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Part 153: Episode CXLIX: And the End

Episode CXLIX: And the End

Music: One Who Bares Fangs at God (You should really listen to this.)

”And why is it so frikkin’ breezy...?”
“...Oh. Well one mystery down.”

*looks up* “That's Elly! This must mean that I am inside of Deus!?”

“Your actual body is but a physical object... It has merely been absorbed into Deus' outer-shell. Only your consciousness is here. Of course, the girl you perceive in front of you is also not a true being. Your consciousness is merely creating her image.”
“The 'Wave Existence'...? No... that's not you...!! Who are you...?”
”That voice... Cam Clarke..?”
“Perhaps. But think within the confines of this narrative...”

“It can't be...!? Is that you, Krelian!? That's right, isn't it...!? Krelian! It was you who did this to Elly!”
“The 'Path of Sephirot' has been connected. No one can stop god from returning to his world now. So what have you come here for, Lacan?”
“I came here to take the person I love back with me! So set Elly free! The Deus' system has been destroyed. It's all over now! So instead I ask you... What are you hoping to achieve now!?”
”Please keep it to fewer than 1000 words. It has been a long enough day already...”
“The time when all things started... The place where all things were one... I am going to return there!”
“What place?”
“Before the beginning of the universe, in the undulating waves of the higher dimension, all things were one. It was the waves spilling out from there that created this four-dimensional universe of ours. 'Humankind' and the 'Souls of Humankind' that were born from there, are merely leftovers of those spilled waves. So...”
“You're going back there? Is that what you desired?”
“Lacan... Why such reluctance to become one with the god? What attachment could you possibly have to this wretched old world? What meaning can be found in living out such a short existence... hurting others, hurting yourself, grinding one another down... only to inevitably die and return to dust? Why, everything we could ever desire is here... No need to be troubled by the need for love... For this place is filled with the love of god.”
”Tch. Krelian, not all of us are total losers that come to hate humanity because they were driven into the Friend Zone a few centuries ago.”
“I have not lost hope in humans as much as you have, Krelian... Someday humankind will come to understand one another! I sincerely believe that!”
”They are probably going to have a much better time of it without Deus around or you and Solaris being dicks.”

“You said that she is the person you love. But can you say that you even truly understand each other? All humans do is place themselves at a comfortable distance from each other and call that 'mutual understanding', 'spiritual unity', or 'true love'... but it is all lies! Man cannot associate with others without first deceiving themselves. That is the way that they were created.”
“But one being's ego can't determine everyone's fate! People have the right to choose their own destiny! That is why humans have free will!”
”Not everyone wants to party down with God in another dimension just because poor baby Krelian cannot make friends in this world since he’s such a complete asshole.”
“You used to be friendlier, Lacan.”
“Yeah and I also used to be a nanomachine scientist and a brain surgeon. MOST people sort of change after a few hundred years. They learn to cope with the world. Not take their ball and go home the first time things do not go their way.”

“Oh, what folly!? Humans are just primitive life forms that have no such things as free will... Mankind has merely been allowed to live in an imperfect state... "as is", "as will be"... It is for this very reason... because humans have this wretched 'will' or whatnot... that humans must experience sadness and loss. For someone to gain something means another must lose it... It is impossible to make humankind share limited "things" and "affections"... So I came to the conclusion that everything must be reverted back to where it all began. To go back to when all was one... waves, and nothing else... It is not my -Human's-ego... It is the will of the 'Waves'... the will of -god-...”

“Actually, being imperfect makes mankind live by helping each other... That's what being human is... That's mutual understanding! That's 'unity' and 'love'... I'm glad... no, I'm proud... to be human!”

Fei turns toward Elly...

“She is also trying to heal your heart... you, who wants to journey, all alone, to be with god... Can't you understand Elly's feelings!? Do you have to become one with god before you are able to comprehend all of this? I understand... I know her feelings... as if they were my own... Yes... she and I are one! We don't need god's help!!”

”Fine by me. Let’s rock, Zordon. You’ve had this coming for half a millennium.”
“Oh come now. You know me better than that, Lacan.”

“...What the hell am I even looking at, Krelian...? Tch... You know what? Forget I asked. That is just going to make you ramble on for another five minutes. Can I at least get my giant robot back?”
“I suppose that is a fair request.”

Alright. Time for the final-final battle of Xenogears, an angel-winged snakewoman with long purple hair named Urobolus. If you cannot guess: it’s Miang. I bet when Mr. Godcollar was introduced, you didn’t think we would end up fighting a final battle against his secretary in the waiting room between dimensions in a giant robot powered by God while the spectral form of our buddy from a past life, Bishonen Albert Wesker, and our nude girlfriend did a Shinespark on the sidelines.

So, while Miang will attack us with Defense lowering attacks and swipe Xenogears with its claws for a couple thousand damage, the final boss was really Deus. This is just a therapeutic one-sided beatdown of Miang for being pretty much the biggest bitch in the history of the planet.

Pretty much all we need to do here is build Xenogears up to Attack Level Infinity and have fun breaking Miang’s face with Hypermode Deathblows. One of each variety and...

Boom. Suck it Mitochondrial Eve!

Music: Treasure Which Cannot Be Stolen

“It was Krelian... Krelian released me..."

“His heart was so full of sadness. That is why he desired for he and I to become one with god... Because that would be the return to the beginning of everything... He told me... ‘You should be with him...’ That is what he said... You see... He already knew! Yes, he already knew... how I felt, how you felt... But there was nothing we or he could do... He had no choice but to go forward... even if it meant he lost all feelings, lost everything that was human! For all humankind's sake... There was no going back... Even looking back held too many memories... And he would have... just wanted to go back... Even though he couldn't... So please forgive him... Krelian loved people more than anyone else..."
<Bullshiiiiiit! Ah... Whatever. Just nod your head and go with it, Fei.>
*shakes head* "I... I, somehow... knew it all along... I just knew he was really that kind of person..."
"...I am so sorry... Please forgive me! I was wrong... I thought sacrificing myself in order to save others was the right thing to do... But my actions only brought sadness to all the people who I left behind. And that sadness gave birth to even more sadness. As long as 'I' still live within you, my life is not just mine alone."

“To sacrifice yourself for others is a noble thing... Even if it were to benefit yourself, it's no problem. There will always be a person healed... One or the other... Love gains its original shine only when there's an interrelationship between the giver and the receiver. It is incomplete when one or the other is missing... The two are one. It was you, Elly, who taught me that. I believe that is what it means to be human... I can now understand the true importance of it. I don't know if it's the right answer or not...
But we have a lot of time to think about it... What Krelian himself was looking for all along... We will find the answer to it all... ourselves..."
”Or...something like that...”
“I just noticed my genitals are missing so now I don’t know what the hell...”

"Thank you... Fei!"

”So how do we get out of...err... Where are we...?”
*looks around* “Well we just...”

Urobolus Battle

Music: One Who Bares Fangs at God

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