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Part 71: Episode LXVIII: Sigmund Freud's Kung Fu Nightmare

Episode LXVIII: Sigmund Freud's Kung Fu Nightmare

...Oh vessel for a new soul......









Music: Fuse

Welcome to the final chapter of Act III. Time for some bullshit. On your end? One screenshot. On my end? Twenty minutes running through the same dungeon all over again, complete with random battles every five steps. Ugh... I take for granted modern games, where you can infiltrate Fox News’ hidden underground military base and reach their secured data core, have a terrible boss battle...and find there’s a helipad right next door to take you out.

Bishop Stone has apparently been just moseying along at the most leisurely pace ever as the party is able to fight off the two Element girls, dash through an entire complex, and battle about twenty mutants, Gebler troopers, and whatever the hell else and they’re still able to catch up to this jerk before he’s out the door.

“Can't even buy me some time."
“...Give it back.”
*looks around confused* “?”

Music: Silence

”This is...going to be bad, isn’t it?”

I’m still bummed out we got this whole big cocktease of an ancient ruined cityscape and we don’t even ge—


Music: The One Who is Torn Apart

*turns toward Stone* “Ha ha... That is mine. Give it back!!”
"W, what do you want? Wh, who're you?"
"To you, it is just a used up toy. So give it back. It belongs to me..."
"Who are you? At least give us your name!"
”Billy, now would be a good time to...”
“Shut UP!”

“Names do not matter...”

That sounds familiar... Hey! HEY! HEY!

Welp, it would seem asking Id his name is more offensive than stealing life-sized nanomachine Troll Dolls from him. As such, he decides to go beat the living shit out of our party for a bit. Id (it’s nice to finally give him a proper name) does not even begin to fuck around. He’s easily the hardest boss thus far and might be one of the hardest bosses on Disc 1 in general. We only need to whittle down 3000 HP to end the battle. The trouble is, Id has ridiculously high evasion ability. How high, you ask?

This guy can dodge Deathblows. Not just an occasional fluke either. I mean you’ve got like a one in three chance of whiffing every single Deathblow flung his way.

Speaking of Deathblows, Id does not have standard melee attacks. He has kung-fu combo kicking the piss out of someone for 70-100 HP of damage each time. And he’s speedy enough that he usually gets to attack just about every other turn for our party members. Needless to say, Billy is on healing duty for the duration of this battle.

But, that’s not all. Id can also bust out Fei’s Raijin Deathblow (the one that gave Ramsus PTSD flashbacks.) This hits for about 125+ HP of damage. And he’s not satisfied to do it just once. He performs the attack twice in a row. Sometimes to the same character. Which means unless it’s Citan and they are at full health, is pretty much an instant KO.

But only performing Deathblows the entire fight would be boring. Naw. Id can also fling a miniature black hole at the party hitting everyone for 100+ damage too.

That said, there’s no real hidden strategy to dealing with Id. It’s pretty much just a game of staying healed (and praying he doesn’t curbstomp Billy regularly) while hoping Deathblows actually connect. We get a whopping 30,000 XP (and uhh...5 gold) for “beating” Id (he doesn't even have a KOed animation. The fight just abruptly ends.) So that’s nice.

It would appear another Gear has shown up to the party. How are they even making it down here?! The only route is a tiny stair elevator through a man-sized hole in the wall. And hey, it looks like Bishop Stone treats Id like a T-Rex in Jurassic Park and hasn’t budged since the previous scene.

The new Gear grabs Id...

"Now is our chance!! Get back to Krelian..."
”Run away! RUN AWAY!!!”

Bishop Stone and friends haul ass out of here...

"That voice... Wiseman! ......Go!! Everyone, hurry!"
"That Gear..."

Citan and pals haul ass out of there...

“...I see, it was that woman... Fine. You will do fine, as my toy...for today."
"Huh? ... Oh... no..."

Id peels away from Wiseman’s Gear’s grip...

”Hah ha ha. Protip: Next time have Beethoven playing BEFORE you start grabbing people with your giant robot. Maybe that’ll work out for ya better...”

Welp, nice knowing you Wiseman. Thanks for the assist.


“They're really fighting it out. The Ether Power reaches all the way up here..."
”By the way...what the HELL was all of that back there?!”
“Don’t look at me. I officially joined this party less than a week before you did.”
“It is a long story. Let’s go!”

The party rides the funicular back to the surface...

"Citan, so what happens now that Krelian took the child? What is a nanomachine anyway?"
"Nanomachines are robots that are smaller than human cells. They are used to cure diseases or wounds in Solaris. ...She may be a colony of nanomachines made by an ancient, but advanced technology."

“What's wrong with making people happy?"
”You really...”
“...aren’t too familiar with Solaris, are you?”

"I am worried about what Bishop Stone mentioned. He said he needed her 'to free humanity from its yoke'. Perhaps some ancient information on human reconstruction is hidden inside of her body... Demihumans, such as Rico and Hammer were born from the results of the messing around with D.N.A.... That was done by ancient Solaris in the hopes that it would bring about the restoration of mankind. If Krelian is thinking of trying the same thing with improved nanotechnology... that would be frightening."

Indeed. Indeed it would. Tune in next time for the most hilarious villain “power-up” transformation ever.

Id Battle

Id Portrait – It must be a bitch to keep a decent hairdo when you’re constantly overflowing with POWER. You don’t even want to see the frizzy mess Grahf’s hair is under that mask.