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Part 79: Episode LXXVI: Queen Zephyr and the Lament of Shevat

Episode LXXVI: Queen Zephyr and the Lament of Shevat

Music: Shevat, the Wind is Calling

You know I bit some of those several dozen surface dwellers stuffed in the communal home on the other side of town wouldn’t mind living here. But alas, NEVER FORGET! and all that...

Anyhow, we can now return to the Town Map and access Zeal Palace. But, let us not forget those rocks to Wiseman’s house we’ve collected.

Once activated, the sky elevator zips all over town darting under bridges and over rooftops haphazardly before settling on the top of the highest building in this part of town.

Huh...not really too impressive. Not sure what I expected from a mysterious masked jerk that regularly breaks Fei’s nose before giving out helpful tips. Oh well, let’s rummage through his stuff. I’m pretty sure Id tore his head off and shat down his neck back in Zeboim. So he won’t be missing it.

All we find item wise is a Power Crisis accessory, which raises attack power to the user while their HP falls. Neat, I guess. Oh huh...seems there’s a bit more on the shelf here...

Holy SHIT! Why does Wiseman have a stash of every flavor of a battle enhancing narcotic? Damn. I really, really hope he got waxed by Id or else he might be a bit pissed we raided and shot up his whole drug stash while he was away...

wrote: “I just live with Chuthulhu, and die with Chuthulhu! To hell with humans! They're liars, greedy, selfish...! I'm going away. I've had enough of it...!”
” that furry nightmare back on the Yggdrasil was Wiseman’ Sidekick?”
“That weird masked man that knows...knew my dad?”
“Must have missed that one.”
“I wouldn’t worry about it too much. Citan called the guy that saved us from that Id guy Wiseman. I...don’t think he faired too well.”
“Id? The crazy guy with the giant red Gear down in Zeboim.”
“Wasn’t there.”
“Me neither. Wait...giant red Gear...? It...didn’t have laser wings did it?”
“Yeah... I believe so. Why? You know it.”
“That’s the friggin’ jackass that dropped the Yggdrasil on me!”
“You had the Yggdrasil...dropped on you...? How does something like that even happen?!”
“When a crazy jackass in a big red Gear with laser wings picks it up and throws it on you...”
“Okay, we seriously all need to sit down and review what the hell has been going on with everyone the last month so we are all on the same page...”

There’s also a Chu-chu Idol in here. Wiseman is an...odd fellow... Fei has a bit of dialogue regarding it, but I don’t think they intended Wiseman’s room to be accessed first thing when we entered Shevat, as it talks about future events in the past tense. Alright, let’s get the hell out of here and check out this swanky palace.

Returning to the Town Map...

It turns out we can access the palace and central spire by means of the great big white statue in front of the capital. Hey...haven’t we seen that statue before...?

It’s the same one in Citan’s ominous foreshadowy music box. Why do I get the feeling Shevat and Lahan were the first two locations they made in this game...

Maria is hanging out waiting for us in the lobby of the palace. There’s quite a bit of junk to check out in this area and we will be doing so shortly. But, let’s go say high to the Queen first. We don’t want to be rude.

The party follows Maria...

*hides stolen shoes and needle marks on arms* "Why... are you here!?"
"I've told you before. I learned martial arts with your father in Shevat. The Queen is waiting. Go ahead."
”Nice to see you didn’t get killed by that Id guy. Thank you for the assist.”
“...Right then.”

Well, that was weird. Oh well, onto Queen Zephyr’s swanky ass throne room. Hmm...we’ve got a Shevat Queen, an Aveh Prime Minister, a Kislev Kaiser, and a Solaris Emperor. I wonder if Zeboim had a President...

Music: The Wounded Shall Advance Into the Light

The floating bullet-proof screen or whatever the heck flies in front of the Queen spins around behind her as a pair of floating platforms form stairs toward her throne.

"Thank you for coming...? What is this? It's just a kid."
"I may appear to be like this, but I am actually 522 years old."
”Neat. I didn’t know the Ch—“
“Please refrain from making any Neverending Story remarks. I have heard them all. Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of times...”

"522...!? Is that really possible...?"
"Yes... I and a select few of the vassals have undergone some special life-extending treatments. We were required to continue living... Until that final day approaches. Because of one man... To continue living... This is our atonement... for that tragedy 500 years ago..."
”So Shevat lost the war and its people were cursed forever in youthful bodies? That...really doesn’t sound like too bad of a deal.”
“Getting asked for your ID for five centuries every time you go to the liquor store does get rather tedious. But I digress...”

"Let us discontinue this discussion of the past. I've heard many things about all of you from Wiseman. Wiseman has been conducting his operations on the surface under my keep an eye on that man's activities.”
”What man?”
“We do not like to speak his name.”
“Is it V—“
“It is not Voldemort. As I was saying...”

“Also, he was ordered to bring anyone from the surface who would be of help to us to Shevat... 500 years ago we fought against Solaris for the freedom of the land dwellers. Even after that, we continue to resist Solaris although we are short of any real power. “
*stands from throne* “Land dwellers, can you find it in your heart to help us? We must free mankind from the grasps of Solaris... We must gain true freedom and build a peaceful world to live in."

“This fight for independence from a tyrant. The battle for freedom. I see, you make it seem like your intentions are noble. In reality though, maybe you're no different than Solaris? Anyway, I'm too busy with trying to take Aveh back from that bastard, Shakhan. Hate to break this to you, but I don't have the time!"
”The hell, Bart? Didn’t a few hours ago you say that we had to take out Solaris before we bothered with taking back Aveh or else it would just be a lame ending.”
“I don’t recall...”
“Nope. Fei is right. ‘Like one of those season finales that kind of works like a series finale but you know the next seasons was just canceled so it’s not very satisfying’. I believe those were roughly your words...”

*nods* "Hmm... You are apparently nothing like the calm and quiet Roni Fatima, Bart. Yet, you are so similar to Roni at the same time... There is logic behind what you say, though. However, I tell no lie...when I say we are doing this purely for the future of the land dwellers. If you still cannot believe us, then defeat Solaris, gain back the independence of the land dwellers...and then see if we still embrace the heavens together. The pretexts of the past, the discord between nations. Why be concerned at such a small scale? You must look at the bigger picture!"
”I think this is one of those ‘but thou must’ sort of pleas for assistance.”

"It should do you some good if you rest in the palace and think about it. You must think about what you ought to do. But remember, Solaris has been quite active lately. So we don't have much time for leisure."
*sits back down* "As for you, Elly... Your family and friends... You must understand that they will all have to be your enemies. Without this clear understanding... You may be placing your companions in a situation where it may cost them their lives..."
"... Yes... I understand."
”I am fixing for a drama bomb with my family when we inevitably make it to Solaris, aren’t I?”

Zephyr tells us to go piss off and get some sleep. Remember, there’s yet to be an in-game day break transition since the Reaper Ship chapter back at the beginning of Billy’s story arc. This has been pretty much the Xenogears equivalent of a season of 24.

The party returns back outside...

“Your father, Kahn, would've wanted you to..."
”I thought my dad wanted me to live in the countryside and stay away from that Grahf jerk?”
“Nope. I am fairly certain he wanted you to fight Solaris with Shevat.”
“Are you my dad?”
“No. I just trained with him in Shevat and he told me all his secrets and will for his son and asked me to look after you in secret.”
“’kay. We’re in a safe zone. I know you and your intentions. What’s up with the mask?”
“I have bad skin.”
“...Alright. I’ll let it slide this time. But I’m on to you...”

The door next to Wiseman leads up to the very tippy-top of Shevat where we find Maria hanging out. Time for a bit more waxing about personal issues to virtual strangers.

Music: Gathering Stars in the Night

“What do you all plan on doing...? Are you going to fight alongside the people of Shevat against Solaris?"
*shrug* “I dunno. Probably. Hey, where’s a place to get some grub around here...?”
"Everyone is searching for a reason to live, a reason to fight. To understand better the meaning of death... However, that is something we must find on our own, and make it our own... That is what my grandfather said. Though I don't understand what he meant by it... It's already been 5 years since my grandfather brought me to Shevat. Grandfather and the Queen always told me not to leave Shevat. That I must not go to Solaris alone... There's no way I could lose to any other Gear in my Seibzehn... There's no way...! I'll step on all those Solarians with Seibzehn... Beat them down, beat them all down!! Why does grandfather and the Queen stop me? Don't they care what happens to father...? Are they just going to stand by and watch him die? I can't forgive those people who tortured father, and those who silently stand by and watch...! Even as we speak, my father in Solaris may be..."
*rubs neck* ”So....should I just head back to that dive bar in town and hope it has a decent lunch special...?”
“The cafeteria is on the other side of the central lobby, across from the hall to the queen’s chamber.”
“Ah. Thanks. Good luck with...all that other stuff...”

Queen Zephyr – I think after 522 years of being a Sky Hippie, just about everyone would default to an eternal facial expression of “Meh.”