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Part 24: Episode XXIII (Part 1): Marguerite Fatima and the Lukewarm Pink Creature of the Yggdrasil

Episode XXIII (Part 1): Marguerite Fatima and the Lukewarm Pink Creature of the Yggdrasil

“Why did you go up against the enemy by yourself?"
"Sorry... but... I heard a rumor in town that day... It was said that the Sect's sisters who were captured by Aveh were still alive..."
"Obviously a groundless rumor started by the enemy in order to lure you out."
”Or maybe to just troll you. In either case, it worked.”
"Please, don't be so hard on her... The Nisan Sect is Marguerite's home. It's perfectly understandable."
" thought you could save them alone!? That was stupid!!"
"I believed it! So what!? I was wrong. But... But... grandma and mom were already executed..."
<...And this just got suddenly really uncomfortable.>

Music: Lost... Broken Shards

"At any rate, Marguerite is here unhurt. That's the main thing! Before luck runs out, let's take Marguerite to Nisan. We can talk more there. Now, I'll go prepare Marguerite's room... Miss Marguerite, may I ask you to accompany me?"
*turns toward Bart* “...?”
"Next time, let us know!! We'll go for you!"
”Next time you want to do something stupid, I’m all over that shit. Right, Fei?”
<Where the heck is the doc...?>

"Yeah... I'll do that."

Margie and Maison go below deck...

Despite Sigurd’s suggestion...we’re going to be ignoring that in very short order...

Fei and Bart go down the hatch...

Music: Leftover Dreams of the Strong

Alright, looks like Nisan is our next loc—

"That Margie...! Leaving a strange stuffed animal in a place like this! Because of this, we can't get into the bridge."
”What do you mean we ‘can’t enter the bridge’? Just kick the thing out of the way.”
“Man, I ain’t putting a finger on that thing. It’s just...ugh... It’s CREEPY! I’m afraid I’ll get the gay or something.”
“Bart, you’re the lamest pirate I have ever met.”
“And how many pirates have you met, hot shot?”
“An entire sand cruiser plus small base worth...?”
“...Just shut up. Come on, let’s get Margie to move this strange thing.”

"Hey, Fei!! Stop the funny voices, will ya!?"
"Huh? I didn't say anything."
"...That's weird...”
”You’re not a ventriloquist or anything, right?”
“Do I look like one?”
“Do I look like a guy that knows what ventriloquists look like?"

“Anyway, let's ask Margie to get rid of it."
"Tch. This is stupid. Here, I’ll do it you big one-eyed girl.”

“Wha?! What’s wrong?”
“It’s all...warm and weird...”
“I warned you about the bears, Fei! I told you, dog! Now you’ve got the gay.”
“The thing doesn’t have frickin’ gay germs on it. That doesn’t even make any sense. Sheesh... Let’s just get your cousin to move the thing.”
“Let’s just...never discuss any of this again. This has to have been the least manly conversation I’ve had in a while.”

Welp, Marguerite might have just confirmed her mother and grandmother suffered capital punishment, but it’s time to bitch her out for leaving stuffed animals out in the hall.

And the Holy Mother of Nisan has taken no time at all making her room girly as hell. Is that a stuffed penguin...? How many stuffed animals does she have under that poncho thing of hers?

“Get rid of that strange stuffed animal sitting in front of the bridge. It's in our way."
”Why couldn’t you move it yourselves? It is like 5 pounds, tops.”
“Uhh...well...we had...err...we had...STUFF to do!!”
“Manly stuff!”
“Yeah! DAMN manly stuff! So move the strange stuffed animal or I cannot promise its safety.”

"It's not a 'strange stuffed animal'! It has a name. Its name is..."

The little pink thing’s default name is Chu-Chu. Buuuuuut...I’ll let you jerks decide on a title for it. Come to a consensus amongst yourselves. Or maybe I’ll just pick whatever I find funniest. In any case...

Name this abomination! Please BOLD your suggestion! You have NINE CHARACTERS to work with! CAPSLOCKS!