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Part 25: Episode XXIII (Part 2): Fei Fong Wong and the Forbidden Lust of Chuthulhu

Episode XXIII (Part 2): Fei Fong Wong and the Forbidden Lust of Chuthulhu

”Chuthulhu...? Dontcha think that’s tempting fate a WEE bit, Margie?”
"But, that's weird. It was just here, where I put it, a moment ago..."

Music: The Sky, The Clouds, and You

”Goddammit, Margie! What did you do?!?!”
“...I hate my life.”

“I fell in love with you when I first saw you in Bledavik!! Wherever you go, I shall go chu!”

"What we thought was just a stuffed toy is actually a living animal! Weird!"
"No wonder it felt strangely lukewarm!"
"Wha, What!?"
”That thing wasn’t look at me just then...was it...?”
*turns to Fei* "Looking good, Fei!!"

"It's all right. I, as the captain, give you my permission!"
*jumps and squeaks* "Yeah, yeah!"
"... Suit yourself!"
”I mean, I wouldn’t normally allow this kinda thing around... But...PFFT! Hahaha... This is just too rich. Now I see why you were into that redhead Gebler chick with the mountain of hair.”
“I hate you so much...”
“...Don’t worry, Fei!! I love chu!”

"Ha, ha, ha! Well, I don't want to interrupt you two, so I'll wait outside!"
”Pfft...I think...hehe...I think Old Maison sells protection at his shop if you’re running low. Hahaha!”

Bart leaves laughing his ass off...

Music: Bonds of Sea and Fire

”...Never going to live this one down. Ugh. What next...?”
"Thank you for your help at the castle. I heard you really riled it up at the tournament. Bart was bragging how you're both buddies and all."
"...Re... really?"
”Of course, having gained that status he is gonna bust your balls about you and Chuthulhu for days.”

*turns away* "I'm so ashamed... I want to be of help to Bart but I ended up owing him again."

”N-no...? Why would I have seen his back...? Why would you even ASK me that?!?!”
“Hey, I do not judge. Nisan is a very liberal religion.”
< thinks I’m a furry and the other thinks I’m gay. I hate this family...>

“He's got scars all over his back and it looks so painful. Long ago, when the two of us got caught by Shakhan, Bart protected me from getting beaten... At that time, I decided to be his serve and protect him! But, he is the one who's always protecting me..."
”It’s not really any of my business, but I don’t think you have to beat yourself up too much for f—“
“Okay...that was phrased really poorly... I’m just gonna shut up now.”

"Uh, oh, so sorry... Anyway, thanks a lot for saving me!"

Well, that was awkward. Let’s get the hell out of his chamber of insa—

”Wha...? Hey! Get out of my pocket! The hell?!”

So, the pinky abominations has pretended to be a stuffed animal so an underaged girl will snuggle with it, declared its desire to rock Fei’s bones, and now devouring a spider. Yeah...yeah I think “Chuthulhu” is a fitting title for the thing...

For its “present”, the Lovecraftian horror presents an “Ether Veiler” accessory – a Gear accessory that raises Ether Defense. Neat...I guess... I’m not even going to imagine where it was keeping that...

Fe re-enters the hallway...

”So how was Furcon?”
“Go fuck yourself.”
“Hehe. I’d rather do that before getting into bed with a Furby. Bwahaha!”

We could head back to the Bridge to progress to the next area. But, let’s take a pit-stop by Maison’s shop for a bit of back story...

“Come to think of it, this is the second time we have had to flee from the Royal Capital. It seems an awful long time ago... That night that I took them with me to escape..."
"Yeah and on top of that he was bold enough to steal this ship along the way. You know this used to be the kingdom's flagship?"
"Yes, it was all Sigurd's doing. So courageous of him even at such a young age. Anyway, this Yggdrasil can be considered a keepsake of the late king for the young master."
"It kinda feels like you're stuck to me for life. Even though you used to be my personal knight, right? Now I'm just a kid pirate!"
”Funny how those kinda things work out. I mean like Fei here. Just a couple weeks ago he was an artist in some peasant village in the middle of nowhere. Now he’s engaged to a talking pink mutant chipmunk and on his way to being a happy family man.”
“Seriously, Bart. I’m gonna rip out that other eye of yours.”

"But eventually you will become a proud lord."
"I gotta hurry up and grow up or I'll never be proud of myself. And I won't be able to win against him!"

Bart and Fei head to the bridge now that Chuthulhu is out of the way.

"Yeah... So, who the heck is he?"
"Kahran Ramsus of the Holy Solaris Empire's Special Foreign Affairs Agency... In other words, he's the commander in chief of Gebler. It seems that Gebler isn't just after the excavation sites around Aveh after all."
"You mean, they're not after the Jasper?"
"If that's their only goal they wouldn't need to send an important man like him! Young master, this could become unexpectedly complicated..."
"Doc hasn't come back yet, has he?"
"Hyu... I mean, 'doc'... No need to worry about him. He'll join us soon. Anyhow, we shall have to enter into Nisan through the secret road. Let's keep on the lookout for a lone tree in the desert as a sign of where the road lies buried...! Shall we launch the Yggdrasil?"
”Uhh...what about doc, again...?”

Welp, I guess Citan will just have to catch a bus from Bledavik to Nisan, since it’s time to mosey. Sigurd mentioned a “lone tree” to mark the Road to Nisan. But...

If we just take a gander at Yggdrasil’s navigation chart, it will reveal that our objective is just north of Bart’s Lair at the northeastern part of the continent. Easy enough.

Apparently there is some manner of beneath the river dividing Nisan from Aveh’s desert.

Meanwhile, in the Yggdrasil’s break room...

“Alright, I understand you. But Kahran Ramsus...taking over the post of Aveh is pretty annoying."
”I always hated that guy. Who has that huge of a collar and leaves it popped all the time? It’s absurd.”
*thinks* "The home country might have had some special reasons."
"Yeah... obviously."
"But perhaps there is still a chance of success... You and I, who used to be called 'Elements' at the commander's training school in 'Jugend', are both here!"
"Hope you are right..."

"According to Fei, there was a female aide on Kahr's side... And he said that she had indigo blue eyes and hair. So it must be her..."
"So all the old 'Elements' members are on the surface world now..."
"I guess so... Hyuga... To be honest with you...she scares me. She supports Kahr and is kind to anyone, I know that very well. But sometimes I felt a strange fear in her. That bothers me more than Kahr being in this land."
"That cannot be true... Not in her..."
"Yeah, I don't want to believe it, either... But don't you remember how I could always sense these things quite accurately?"
*nods* "Right... By the way, have you told the young one yet...?"
"No, not yet. I don't want him to worry until we know exactly what Solaris' objectives really are. But I have to tell him eventually though... Anyway, Hyuga, have you gotten any information?"
“Not really... I left there before going into the center section..."
”I see...”
“Fell, thank you for the Foreshadology practice session, Sigurd. I did not want my skills to get rusty from lack of practice.”
“It was my pleasure.”

Up above the break room...

”What in the blue hell is either of them talking about...? Does nobody just talk straight on this ship? Well, besides B—“
“Fei!! Sup, yiffster?”

Bart wanders over to Fei...

(Hey, whatcha doing? Spying? Man I love spying. I want in!)
“Mysterious phrasing!”
“Vague response and namedrop without context.”
“Continued shit-talking about old co-workers.”
“But only vaguely.”

(It sounds like Sig and your doctor friend know each other pretty darn well... Sig... Damn, I thought I knew everything about that guy!)
(When did doc get back...?)

Who knows? Let’s just abruptly cut to the Yggdrasil docking at Nisan...

“I'll leave the rest up to you, Maison."
"As you wish... I will have the honor of accompanying the others."

*nods* "Yeah. How's the town?"
“Since we got word several days ago that there might be an army advancing from the Royal Capital the Sect's representatives have been in discussion.”
"What have they come up with?"
“For now, they just plan to improve the local defenses. Also, anti-Shakhan people have been gathering here...probably because they heard about what's going on.”
"That's reassuring."
”Kinda dumb... But I guess we should be grateful for the support.”
“Yes. However the residents are starting to feel uneasy. People are starting to take refuge up north in the mountains.”
*shakes head* "Can't blame them."
”Kinda a much less stupid plan.”
“By the way, how's Marguerite...?”
"Better than we thought. But I know she was in a lot of grief."
”Though she might have summoned forth a horror that would probably kinda offend God. Fair warning.”

Margie trots over to the group...

“All the townspeople are overjoyed by the Great Mother's return.

Well...the Xenogears Vatican sure is swanky. Guess we’ll have to poke around town next time, eh?

Music: Lost...Broken Shards
Music: The Sky, The Clouds, and You

Sigurd Portrait – Nice half-shirt.