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Part 52: Episode L: The Solaris Intermission

Episode L: The Solaris Intermission

“N24, E92, Ignas, in the Lahan region, the northeast ocean. From the wave pattern, it's definitely a Gatekeeper.”
“There are no regular mainland flights.”
"Could it be Shevat's Aphel Aura?"
“No. The mass is different. It's a much smaller pattern.”
“I can't believe that the Lambs have a ship equipped with a Gatekeeper.”
"It probably is Kislev's. The last purge was not complete."
”What happened with that anyhow?”
“I haven’t gotten around to reading the after action report as of yet. Something about a defector and the usual incompetence associated with that unit. It seems not even Dominia can get a decent performance out of that group. Shame. Oh well... I’ll take a look after my morning coff—“

Grahf teleports into the room, fucks with the lights, and scares the bejesus out of everyone. Everything is dramatic as all hell with Grahf. Even entering a room to relay a message that could have just as easily been conveyed via a text message. That’s just how MC Grahf rolls.

”Can’t you just use a telephone like a normal person?!”
"Shouldn't you pursue?"
"The one who caused you so much pain and grief is on that ship. And it's headed for Aquvy."

Grahf fazes out. Assorted crew members proceed to wipe up spilled coffee and clean soiled trousers...

Music: Knight of Fire ~ Solaris Imperial March Version

”Uhh...but sir it...well the readings sound like it crashed and exploded...”
“I’ll be the judge of that!”

"We can't, Commander! We don't have orders from the capital yet. If we move from here..."
"I don't care! I won't allow them to escape!"

Miang shrugs and walks off the bridge...

Grahf decides to have some one-on-one chatting with Ramsus’ #2. I wonder if just the room Grahf is in flickers blood red when he teleports or if the entire area in general does...

"I'm just trying to help. Didn't I help get those 'shackles' off? Now, you know the 'vessel' will only respond to the chosen one. They don't know this. But...he's necessary for Kahr. He's the very meaning of Kahr's existence."

The ships engines boot up and it begins taking off...

"Yes, I must thank you. After all, you did help me didn't you?"
"Was it for me? Or for him? ... Or...for yourself?"

And so Ramsus’ flagship takes off. Hey, it’s Bledavik. Remember cities and villages besides Nortune? It feels like a lifetime ago.

“Message from Kelvena. Dominia is withdrawing in Haishao. She will pursue the aerial battleship.”
”Message recorded. Proper noun without context quota reached for this quarter. Proceeding with scheduled flight...”

“—and to watch over the Lambs. What is he......”
“We can recover the 'Anima Relics' anytime. Moreover, we learned that 'he' was on the transferred ship. Ramsus was probably after 'him'.”
“...So it was the trauma.”
“Nay. In this case, Knigret... It was the severe external wounds.”
“According to the memory cube...we've found multiple subjects around 'him' that possess the 'Animus' factor.”
“Is it -Sufradi-, the subject of the M Project?”
“Nay, it is beyond that. They were either attracted to 'him' or...”
“Unexpectedly, it's developing into the same condition as 500 years ago.”
“That does not rule out the possibility he planned it this way intentionally.”
“The transfer point is Aquvy... It's near the Thames.”
“If it is Aquvy, Krelian's headed that way.”
“Krelian? Himself? What for?”
“It seems they've found it. For over 4000 years he searched for Zeboim's legacy.”
“Legacy... Is that the technology he was talking about?”

Emperor Cain decides to teleconference with the Gazel Ministry to make this conversation even more convoluted and confusing...

“Molecular engineering......nanotechnology. The land of all creations, the capital of Zeboim culture... resting beneath the ocean of Aquvy. For 19 years, the 'Ethos' kept it secret.”
“Is this acceptable, Cain?”
"Yes, it will do for now."
“19 years... That coincides with the time when the earth shifted...”
“But, I don't understand. That technology doesn't seem that crucial to us...”
“He is still a Lamb. Giving him the ability to do as he wishes is questionable.”
“There are times when even we do not know what he is thinking.”
"Let it be. I will take responsibility for that. On another matter... Weren't you all going to...'eliminate' it?"
“It's just by chance.”
“It is probable the location is Ignas.”
“Anyway, I never believed it would be eliminated so easily.”
“The purge was a failure. This shall never happen again.”
“If the 'Animus' are together, it is all the more reason.”
“Cain, why are YOU so concerned about it? To us, 'he' is insignificant...”
“It could only be a poison to us. It could never be a remedy.”
“'Anonelbe'... You don't still believe that, do you?”
“That is merely an illusion. Not even an ideal.”
“The what I am now. It is as you see it.”
“Or rather... Is it the 'emotion' you have long forgotten?”

Of rambling on about who the fuck knows what...

Emperor Cain Portrait – And you thought those Gazel losers were something off a metal album cover...