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Part 89: Episode LXXXVI: Andvari

Episode LXXXVI: Andvari

Music: Fuse

When last we left the Fei and the gang, we discovered that Sigurd is Bart’s secret brother or something. We’ll get back to that later. We kind of need to go rescue the Fem-Pope again.

“But... It's still an Omnigear...”
"Imbeciles! She's just a child! What can she do!? Hurry and get her!"

Shakhan, being sends a lone cannon fodder Gear to go see if the coast is clear. I’m sure this will end well.

”I told you jerks to step! Now I’m gonna have to mess you up, fool!”
“Ah crap...”

Can we still trade in Rico for Margie? Please?

“In there...!"
”You want us to run into the place where explosions are coming from?”
“Very yes!”

“Ahh, let's go!"

The party rushes into the Omnigear hangar...

”Get outta there! That’s a manly weapon for men use! Don’t go girlying it up! Sheesh!”

Shakhan’s men attempt to open fire on Bart and the guys. But, even with automatic weapons their aim is roughly on par with your average Stormtroopers and Bart is easily able to bound into the cockpit. Fei and Billy I suppose just wait behind the stairs and have a chat to get to know one another. Hopefully Billy doesn’t tell Fei about his potential manwhoring days.

Bart enters the cockpit...

"My leg... got shot. Heh... looks like I'm causing you trouble again."
"Stupid! Why'd you put yourself in danger like that!?"
"I... it wasn't much, I just thought this is the least I could do for you."
"...Dumb... Stupid! You're the biggest fool!"
"...heh, heh."
”The heck took you so long? I’ve been blasting bad guys with a shot up leg for like five minutes.”
“The door got locked and Sig is my brother or some crap... Look, long story.”

"...Can you move?"
"Uh huh... I guess."
”Then scoot outta the seat so I can try out my sweet new Gear.”

One of the Neo Etones patented KKK Gears wanders onto the scene.

“Aim for the cockpit.”

"It's too dangerous to go outside now. Can you hold on?"
"Don't worry about me."

Bart tosses Margie’s ass over the seat and takes control of the Omnigear...

“How am I gonna move this?"
"Are you okay, young master?"
"...Sig!? Ya know how to operate this thing?"
"...What do you mean!?"
”I never thought I’d hear the day you couldn’t manage to blow things up or recklessly cause unnecessary destruction.”
“I know! What the hell?! This thing is making me look bad!”

"There are no controls! What am I gonna do?"

The Neo Etone gets impatient with all this jibba-jabba and just frags Bart and Margie. Oh well. At least it was in a fiery explosion. It’s what he would have wanted.

Oh wait. This is a fuck-off super giant robot. Cutscene attacks just tickle it. Especially ones from Neo Klansmen clowns.

"I got it! Young one, you must think!"
"That voice... Citan!?"

“Remember how Elly and the Omnigear in Shevat responded?"
“...No. That happened in an off-screen narration! I mean...why would you reference that?! Who DOES that?!”

"Margie probably moved it through the same means. Young one, try and envision the Gear moving. Then the Gear should react to the image in your head."
”Or you could just leave it to Margie to pilot, since she’s clearly already got a handle on it.”
“Like hell! Alright. Thinking! I can do that!”

"Now that I goes!"

Music: Steel Giant

And so via the power of thought, Bart takes control of his shiny new Omnigear: Andvari. Which is apparently named after a dwarf from Norse Mythology that lived underneath a waterfall and had the power to change himself into a fish at will. Sure, why not?

Shakhan and his goons all immediately go into “well fuck that noise” mode and turn tail out of the Omnigear hangar. Unfortunately, Bart is too busy making his new Gear pose and didn’t think to just insta-gib Shakhan right here and now and save everyone from an inevitable future boss battle.

But, Prince Fatima cannot turn down the chance to try out his new toy and goes to beat the piss out of a few Neo Etone stragglers. Also Fei and Billy’s Gears got here assist in the battle. Andvari leaps well to the front of being the best Gear in the party, causing this battle to be rather one-sided. Kind of strange for someone other than the main character to get the first major giant robot upgrade. But Andvari looks pretty sweet, so I’m not complaining much.

Sadly, Brigandier was called back to its home planet upon Bart’s upgrade to Andvari.*

After the brief battle...

"Hey! You're not gettin' away!"

Shakhan immediately gets away.

"Young one, please wait! Is Margie going to be all right?"
"Uh... oh yeah! “

Bart gets up to check on his cousin...

“Hey, Margie... you OK? Margie! Margie, wake up!! Margie!!"

Some time later...

Music: Shattering Egg of Dreams

“Later, when we return to the city, we should have it looked over thoroughly."
”Hey doc, where did you learn first aid from?”
“...Med school. Where else?”
“Oh yeah. Duh. With all the other things you learned there, I forgot you actually practiced medicine.”

"Good... I'm glad. When she passed out I thought the worst."
"...How ya feelin'?"
”Like I just got shot in the leg and lost several pints of blood. But other than that...”
"...Okay. You know, when I passed out, I still heard your voice. For some strange reason...your cries reached me. That's why I thought I had to help you..."
”I think that is less a mysterious happening and more that you didn’t quite fully faint yet.”
*looks downward* "... Oh. We were fighting together, weren't we? You protected me."
*looks at Andvari* "But, is this really the legendary Gear in the scroll of our founding nation?"

Gee, I don’t know Bart...

“...Except maybe it's a little more powerful."
”And, ya know, the whole psychic connection piloting thing. That’s new. Weird that it has the same whip weapons my Brigandier has. I had those things custom installed.”
“You ought to know that whip use is a genetic trait.”
“Ah right. The infamous Belmont Gene. I should have known.”

"Perhaps... The controls, output and weapons are similar and adjust to the strength of the pilot's mental waves. If so, the pilot must be skilled at mentally merging with the Gear to gain its true power. Marguerite was able to move the Gear through her strong desire to help you. It was her strength that moved it."
"Meaning, I'd have to get used to it?"
"That would be the case."
”Alternatively, you could just let Marguerite pilot it. She is just as entitled to the Fatima treasure as yourself, no?”
“Yup. Just gonna have to get used to it is all...”

"Ergh. I already went through a lot of trouble getting it..."
"Do not be discouraged. We now know that these Omnigears were used in the battle between the land and Solaris. Even now, the 'Ethos' and Solaris are seeking the Omnigears. At least, this one did not fall into their hands. Eventually, you will be able to unleash its power. Let us hope you use it for the right reasons."

”Yeah, yeah. Alright. Let’s get this thing back to the Yggdrasil. It needs a sweet eyepatch stat!”

Andvari Concept Art Front

Andvari Concept Art Back

* Brigandier died on the way to its home planet.