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Part 93: Episode XC: Solaris’ Map Hack

Episode XC: Solaris’ Map Hack

Dammit, Billy. You’re the guns guy. That’s your thing! You’re not even a priest anymore since your religion went tits up. All you have now is shooting things! How did you miss?! How?!

"Billy, we cannot hold out much longer. If you miss this one, it is over. Aim well."

Meanwhile...Music: Knight of Fire

"Damn, we blew it."
”I told you he’d miss. I don’t know what you were worrying about.”
"How long will it hold?... I'm going!"
”Huh...? Wait, what?! You’re fighting us again?! We JUST beat you!”
“That was just a warm up! Time for the main event.”
“Oh BS!”

So yeah. They’re making us immediately re-fight the Elements. They’ve magically fully healed between cutscenes, while our party is in the same shape as they were at the end of the previous battle.

Yeah. That’s what I have to say to that bullshit.

After the padding battle...

“Don't worry about it.”
”I’m sure that shot just harmlessly hit the ocean somewhere and not a major population center. You PROBABLY didn’t just kill a load of innocent people. Probably....”

"They are back."
”Ugh. You get one mulligan, kid. If I have to fight these jerks a third time, I’m coming down there and doing the cannon firing myself!”

Why didn’t they just make us fight one of the Elements and then have a second one show up for round two? Or...anything. Who copies and pastes a boss fight literally right after you fight it? Twice.

After the second battle...

Get it right or it is Team Rico for you, Billy! Don’t think I won’t bench you forever.

"... Taste...!!"
"I thought I told you to shut up!"
”I had a great one liner and everything. God. Why do I always get teamed up with you?”
“Cuz I’m the team leader and I like hanging out with you.”
“Ugh. You’re lucky the commander has a thing for bunny girls...”

Billy once more curves a plasma shot across the planet. No doubt startling an elderly driver, causing him to careen into a lamp post.

And against all odds, Citan’s retarded laser bounce actually works. Now the question is did the doctor properly aim it at the Vatican.

And Operation: Vatican Basement Bomber is a success! We will all just ignore how the hell Citan knew to aim for the ground several miles west of the actual Ethos HQ.

At least Dr. Uzuki seems pleased with himself.

”I am...genuinely shocked that pulled through.”
“I’m genuinely shocked we are still alive.”

"Damn... Too late..."
"What should we do, Dominia?"
*runs away* "We'll continue this later! Let's go, Kelvena!"
"Elly, I didn't want to be your enemy... But since our motives are different, I guess there was no choice. We'll meet again. And settle things at that time."
”Did you go to college with her too?”
“Just that popular, huh? Hey, what’s her deal? Is she like...blind or something?”
“No. She just closes her eyes when she’s concentrating. She’s psychic or something. I forget. Who cares?”
“Your Solaris friends are weird.”
“I think the ‘Solaris’ adjective is unnecessary...”

Some time later...Music: Leftover Dreams of the Strong

"The problem is its location."
"But Queen Zephyr said there are three on earth, and one in Solaris..."
"According to Shakhan’s report, each gate is placed in a triangle around Solaris..."
"Let us look at the map given by the Queen, which describes the area before the gates were placed."
”When did she give us that?”
“Around the same time that Omnigear reacted to Elly’s presence.”
“Yeah, I honestly do not recall that happening to me.”
“You all would do well to take head of off-screen narrations in the future.”
“Pfft. How much is that gonna come up?”

“The Gates should be set up somewhere here on this map.”
”Huh? Solaris is hiding entire continents?! Why?!”
“They’ve got a bunch of summer resorts and ski-lodges they don’t want Lambs moving near and lowering the real estate value.”

"North or south, huh... Well, at least we have even chances of guessing which."

"That would be difficult. I doubt they expected the 2nd gate to be destroyed. So I'm sure they'll be serious next time. We'd better plan it carefully but quickly."
”Hello. Airship! I think we can check both out pretty quick...”
"In any case, we will not be able to avoid Gebler's interference, will we?"
"Doc, Elly, where exactly is Solaris located?"
"There is only a map of Solaris in Solaris. I didn't even know the area of this land until I arrived here."
"Even in Gebler?"
*nods* "The relations with earth are only revealed to commanders."
”Alright. So we wait for Ramsus to show up and fight me again, since it’s become like a weekly thing, and then we just beat him up and steal his map. Sounds easy enough.”
"If that's the case, even Billy's father may not know it."
*shakes head* "Jesiah left there in the middle of it."
”Besides, my father had about a bottle and a half of whiskey in him when he took us from Solaris. I doubt he remembers much about that trip to begin with.”

“...and did not have the time to look out the window. On top of that, when going through the gate from Solaris, we transferred to other places by using the environmental plane between each gate. Remember when we made contact with the Kislev gate in the Goliath? The same thing happens and we lose all sense of where we were before."
”What are you talking about? ...That never happened.”
“Yeah, you just made that up.”
“You all must have been too preoccupied with battle Grahf to notice.”
“Nope. Not buying it, doc.”

"Even if the gate divides the other space, can't you recognize its topography? Like mountains, jungles and so on?"
"... I don't think there were mountains. More like we were surrounded by the ocean..."
"Ocean... Then it can't be the north? This is the pole. It's all covered with snow."

“The center of the triangle is only the ocean. If the gates are placed in the highest point in the north, the center will be the continent. Hence, it coincides with Elly's story."
"You may be right."
*shakes head* "Wait a minute. There shouldn't be any facility over the ocean."
"Then, underwater?"
*nods* "Hmm... But the whole area around here is deep. If it exists, it must be deep down."

"You're crazy! It is a submarine but not a bathyscaphe. It isn't made for deep sea exploration. The water pressure would crush us instantaneously."
”Besides, it’s an airship now. We can’t go back to being a submarine. That’d be totally lame.”
"We have a problem..."
"We may be able to use the bathyscaphes or Gears used by the Salvagers..."
"'Salvager'? Right! That's it! The captain of the Thames must have tons of them. He owes us from last time. Let's go to the Thames."
"It may be our best choice for now. Shall we go to the Thames?"
”Heck yeah! Beer Hall here we come!”

“Ramsus, he couldn't defend it...”
“What is the purpose of his existence...”
“Once 'trash', always 'trash'. How much can one really expect?”
“However, it must not be aligned before the 'Animus' data is retrieved.”
“You are right. There is a higher probability of not getting the proper type.”
“As it was in the past...”
“We can't allow the lambs to go free yet.”
"Who cares about the gate anyways."

Krelian busts in on the SOL-9000 crew’s bickering session...

“This can't be. The panic has spread to Etrenank.”
*shakes head* "Those fools we call citizens are easily manipulated by the Emperor's words alone."
“You think Cain will be receptive?”
“His body's already at the limit, he can't hold out much more...”
"As usual a clone may be used. Those fools won't know the difference. And even if the barrier fails, it still will not be like the disaster before. Anyhow... if I recall, there's some very intriguing data on that memory cube."
“And what is that?”
"The 'mother'."
“The 'mother'?”
"Indeed. It is probable that the 'mother' exists among the Lambs."
“Are you telling us our 'mother' is somewhere else? Why didn't we notice that sooner...?”
"The sign of the 'mother'... Her persona, only appears after she reaches a certain age... There is also a high probability that she transmigrated into the 'Antitype'."
“The 'Antitype'... That woman from Nisan...?”
*folds arms* "Here... I would like to use that nanotechnology product, 'Emeralda'."
“What you retrieved from the Thames? Why?”
*shakes head* "To be sure. As 'mother' says, that nanomachine colony... that artificial organism, was a creation between the 'Contact' and the 'Antitype' 4000 years ago."
“The 'mother's' memory...”
"Yes, that is it. We can probably attain some kind of reaction. But even if we obtain no reaction, and if 'Emeralda' is destroyed, I've already gathered all the data I need. Any loss of it will have no consequence to the plan."

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