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Part 31: Episode XXIX: Lawrence Maison - Super Butler

Episode XXIX: Lawrence Maison - Super Butler

"Is something bad going to happen to him...?"

Music: Invasion

“Citan, you take the two remaining men and open the castle gate to let in our main force. If we can catch Shakhan we are sure to succeed."
"Right. When you capture Shakhan give the signal. It is probably best to open the gate at that time."
"Above us is the Castle Bailey. The keep must fall quickly. Shakhan should be on the top floor."
"...In the room that used to be used by the young master's father. Try not to damage the castle, avoid all needless combat, and above all, remember - speed!"
"That's why there are so few of us. Our objective is Shakhan! So ignore the Gebler and Aveh soldiers."
”Ya know...unless they’re in your way. Then kick their asses. They give pretty decent XP.”
"Alright, let's move on out!"

And up we go...following the same exact route we took just a couple days ago. Good thing there was no security sweeps or anything. And Sigurd, Citan, and all the Pirate B-List are also Olympic class swimmers.

”Err...did they install an automatic door since last time I was here...?”

Yeah...I don’t sense this is going well...

"We've been expecting you!"

”...Well, shit.”

Music: Fuse

”No joke? I didn’t notice, Sig.”
"Oh-oh...! Where is Kahr...?"
"I see you are quick to catch on. Ramsus should be taking care of all your divided forces out by the Nisan border as we speak. Ramsus easily saw through your plan to use a feint attack by Kislev long ago. Don't underestimate us... Hyuga, have you lived down here so long that your mind has slipped? And Sigurd, who would have thought you would have joined the last survivors of the royal dynasty..."
"Damn it...why are you still backing Shakhan? What does it matter to you who the king is?"
"Hah! You suggest the son of murdered King Fatima? He refused to cooperate! You mean to say that now he wants to be our puppet all of a sudden? That I don't believe...even coming from the mouth of a traitor like you. Ha ha ha... Besides, stupidity in puppets has its advantages."
”Ha, ha, ha...indeed...”

"Stu, stupidity!? Miang, what's that supposed to mean?"

“We don't care who is sitting on the throne. Any obedient sheep would be fine. However, isn't there something that you still have to do? If you will only do that, then we'll help you as much as possible."
"Yes, you don't have to tell me. One must take care of one's own country's criminals personally."
”Having my men open fire still counts, correct?”
“Yes, Minister Shakhan. That will do.”

"Then, with your permission I shall take my leave..."
"Hey now! Wait a minute!!"

Miang departs...

”Aww... Sorry about that. Must be rough having a big bald dome like that. You definitely don’t need any help looking shameful.”
“But this is the end. You didn't know your place and now all that awaits you is annihilation. Prepare to fire...!"


Lawrence Maison out of fucking NOWHERE to butler the shit out of this grim situation.

Music: The Blue Traveler

“Make one move and this gatling gun shall be spitting fire!"
”...You’ve got to be shitting me.”

"Reinforcements have arrived, young master. Please come aboard."

Bart, Citan, and the pirates shuffle on board the Land Crab alongside Maison...

"See ya, you bald geezer! We'll settle this later. Till then...go get your head waxed!"

Man, I’m not even gonna ask how the hell Maison found the time to run over to the Blackmoon Forest to retrieve this thing. He’s just that damn good.

Sadly...the same cannot be said for the Land Crab as its propeller goes flying off into the stratosphere shortly after take-off. I guess it wasn’t designed to carry eight full grown men. Only one man and a several ton giant robot. It has a very peculiar design...

The Land Crab drops back to the ground...

“Just surrender. Thanks for the laughs... I almost hate to have to shoot you."
"Crap! I guess we're gonna get mauled..."
"Everyone...please get down."
"Do you have a plan, Maison?"
"Leave it to me."
”I have, as you would so crudely put it, ‘this shit handled’, young master.”

”Should we fire?”
“...Man, I don’t even know anymore.”

”...That did not just really fucking happen...”

Maison to the Rescue

Music: The Blue Traveler

Maison Concept Art – Dapper as all hell.