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Part 154: Episode CL (Part 1): The First...

Episode CL (Part 1): The First...

Music: The Beginning and the End (You should really listen to one of these)
Music: The Beginning and the End ~ Orchestral Version

”Come on. Just jump down.”
“That is a long fall.”

”C’mon. I’ll catch you.”
“...Are you sure?”
“It’ll be fine. Come on. I’m right here.”
“...Okay. Here I come.”

”Oof! Ouch. Damn it! What the hell, Fei?!”
“Ack. Sorry. You just came down really fast. I wasn’t ready for that...”
“I’m sure.”
“Oh, quit your bellyaching. You’re fine. Come...”

"Let's return to our planet."

”...So. I to ideas on how exactly we do that...”
“How did you even get here in the first place?”
“I rode Xenogears into space and crashed into Deus which opened some kind of dimensional wormhole.”
“Yeah. It’s been weird. So...”

“That light!"

"It's the point of contact with our world. But the dimensional shift has already begun! Will we make it in time?"

"Can you run?"

"If we're together, I can."

”...And by run I am talking HAUL ASS here, Elly.”
“...Like I said, if we’re toge—“

“Ahh! Good god, Fei. You are going to rip my arm out of its socket!”
“You said you could run! This is RUNNING! I don’t know what’s going on with that giant lensflare covering up your lady bits and frankly I don’t wanna know!”

The Path of Sephirot is getting increasingly unstable by the minute. God has been stuck in this lame dimension since the dawn of time. He is getting the hell out of dodge right the hell now, regardless of whoever is stuck hanging out in the dimensional crossroads.

”Seriously Fei. Just slow down for half a second to let me get my balance.”
“Move move move! GOOOOO!”

“Ahh! Crap!”

”What did you trip on? We are running on a VOID! How is that even possible?!”

*unintelligible because the sound mixing in this cutscene is atrocious. But probably some variant of ‘holy SHIT!’*


”Just keep going. I’m just about u—oh crap...”

Action Fei’s Love Interest Tackle Attack is a GO!

Or maybe a diving tackle somehow turns into a nice hug in this weird pan-dimensional plane of existence. Who even knows anymore? probably wasn’t the best time to sit around cuddling...

“Oh craaaaaaaa—wanna make out?”

We now cut to a floating island trapped in a bubble. Sure... Sure, why not...?

”Eh... Where are...”

“Like what you see, Lacan?”

"Krelian! You!"

"There's no time! This place is about to be destroyed."

”’re going to monologue anyway, aren’t you...?”
“Oh...not too much. Don’t worry...”

"Now, there is no more god. This is no longer their planet. This is your home planet that you are now standing on."
*looks around and raises eyebrow*

"Krelian! You aren't going... are ya?"
*smiles* “No.”

"Since that time... I have stopped being human."

"I've committed so many sins...that any attempt at living like a human... was impossible."

"The only one who could have forgiven me... was god."

Fei gets up...

"That's not true! I know they would understand. There's still plenty of time to atone for your sins. You of all people could do it!"

"Always the peacemaker, eh, Lacan? Perhaps that's what it means to be human. But, regardless... I cannot go."

"It's something I've already decided. I go to walk with god. Even if there is no place left for me upon my return."

<Hmm... Should I say something to this creep before he goes...?>

*thinks back to be strapped to a table in Solaris and having Krelian gush all over her* <Nah. I’ll sit this one out...>

"I must go now."
”My planet needs me.”

”...So are you staying or going or...”
“It was just a joke, Lacan.”
“Oh...right... Heh?”


"I envy you two."

And so Krelian, runner up for biggest monster in the entire game, not only evades ever having to pay for being responsible for the death of millions and enough crimes against humanity to make Umbrella Inc executives blush...but he gets exactly what he wants in the end too. What a fucking tosser.

“Maybe we should have asked him where the way out of here was located...?”

Xenogears Ending
(You should probably watch this. It’s the ending!)

Music: The Beginning and the End
Music: The Beginning and the End ~ Orchestral Version