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Part 29: Episode XXVII: Nights in Ignas

Episode XXVII: Nights in Ignas

Music: Bonds of Sea and Flame ~ Orchestral Version

We rejoin things later that night back on the Yggdrasil. At least two characters we’ve met will have been boning during this evening. Can YOU guess which two?

Citan is wandering aimlessly about the Yggdrasil. I don’t think Citan actually ever sleeps. He just waits...

“Though he is the prince, our young master doesn't know the Royal Capital very well... I'd always felt that was an awful pity. But despite that, I tried my best to raise him as Crown Prince. However, looking back, I might have put too much of the 'burdens of kingship' on him too early in life... And it might have been too much for a child with a future like his to handle. ...I must be the most terrible minder ever!"
"My dear Lord Maison... I hardly think that is right! The young one would have taken the burden off of himself had he not wanted to bear it any longer! He is a fine man now...far capable of handling any such burdens or pressures. And I believe you are the very ones who have given him the strength to do so."
”By the way, have you seen Sigurd anywhere? He and I were due for a bit of mysterious banter this evening.”
“I believe he was speaking with the young master up on the deck. Though, I doubt the discussion is mysterious in nature.”

Welp, up to the deck we go for a bit of eavesdropping. I think minding one’s own business during private discussion is a foreign concept in Xenogears’ world...

“Tomorrow is our first return to your castle in 12 years."
”I was there like two days ago...”
“Yes, well... You know what I mean.”

"Returning to the castle... After we get the royal palace back, I guess I'm going to be the king... I'm not very suited for it, am I?"
"You'll get used to it."
”Or the people will rise up and behead you within a couple years.”
”...Just kidding.”

"Listen, Sig..."
"I guess it really...doesn't matter who the king is, does it? As long as it's a symbol of hope, right? It doesn't have to be me."
”I could just directly tell you what is wrong with that statement. But, let me give you a fitting anecdote instead...”

"But, even they couldn't erase my desire to return home. Then, I remembered you and Marguerite, not as the royalty of our country but as just normal children. I don't care about rebuilding a dynasty. I want to regain this kingdom because it belongs to you... Because it's your home!"
"Because it's my home?"
"Yes. For that, we must take Shakhan down tomorrow. Am I correct?"
"...Right. Then, let's do it!!"

"A bath!?"
"You don't look like a king at all! You are facing the enemy's you must have a noble appearance!"
”Do you want to go down in history as Hobo-King Fatima the Dingy?”
"Hey, you just said it didn't matter whether I'm a king or not!!"
"That is that, this is this!"

“That one thought was all it took for you to regain yourself... You are a great man, Sigurd..."

Welp, that was boring. Let’s go spy on somebody else this evening.

It seems Ramsus and Miang have commandeered Shakhan’s bedroom to bang and crash the evening. No wonder the bald prick resents the Gebler commander. However, Ramsus’ dreams are not of kinky sex with his purple haired secretary. But instead...

Click here to view cutscene.

Giant robots getting their asses handed to them by Future Dan. You see, it turns out the vengeance filled Dan of Lahan plots revenge on Fei for destroying his village and trains endlessly for the rest of his days. He planned to go back in time and stop Fei from ever destroying Lahan and murdering his sister. But his time travel machine overshot and landed him in the past. Also, that kid in the blue tunic from Lahan is actually Grahf.

Anyway, the flashback dream goes on a bit longer this time. It seems Ramsus was hanging out with some ever popular Aryan subordinates at the scene.

Oh and Grahf was there too. You can bet your ass if there is a full moon and an appropriate cliff to stand on in front of’re gonna find Grahf there spouting nonsense about POWER.

Future Dan also seems to have a totally sweet looking Gear too. I guess he was just showboating by hopping out of it to go flex his over-leveled muscle on-foot.

The red Gear continues its spree of one-shotting everything in the area while Ramsus and his entourage stand around slack-jawed pissing themselves.

”Sir...he’s already destroyed EVERYTHING we’ve thrown at him? What do you want us to do? Throw our shoes at him?!”
“ in an airstrike!”
“We DID! Why do you think the entire area is on fire, sir?!”

(This can’t be...)

And as an inversion of the guy kicking the shit out of Gears on-foot, he decides to straight up step on Ramsus in his Gear. Well, I guess we know why Ramsus was freaked out that someone remotely akin to Future Dan was skulking about.

Ramsus jumps up in bed...

"What's wrong? You look like you have just had a nightmare... It wasn't that same dream again, was it?"
"No... It was nothing."
”Was it the one where you were at your first day at Jugend and you weren’t wearing any clothes?”

Ramsus wanders off to go take a post-nightmare dump...

”Power watches as it pleases...”

Grahf the SEEKER OF POWER VOYEURISM warps into the room...

“I could tell right away. He resembles you greatly."
"You used the influence of the Ministry to set you up with that man... I don't know what you are up to, but don't you dare think about plotting against me. You stay out of this!"

Grahf teleports away...

“As usual, you're the first to hear about everything. But don't worry... I won't steal your 'prized possession'. I'll cooperate... Besides, you and I go back a long way..."

Welp that was a thing... Let’s see how the Desert Pirates are doing again...

"What's up?"
"No...for a moment, I thought I caught some unnatural sounds..."
"We're near the capital. It's probably just some kind of ship from there."
"But it's not from the surface... It's from under the sand!"
"Under the sand? This is the only sand cruiser in all of Aveh!"
"We haven't heard anything about a new ship even from the spies at Aveh Naval HQ. Franz, can you try again and confirm what it is?"
"...I can't catch it again. It could have been a sandwhale..."
”’ you’re just pulling my leg. Sand whales...? Come on.”
“I punched a Sand Shark to death last week. Why not a whale?”
“...Forget it.”

“Young master! I'm detecting an increase in the use of F Band! That's the Royal Capital's defense force's frequency!
"There...on the surface layer! I'm detecting sounds of anchors being weighed in and engines being activated! The Royal Capital's defense fleet must be departing...!"
“We also intercepted a transmission from the patrol at the border with Kislev! They're requesting immediate backup from the Royal Capital! Looks like we've really raised some hell at the border!”
*nods* “...Alright! We'll start! Ready the shuttle boats! When we land, hide the ship!"

“I have an awfully bad feeling about this... Do be very careful!"
"It's alright, Old Maison."
”I mean, what’s the worst that could happen...?”

Music: Knights of Fire – Version 2

Oh come on Elly, you can’t pull off the slow tempo version of the boss music like Ramsus could.

Oh geez! Elhaym is the CO of these drugged up mid-boss chucklefucks? This right here is gonna end well...

"She returned single-handedly from the Kislev infiltration operation."
"And 'empty-handedly' I hear! No souvenirs for the Commander, huh?"
"Yep, what a pretty face. She's not the soldier type."

“Remember your rank!"
"Oh, scary!"
"We don't care much for rank...and we don't care much for Renk either! But just because you're beautiful doesn't mean you have to be cocky."
”Since when does cockiness share a definition with basic military protocol?”
*flexes* “Since you signed up with the elite Gebler Aveh Detachment.”
*sigh* < I lose one experimental stolen Gear and get assigned to the ass end of nowhere with a bunch of cartoon characters. I hate my life...>

"Ha! This jerk's just jealous."
"What? I'm much prettier! How could I be jealous?"
"Hey, shut that perv up! He gives me the creeps."
"And that's how it is... So don't get in our way, 'Miss Lieutenant'."
<I’d be more annoyed. But just reviewing this team's prior performance record’s degree of competence, I am pretty sure they’ll all be dead by the end of the week...>

Well, if Lieutenant Van Houten is going into battle with the Gebler Goobers, she’s going to need a Gear, isn’t she? Hopefully she can make up for her...less than stellar soldiering shortcomings by having an awesome looking mecha suit.

...Or she could pilot the Gear equivalent of a Barbie Doll. That works too, I guess...

“Can't tell what it can do just by looking at it."
"What kind of machine is this? I've never seen it before."
"It's a new model Gear, called Vierge, that's for officers' use only. It's said that people with normal mental power can't operate it."
"So, she's still a 'Jugend' regardless of having no ability?"
"Hah, this looks like fun. Let's see what she can do!"

Ramsus Dream Flashback

Music: Bonds of Sea and Flame ~ Orchestral Version

Vierge Render – Well at least they didn’t stick robo-breasts on it. I think that’s the only way it could have been made girlier looking... Though, announcing that Elly is a virgin in the title isn’t helping her win any tough military chick awards.