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Part 72: Episode LXIX: Bishop Stone’s New Groove

Episode LXIX: Bishop Stone’s New Groove

Music: Leftover Dreams of the Strong

”I’d go look for him but meh... So anyway, how was that Ethos dig site joint?”
“Figured as much. Find anything neat?”
“It seems Bishop Stone and Solaris were after an ancient nanomachine colony.”
*blank stare*
“A naked little girl made out of tiny robots.”
*continued blank stare*
“We should probably locate Fei...”

Fei has gone AWOL in the ship and as usual, we’re given no indication as to where *person here* is located. it a hunch. But, let’s check the Gear Hangar...

To the Gear hangar...

We find Fei staring off into space in front of a steaming Weltall. Weird... You know, if I didn’t know better I’d say Fei may very well be connected with that Id chap. But...let’s hear his take on why he’s out here.

"Fei, feeling better already?"
"Yeah... Probably..."
”Having a bad hair-day though. Took me a while to get it back into a ponytail with stylish curl...”
"What are you doing riding a Gear when you're only just recovering?"
*looks down* "I don't know what I'm doing here myself... I don't have a clear head, yet..."
”I’m feeling pretty hungry. I might have been going out to get some pizza.”
“We are in the middle of the ocean.”
“Oh...that’s probably why I came back so soon...”

*shakes head *”Uhhh...”
”I remember having a weird dream where I was like...a scientist. And I was like gonna make are they called? Those creepy little girly dolls with the big Eraserhead looking hair in weird colors...”
*quickly runs over to Fei* "Fei!! You should not be moving around yet!!"
”And Elly was there and she was like a nurse and then the French came and shot her...”

*ALARM* “Alkanshel located straight ahead!! Prepare Gears for launch!!”

Music: Knight of Fire

Oh huh. Bishop Stone sure didn’t wait around in becoming a boss battle. Well, it is the end of the Act. So now or never.

By the way...since when did the Yggdrasil’s bridge have a sun roof? I’m pretty sure we’ve never seen that before...and we never see it again.

Back at the hangar...

*puts hand out* "You are in no condition to participate... Let us take care of this!"
”But...but everyone was kung fu fighting and...I really feel like kung fu fighting. Those moves as fast as lightning...”
"Looks like it's time to settle the score... But, Fei should be resting."
“...Who the hell is this guy?”
“Oh. My apologies. We haven’t met. Well, not while you were conscious at least. I am Billy Lee Black.”
“...Yeah, okay. Seeing someone else with a rhyming game does sound pretty silly.”
“Right... Anyway, we should probably go deal with Bishop Stone.”
“My former mentor and Bishop of the Ethos before being revealed to be an inquisitor from Solaris who murdered most of my co-workers for secretly uncovering technology from a buried 4000 year old civilization in a bid at world domination.”

"Yes. I shall take Fei to the infirmary. Billy, please take care of the rest of things."

Guess who is ducking out of another boss battle? Dr. Citan Uzuki! Welp our options are Bart or Bart for back-up. So Bart it is.

A short while later...




...........WHAT?! Why is Bishop Stone the Red Skull now? I... What?!

"Those who become enemies of the sacred Gazel, I will eliminate them all. Repent now."

Great. Grahf is here. I’m...still SO confused about Stone having lost all his skin...

I’m sensing kind of a trend between Grahf and end of story Act bosses. Maybe it is just me...

Music: Grahf, Emperor of Darkness

“Doth thou desire the power?"
"Power? Hmph, there's power, in here! I received this body from Krelian!"
”...And you believed this was a good deal?”
"All this power is fake. Do you think you can win with it?"

"A fake body. A fake awakening. It is all useless!"
”You have been fleeced. Severely fleeced...”
"I will give you the power!"

And so Bishop Facelesstein gets a power-up Hadoken from Grahf. You know, I’d go further but I think I still need some time to process what the hell happened to this guy’s face...

Alkanshel Concept Art