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Part 34: Episode XXXII: The Flight of the Yggdrasil

Episode XXXII: The Flight of the Yggdrasil

Music: The One Who is Torn Apart

"...What? Who are you...?"

”Uhhhhhhhhh... Ye—“

Brigandier leaps off the Yggdrasil...

”Guess I shoulda said ‘no’...?”

"...What are you suddenly attacking me for!?"
”I’m not with those jerks. Honest.”

“You, strong...”
”If I say ‘no’ will you stop trying to kill me?”

A giant golden sword wielding Gear. Huh...I wonder who this one belongs to...

“That's right... Weren't you with that punk, Fei?"
"No, I don't know 'him'! ...But even if I did, I sure wouldn't tell you!"

”Pfft. Your funeral commander lanky.”
"I owe 'him' greatly!"

Music: Fuse

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The Red Gear dashes right in front of Ramsus’ Gear...


The Red Gear proceeds to punch Ramsus’ arm off...

And choke-slam him from mid-air, knocking off one of his legs. Well, this is going swimmingly for the Gebler Commander.

The Red Gear lifts Ramsus back into the air...

And a roundhouse kick to the ground ends that rather one-sided battle...

Time for round two!

Miang, at least, seems to be the only sensible person in the battlefield and decides it’s time to get the hell out of dodge.

”And one leg...”
”It’s just a flesh wound!”

"We're pulling out! ...That mad dog seems to have a new toy to play with."

Miang rockets off with Ramsus’ Gear leaving behind...

...a rather boned Prince Bartholomew.

"Today's my unlucky day. Why does this have to happen now? Oh well... Let's get it over with!"

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Alright, it’s time to take on the Demon of Elru’s Gear. As with Vanderkaum’s overcompensating piece of hardware, it’s best to flip on the Booster at the start of the match for an extra burst of speed. The key thing to remember in this battle is to ke—

Just kidding! There’s no way in hell you can win this battle as after three turns the Red Gear unleashes a combo so heavy it breaks the 9999 hit limit. Oh least Bart fared better than Ramsus.

Meanwhile, on the Yggdrasil...

“Young master!!!"

“But first mate! Now with the effect-fins out of order, if you run at full speed, the ship wouldn't be able to stand the friction!!
"It can 'jump' due to the Bernoulli effect on the wings' surfaces instead!!"
“First mate!!”

“Full power!! Maximum speed!!"

Music: Leftover Dreams of the Strong

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(You should probably watch this.)

So, via the power of SCIENCE, Sigurd is now going to jump the Yggdrasil. Sure... Sure, why not?

”...What the hell are they doing to my ship?!”
“Eh...? That’s new.”

Brigandier hauls ass out of the way...

”You’ve gotta be shittin’ me...”

Well...that’s certainly an inventive way to deal with a super boss.

”Just got my ass handed to me by a bigger, redder Gear. But hey, at least I got all my limbs still attached.”

”That’s like some late Disc 1...early Disc 2 at the latest type crap.”
“When we get back it'll take a month to get this heap of junk working again."
"Ha.. ha ha... You seem to be okay!"
"...Sheesh!! What was that monster anyway?"


"What...the ship? The engine should have fallen out, but..."

Music: The One Who is Torn Apart




“Main engine, support engine, engage the auto scram. Switch power to batteries. Output ratio 0.5, operating time... 500!!”
"The third's ruined!!"
“The hangar section, the armament section, and even the pressure shell have been destroyed!! We can't stop the sand from flowing in!”
"Close each section down completely and commence independent operation!!"
"Then, damage control won't be able to move!! The hole won't be covered!!"
"That's alright!! ...Either way, it's impossible to save the entire ship. Our priority is to secure the bridge!! Gather everyone into the bridge immediately!"

“You need to get out. I'll have Maison guide you to an escape-pod."
"I cannot leave you all like this...!?"
"We have no right to keep you here and get you involved. ...If you see Kahr and Miang, make sure you pay 'em back for me. Maison... Please show him the way."
"This way, please."

Citan, having the only functional Gear left in the area not being crushed by several hundred tons of metal, gets to the Gear escape pod and is launched from the sinking Yggdrasil. Welp, I hope you weren’t too attached to the Desert Pirates, as that is the last we’re seeing of them for a very, very, very long time...

Some time later...

Well, it’s very phallic looking whatever it is.

Huh... It looks like Admiral Vanderkaum and that whole “POWER” thing didn’t pan out too well. Poor Vanderkaum got his ass kicked so hard his face tattoo was knocked askew and he was jettisoned to the Xenosaga universe. Truly a dire fate...

“But its condition... ...It is just like the others that 'he' destroyed..."

Ramsus vs. the Red Gear
(You should probably watch this.)

Bart vs. the Red Gear

Warship vs. the Red Gear
(You should definitely watch this.)

Yggdrasil Concept Art

Yggdrasil Concept Art Rear