Luckily, there just so happens to be a special elevator that leads straight to Weltall’s hanger just a short jog away.

Going down and finding the mechanic...

“Attack, defense, Ether exceptionally balanced machine. But we don't seem to be able to dismantle some parts to see what they do... I guess you could call boxes. There are quite a number of them on this machine... Do you have any idea what they actually do?”
“Well... They might be used to slay God. But I’m not too sure.”
“...I see.”

The mechanic wanders off to the far side of the hangar...

A voice calls to Fei from off camera followed by Sigurd and Citan walking over toward Fei...

"We would like to have a word with you..."
*nods* "Oh, okay!"

The trio takes the elevator back to the main hangar and walk to the middle of the catwalk...

Music: Bonds of Sea and Fire

He's the same as me. He'd understand me... Or so I thought... Did I just imagine it? I have no confidence. If I follow after you, dad... It'll just be like I'm some decoration. At the moment, I can't even carry out your will, let alone rescue Margie... I told him he was only running away but I'm really the one who wants to run away...

”Is ‘strange’ slang for ‘lame’ in Aveh...?”
“He knows it's best to apologize in person... But the young master isn't all that good at this sort of thing..."

"He's always searching for a friend. We, his minders, can't become his friends. Even if we wanted to, he just wouldn't see us that way. He knows that. Why you ask?”
”I didn’t, but go on...”
“It's because of the burden that he bears. It must be difficult for one so young to carry so heavy a responsibility. But he does try to do his best, you know? That is why we stick by him... It has nothing to do with him being the prince."
*cocks eyebrow*
“Okay, maybe that was the reason initially. But our motives have since shifted. Honest.”

"Fei, I sense you too are carrying a heavy burden. This might be a selfish request, but...would it be possible for you to help the young master? I'm not asking you to burden yourself with his problems or responsibilities. But could you two...with whatever it is only you two each know, help the other? Please..."

”This is a REALLY awkward request... Aren’t there a load of pirates around here? Not a single one of ‘em can be Bart’s BFF? I just met the guy!”
"Of course...take your time. It is completely up to you. Whatever you decide, we will be leaving early tomorrow morning. After you're finished preparing for tomorrow, you probably should get some rest. You can use the bedroom in the residential area above."
"I wish to speak to Sigurd some you go ahead and get some rest."

”Sheesh... Is that butler gonna ask me to take him to the prom next...? Feh...I need some sleep.”

At this point we can return to the residential section upstairs and catch some sleep. Hopefully Fei won’t have bizarre flashbacks in his slumber this time.

Some time later...

Music: Silence

"That rock was easy to break through. I thought it would be a little harder..."
"These surface-dwelling -Lambs- sure live in a nice place..."
"Look at that...! They built this place far better than the facilities at Bledavik. It's probably a hidden fort built when their old king was still around..."

The first person perspective leaps down to the hangar below...

"So... where are the Gears? Over here?"
"To the right! There's a hangar!"

Sound sound of Gears stepping is heard as the camera advances forward...

"Found them!!"
"These are 'Deurmods'. They're standard pirate Gears."
"Ha! Ignore those! We can take them out fast."
"Why not take a few? Even if we only get those, it was worth sneaking in."

“Get ready to take out anything that gets in our way!"


Bart Art Portrait – That jacket/vest is just silly.