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Part 44: Episode XLII: Weltall vs. Stier – Match of the Millennium ‘99

Episode XLII: Weltall vs. Stier – Match of the Millennium ‘99

Music: Knight of Fire

Welp, this is it. The final match of the Battling Tournament. As per video game tournament regulations, now that we have beaten up everyone in the entire tri-state area, we must now face off against mutant/magic/demonic grand champion to claim our ultimate prize.

The final bout of the slugfest is Fei Fong Wong and Weltall vs. Ricardo Banderas and Stier. Heaven or Hell?! Let’s rock!

Fei will have to take to heart Wiseman’s teachings if he has any hope of winning against the fie—bah!

That’s a load of crap! Stier is twice as durable as any other Gear we’ve faced in Battling so far and also hits twice as hard. But otherwise, it is functionally identical to every other Gear in the tourney tactics wise. I have no idea what Wiseman was going on about with attacking weak spots and the like. There are no gimmicks here. Nothing is changed up. The only difference is the Stier battle is a best three out of five instead of two out of three. And Rico is nice enough to just let us try again if we lose. So there’s literally nothing at stake here.

Which makes it a pretty good summary of Nortune in general.

And that’s a wrap to the Battling Tournament! No prize money this time. But, we do receive the greatest prize of all in its place: FINALLY being able to leave D Block! Thank fuck!

After the battle...

"Yeah, he's definitely had his Gear equipped with parts that are in violation of the rules, or somethin'!"
"Shut up!! ...Don't embarrass me any further. How could such special parts exist in the Imperial capital anyway!? Especially since you can't leave the Imperial Capital with these collars on!"
"B, b, but, Rico...then...!?"
"I thought I told you to stop! ...Keep quiet!"

“Bro won on his own strength! Stop trying to trump up false accusations!"
"Enough already, Hammer! I won because of luck...and because I had a good teacher! ...Also the wound to your arm hasn't completely healed yet, has it? If it wasn't for that wound I am sure you would have won instead..."

Hey, fuck you Fei! Don’t undermine my success, dickhead! That’s not cool!

"...Well, I have something I must see to. I'll be off now."
”Like what?”
“Oh, ya know... Cleaning out my room. Doing so paper work. Assassinating the Kaiser. The usual stuff.”

Rico walks away...

"I am no longer the champ! You guys will just get in my way! Don't follow me! OK!?"
"In your way...? But Champ!"
“So, new Champ... Need some henchm—“
“You’ve got like 30 second to leave before falling victim to kung fu treachery...”

"This means I am acquitted! I am cleared! Oh, how the freedom feels!"
”All those hookers I murdered feel like a lifetime ago! Sweet, sweet freedom?!”
“Who did what now...?”
“Hahaha! Nothing, bro. Let’s go get these collars off, Champ!”

Some time later...

Music: Tears of the Stars, Hearts of the People

Err... Alright then? Let’s go check on something else.

Meanwhile, back at the Gebler Base...

Music: Knight of Fire ~ Version 2

“The other 7 are all Ether guided. Just who the hell is controlling all them?"
“I never thought you'd be the escort commander.”

Another Gebler officer marches out...

"...Dominia, who's that? Hey, not the one from the Elements...?"
”How do you know her...?”
“...We were roommates back in college.”

Dominia walks up to Elly...

"What are you doing here?"
"This is a vital mission, ordered from central. I already have Ramsus' orders. The Hecht is not to be piloted by a common soldier. I will take the Hecht. I didn't even need an escort, but this was also part of the plan. This will be a good fight."

Dominia begins walking away...

"That's restricted...but I guess I can tell you.”
”Jugend Sigma Kappa Gamma, after all.”
“The electric generator in the eastern sector of Kislev's Imperial capital. The target is a reactor left there by an ancient civilization."
"The reactor!? If you attack that then Kislev will..."
"Probably most of it will be destroyed. The rest will be uninhabitable for hundreds of years."
"Why are you doing this?"
"To purge, why else?”
”I thought you got over your Bulimia?”
“...The Lambs, Elhaym.”

“You may know this already, Kislev has the Gatekeeper. The original gate is controlled by those vulgar Lambs. This land barrier was made by our predecessors. The Lambs are trying to destroy the gate. Are you going to allow that?"
"That may be so...but do we have the right to get involved?"
"Does that bother you? Since when did you have a conscience? War, strife, betrayal, deceit are all that are on the Lamb's minds. Surely you should know that by looking at the fools in this country. Just let them loose and see what they'd do. They would pillage and loot our world acting as if they owned it. Advanced knowledge or tools aren't necessary for common house pets. We must lead them where they belong."
"You were originally a land dweller. So why...?"
”Just ethnically. Forceful conscription into the glorious Solaris military has set me to a higher standard.”
"I was chosen by the Commander! Don't look at me the same as those stupid Lambs! Yes, well... You've shirked the duty that was instilled in you since your Jugend days. Arguing with you is a waste of time."
”This sort of talk is why you’re still piloting that Vierge Gear of yours. Heh.”
“And now I remember why I never talked to you after the Academy...”

“I want you, the Shepherds, -Abel-, to see with your own eyes what I can do."

And so the operation to turn Nortune into a crater begins. Convenient that they waited just in time for Fei to freely gain access to the rest of the city...

Stier Render – Someone forgot to give the poor thing a torso.