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Part 59: Episode LVI: Elhaym Van Houten and the Questionable Engine Design of the Yggdrasil II

Episode LVI: Elhaym Van Houten and the Questionable Engine Design of the Yggdrasil II

“Would it be too much to ask for you to go and call him for me?"
"No problem! He's probably wining and dining with the Captain of the Thames!"
“So...he is likely drunk and making an ass of himself?”
“Sounds about right.”

Fei ventures out of the Yggdrasil and all the way back to the Beer Hall of the Thames... Square, was it really necessary to make me walk three minutes back to where I was in the previous scene just to advance the plot...? Kind of a dick move.

Music: Thames, Men of the Sea

“—slam, bam, crash... that's how it happened..."
"Hey Bart, Sigurd was asking about you..."
"Gahahahahaha. Of course, if you're not strong, you can't be a man of the sea."
"Yeah, check this arm out..."


One of the Thames’ sailors wanders over to the table...

"Oi, he's interrupting our men of the sea story. That Hans, he's such an unrefined chap. What does he want now?"
“Our Lady seems to have returned...”
"Our Lady... Oh, you mean Elly!"
"Fool! Why didn't you tell me earlier."
”Oh...that makes things easier. I was just about to ask you where the nearest fighting tournament was located.”
“...Why would you want to enter another fighting tournament.”
“Trust me, Bart. EVERY problem in history can be solved by winning a fighting tournament.”
“Aye. One of the great truths. Even here on the sea.”

"Well, let's go."

Bart, Fei, and the Captain shuffle onto the Bridge...

"She's seeing to the Gear. She will be along any time now."
"You mean... she was able to escape?"
”No, she sent her mechanical clone in her stead...”
"Well, it's good for you. Right, Fei?"
"Ah, yeah."

Elly enters from the Screw Elevator. That sounds even more vulgar than before...

"What's that submarine?"
"Oh, you mean the Yggdrasil?”
”It’s Bart’s ship. We landed on it before taking on that boss Gear. Remember...?”

“It took a bad bashing, so now it's here, at Thames, for repairs."
"I see... Can I rest for a while? ... I'm exhausted."
"That's a good idea."
"Fei, it's my ship."
”Hey, you blew her up with that stupid Bart Missile of yours too. The least you can do is give her a place to rest up.”
“Shouldn’t we like...ask how the heck she escaped...?”
“Later. She’s clearly tired. Isn’t that right, Elly?”
“I am clearly tired.”

"Oi, oi. She said she's tired. Let her rest."
"Well, I'm going."

Elly wanders off to go sabotage the Yggdrasil get some R&R...

"Bart, you're still..."
*shakes head*"It's not like that. She won't backstab us. I was raised around thugs and charlatans. I can tell just by looking in her eyes."
"Then you accept Elly..."
*shakes head* "That's why I can't. She may be okay with it. But what about her family back home? Do you think she can live with that? Can she do that? Just get rid of her family? She has to decide. She... Elly is probably worrying about that. We can't involve people who have attachments."
”Doc has a wife and kid.”
“...No shit? What did they like...die or something?”
“...Are they divorced?”
“Don’t think so. Pretty sure they’re just hanging out at his mountaintop mansion.”
“Huh. Coulda fooled me. But my point still stands.”

"Hmph, well do whatever you want."

Music: Leftover Dreams of the Strong

Welp, there isn’t much at all left to do on the Thames other than hitting up a Gear shop to restore giant robot fuel and HP from the previous battle. So, we might as well return to Sigurd on the bridge. But first...

Somehow Big Joe has managed to make it across the Sea and is currently hitting on a chick from the Thames on the Yggdrasil’s deck. Let’s get him to knock that shit out.

”Big Joe...? What the... Neither of those languages exists in this world. What IS your deal? How did you even get here?!”
“Si? Maybe you need some manners, muchacho!”

It turns out Big Joe is the final card game challenge. He moves at over twice the speed of our characters, which is rather bullshit. But it’s definitely worth defeating the big jerk.

Big Joe yields the LongDarkCoat armor which provides +10 to both Ether Defense and Attack. Considering Ether Defense/Offense accessories carry over to Gears, that makes this some damn fine armor.

Bart and Fei return to Yggdrasil’s bridge...

“An international goodwill visit with the Thames? Well, whatever... Now about those supplies for the submarine..."
"Oh, that? Let me see...order an additional 16 torpedoes!"
"Yes, sir."

Welp, that didn’t advance the plot. Hmm...let’s see how Elly is doing.

If we venture to the infirmary, the nurse will inform us that Elly was napping but has since wandered off. We’re not given any indication as to where she’d ventured off to. But...I’m going to guess that perhaps the engine room would be a safe bet. Just a hunch...

Down in the Engine Room...

“Hey, Miss. I heard you got caught. Are you okay? Easy, Martel! It's just the Solarian girl. You don't need to bark!”
"It's an animal, so it can't help it. By the way, the first mate wants to see you."
“...Oh? Oh, I see. Sorry.”
”Well, that sounds legit. Come on, Martel. Feel free to look around, miss. Just be sure not to touch that –Self Destruct- button on the far left hand side of the panel. One of the crew accidentally sat on the thing last week. So just be careful.”
“Right then. Don’t want to keep the boss waiting...”

The engine room chief and his dog exit the area...

Elly proceeds to take a few buttons on the engine room’s control panel...

This almost immediately starts a catastrophic meltdown of the ship’s engines. What? Did you think I was joking about there apparently being an easily accessible self destruct button on the control panel?

Elly seems to briefly snap out of her treacherous daze and...

...immediately faints.

”That was one of the worst puns I’ve ever heard.”
“Ship is kind of exploding at the moment. A bit too stressed to come up with good quips. Back off, Fei.”

"Damn it! What the hell did she do!? What am I gonna do!!"

Citan wanders into the Engine Room...

"Wait! Do not worry about her. Stopping this is our priority."
”Did they teach melting down engine repair in me—“

“...d school? Huh... I guess they did.”

“...she didn't have the eyes of a traitor."
"... She was given some strong hypnosis."
"It is a special hypnotism that makes a person behave in a pre-programmed way. A special condition serves as a switch to act... but until then no strange behavior can be detected. She looked strange when coming out of the medical room, so I followed her."
"...Citan, if you thought it was suspicious, you shoulda stopped her."
"Well, if you forcibly stop the behavior while imprinting, occasionally it destroys the mind... But it is true that I reacted a little late..."
”But, more importantly...why does your ship’s engine have a large MELTDOWN and STOP MELTDOWN switch on each side of the console?”
“You may wish to look into getting that disabled. Friendly advice, young one.”

The engine mechanic wanders back in...

“Young master, have you done it again?”
”Nope. But in the future don’t let strangers near the controls down here. Thanks.”
"It may take a while to fix it..."
"It broke again just after getting restored. What am I gonna do..."
“Did she do this... Hypnosis? ... That's pretty damned underhanded even for Solaris! How badly are the main engines damaged? I need more time to see them closely... But it looks pretty bad. It may take a while.
"Anyway, we will take her to the medical room first. Fei, go to the room when you are done here. No need to worry. The hypnotist must have been a good one. There are no mental scars."
”I have no idea what any of that means. But fine.”

Some time later...

”You got hypnotized and busted up Bart’s ship in some mind controlled spell.”
“Hey. I’m just repeating what the guy with the medical degree told me.”

Sigurd enters the infirmary...

"What!? Them again!?"
"That shape looks like...!"
"Alright! I owe so much to the Thames. I can't let it turn into a battlefield. Launch the Yggdrasil immediately! We'll go out in our Gears!"
“Yes, sir!!”
”Wasn’t the engines just busted?”
“They got better, alright?! Don’t sweat the details, Fei.”

"Elly should rest here. We will..."
"Wait!! Because I came here this all happened... This is my responsibility! So... So let me go too!"
"What the hell are you talking about! Don't you remember what you just did...!?"
“Young one! Elly, our trust in you depends on this battle. For your honor, you should fight!"
"But Citan! I...!"
”She JUST tried to blow up the ship! Come on!”

"Elly, if you try anything suspicious, I will be the one to shoot you. Is that clear?"
*nods* “Yes.”
*cocks eyebrow* “You...aren’t actually going to participate in this next battle, are you?”
“My Gear is not equipped with any firearms. I will monitor Elly’s performance from the Yggdrasil.”
“Doc...this is starting to become a trend...”
“I have no idea what you are talking about, Fei.”

*turns to Bart* "Is that okay with you, young one?"
*nods* "...Alright. Fei, Elly, let's go!!"

I really need to make a tally of all the boss battles Citan has ducked out of now. I’m pretty sure it’s in the double digits at this point... I’m on to you, Citan... I’m on to you...

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