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Part 15: The Thames


The Thames

Elly: Good morning Fei. You're up early.
Fei: No time for formalities. Look at that!
Elly: Huh?

First Mate: On top of that, you were with two Gears. That's unheard of.
Elly: Thanks. You helped us out.
First Mate: You'd better thank the Captain. The one who gave the order for us to pull you two floaters out was the Captain o' the Thames.
Fei: Thames? Captain?
First Mate: The Thames, the city at sea. That is where you are now. The captain here is a bit of a strange old chap. You'll see when you meet him. That's not to say he's a bad old blighter.
Elly: Um, what about our Gears?
First Mate: Don't worry about it. We put them inside the Thames through the supply dock. Sea water got inside so it'll take some time to fix.
Fei: You're repairing them for us?
First Mate: Pretty strange for us to be so nice. I bet that's what you're thinking. But really, we had no choice because it's the Captain's orders. Well, I have to go now. I'm a busy guy, y'know! Come to the bridge after you've looked around the ship a while. I'm sure the Captain would want to meet you.

The First Mate leaves

Elly: Fei, what's wrong?

Fei: I feel like I've seen that guy somewhere before, nevermind. 'Cause all dolphinmen look the same, racist

We'll see the captain in a sec

There are a four hidden chests in one part of the ship, the best one involves jumping off of this drunks head to nudge it off a moving platform

No, this kid doesn't want to show me his penis, he wants to play a card game

It's essentially Speed, or Spit depending on where you're from.

Anyway, there are three people to play in the game, each gives you a decent item. The last one, Queenie, is retarded fast. My play went like this

Shit! Tie...

Fucking tie...


Fucking finally

Alright, let's see what the captain wants

Fei and Elly take the nutty screw elevator to the bridge

Hey, it's that dolphin guy

The captain it a totally awesome walrus, who is also an insane drunk.

Fei: I don't really like wandering around.
Captain: Gahahahaha. Well, don't take it badly. For us, anything we pull out of the sea is treasure. And you're a really big important treasure. We are really careful.
Elly: Um, thanks for helping.
Captain: What a pretty lady. Oh, don't make that face. I won't bite. I'll return your Gears to you squeaky clean.
Elly: Why are you being so kind?
Captain: That's because... I am! a man! of the sea!
[i}He punctuates each bit of the phrase by spinning around [/i]
Fei: ...
Elly: ...
Captain: Gahahaha! You're probably starved. I'll get you some food. Haaaaaaaaaaaaans! I'll welcome the guests! You take care of the rest.
Hans: Yes sir. Just don't overdo it.
Captain: Of course I know that. How can you be so calm?
Hans: The captain and everyone are so irresponsible.
Captain: Hmph, yeah yeah. Lemme' go and get things ready.

The Captain exits

Fei: What? Who's that?
Elly: They don't look like such bad people.

They head to the beer hall to meet the captain

Captain: Took you a while, but things aren't ready yet. Hey, hurry it up! Don't make our guests wait. Sorry, there's no place to sit around here. But isn't the view just splendid from here? This beer hall is Thames' pride. You probably think it's a wee bit peculiar having a beer hall right next to the bridge, but 'tis fine by me. If you don't take time in life to enjoy a drink, you will be swallowed by the waves of anxiety...

Fei: Are you always wandering the sea like this?
Captain: Well, normally. There is that crane that fished you out. We use that or the Gears to pull up treasure from the sea. We're salvagers. Recently, however, there has been almost no treasure, just little things. Since we started the big job, well, that's all we've had.
Elly: Big job?
Captain: Oh, that's a job for the 'Ethos'. The 'Ethos' is planning a really big salvage next. I don't know the details but, looks like we'll be searching for some buried treasure.
Fei: Why is the 'Ethos' involved?
Captain: Who knows, but, we're dependant on the 'Ethos' to buy our stuff. So, it won't look good if we turn the job down. Well, dinner's finally ready. Let's eat.

While this is going on the view shifts underwater

Blue Haired Woman: That's not it. This type, it matches with the Aveh pirate ship, Yggdrasil.
Dominia: Yggdrasil? Wasn't she sunk in another battle?
Blue Haired Woman: There's no record of its sinking. We were too busy fighting that Red Gear to try and confirm it.
Dominia: Then, there is a chance that it did not sink; I believe the data shows the Yggdrasil was the carrier for that Gear.
Blue Haired Woman: One moment. Yes, that is correct.
Dominia: Excellent. Give me the controls.
Blue Haired Woman: Excellent? What are you planning on doing?
Dominia: Sink it of course. She will never trouble the Commander again.
Blue Haired Woman: Wait. The Commander's orders were to investigate the disappearance of that flying battleship. We can't deviate from our mission. Besides, we are low on fuel and need to refuel.
Dominia: We have enough. I'll take her down.
Blue Haired Woman: ...Groan... Once you start, there is no stopping you is there? I hope you know that fighting in the water is totally different than fighting on land.
Dominia: Of course. Sorry, Kelvena. [Kelvena is also an Element[/i]

Back on the Thames

Elly: I know you haven't eaten for a while, but how can you eat so much?
Captain: Gah ha ha ha ha! This is great, this is great. I like how you eat. You weren't drifting around for nuthin.' Men have! Courage! And have Appetites!
Fei: ...
Elly: ...
Captain: Gah ha hah!

The Thames shakes

Elly: Did we just shake?
Fei: You're just imagining it.
Elly: I don't think so!
Man: Captain, your first mate is calling you.
Captain: Got it. I'm on the way. Looks like something's up. Sorry, but I have to return to the bridge. But please, enjoy yourselves.

The captain leaves

Fei: Elly, is that a water spout?
Elly: It's too far. I can't see very well. But it looks like a battle!
Fei: Let's go to the bridge too.
Elly: Okay.

They head to the bridge

Captain: Hey Hans, I haven't fired the big gun in a long time. How about we take a shot or two?
Hans: Are you kidding? Why get the Thames involved in a fight between sides who are neither enemies nor allies? And that big gun is nothing but a useless piece of junk you tacked onto the Thames in a drunken stupor!
Captain: You just don't understand the code of the men of the sea...
Fei: What are you doing?
Captain: It seems like a submarine is under attack.
Fei: Submarine?

Fei: Hey, that's--! That ship!
Elly: What? What's wrong?
Fei: That's the Yggdrasil!
Elly: Isn't that Bart's ship?
Fei: Yeah. He's still alive. Alright! We can't just sit here! Let's go!
Elly: Go where?
Fei: To help, what else.
Elly: Without a Gear?
Fei: Hmm...
Captain: Hold yer horses. Dock, this is the bridge! How are our guests' Gears?
Man: The repairs will be done shortly.
Captain: Two minutes.
Man: Huh?
Captain: Finish in two minutes! Then take them out through the supply entrance to the dock!
Man: Y, yessir!
Captain: Your Gears are being moved to the dock. Go get' em. If you need to you can buy equipment at the supply entrance shop.
Hans: What are you saying Captain? What if we get bombed while we're caught up in the middle of a fight?
Captain: Be quiet! Our guests are trying to save their friends. Don't get in the way! If we don't help, it'll tarnish the men of the sea's good name!
Hans: Yessir. But the Thames itself will not join in any fights.
Fei: Thanks. That's more that enough.

Fei and Elly get their gears

Fei: Okay, let's go!
Elly: W-wait!

Citan and Rico are on top of the Yggdrasil in their gears

Rico: Oh come on, Citan. Just when I thought we were saved, now we're gonna' be turned into swiss cheese.
Citan: We are not particularly helping much are we? !

Fei and Elly arrive.

Citan: Fei! Elly! You are alright.
Elly: Somehow.
Rico: This is no time for tearful reunions.
Fei: Yeah, where's Bart?
Citan: He is fighting down below. He said he was going to hold them back until the depth charges were ready. But he left without the proper hydropreps. We are busy trying to ready the depth charges. Your Gears should be able to handle underwater to some extent. Go help him out.
Fei: Got it. Elly, let's go.

They jump in, meanwhile below

Fei and Elly show up

Fei: Looks like you're having a tough fight, Bart.
Bart: Fei!? You're alive!?
Fei: Hey, that's my line.
Elly: What about that Gear?
Dominia: Elhaym! What are you doing here?
Elly: Dominia? Why are you here?
Dominia: Why? We Gebler need no special reasons to sink an enemy ship! It is our divine duty to rule those crass land dwelling Lambs.
Elly: But why? How are they different from us Shepherds, the -Abel-?
Dominia: To me -Lambs- and -Abel- are the same. The only definite difference is personal ability. The ignorant must be led by the wise. That is our job. Look what you've gained as an Element, Elly. Why do you even question? Your superiority is obvious!
Elly: So the wise harming the weak is a sign of ability? I didn't want that, that's all!
Fei: Elly, are you alright?
Dominia: That Gear, you're the one? Hah! So that's how it is. How amusing. Elhaym. All this for a man? I guess that story was true after all. You were born of those lowly Lambs.
Elly: Stop! Don't say another word!
Dominia: Hmph, what are you going to do about it, mongrel!? Are you going to use the power you used in that incident on me now? Go ahead. Show me. Show me your true power!
Elly: I will. If you Gebler are wise, then I'd rather be a fool!
Dominia: Then so be it. Then you shall be dealt with as the traitor you are. Come on Elhaym! Show me your true self!!

We fight, unfortunately for the Haishao, Fei and Elly have D circuits out the ass so they're taking 3-5 turns for every one Dominia gets. The battle paused

Sigurd: Young master! Depth charges will be dropped! Please stand back!

Is it just me, or is the Yggdrasil airborne in this shot?

Dominia: Hyah! That was nothing! Come on, come on!
Kelvena: Enough already! Dominia! Retreat!
Dominia: Tch! I was so close, but don't think I'll be leaving empty-handed, now!

Haishao attacks Vierge who takes it like a bitch for no apparent reason.

Elly: Wh-what!? AAAAAAAHHHHHH!

The Haishao grabs Vierge and runs off

Fei: Elly!

Back on the surface

Citan: Fei, where is Elly?
Fei: The enemy took her.
Bart: Heh, I doubt that.
Fei: Bart, what do you mean!
Citan: Stop it! Fei! This is no time for bickering. For now, we must find a place to finish repairing the Yggdrasil.
Fei: Don't worry. The ship that saved us is nearby. They call it the Thames, and it's about the size of a small city. Their captain can help us.

As they approach

Rico: That's the Thames?

The Yggdrasil dicks at the Thames

Bart: Sorry about what I said earlier.
Fei: It's alright. I was at fault too. I haven't seen you in such a long time. We shouldn't be fighting.
Bart: Sigh, the Yggdrasil II was constructed so quickly we had no time to ready its depth charges. Also it was my fault we didn't have depth charges because I prioritized the Bart Missiles over everything else.
Fei: Bart Missiles?
Bart: Nevermind they aren't that great anyway.
Fei: Anyway, I'm glad you're okay. I always knew that you'd be alive.
Bart: Of course. I'm Bart the Immortal. Whaddya' trying to say? But this time I got rammed by a red Gear monster.
Fei: A red Gear?
Bart: Yeah. He beat me and then left us to sink into the sand. But this next part sounds wild. We sank into this huge cave under the sand! And then a sand cruiser just like the Yggdrasil was there! We replaced the parts and the bridge and remodeled it.
Citan: Frankly, I do not believe it myself. It looks the same but it can float. Most likely the Yggdrasil's prototype.
Bart: People lived there long ago and they had many weapons. That's how we got them.
Citan: Bart already showed me. Those weapons are most likely from Shevat.
Fei: Shevat, you mean the aerial...
Bart: More importantly, we should go say 'ahoy' to the Captain.
Fei: Yeah.
Bart: I didn't want to get her involved.
Fei: You mean Margie, sorry, I know I promised that if anything happened, I would protect Margie and the people of Nisan.
Bart: You're worried about that? It's okay. You've had it tough too. I made it okay. That's my job. When the Yggdrasil's fixed, I'm going to stare right ahead. Of course I know Nisan's in danger. But since everything's messed up there, I thought now would be a good time to sneak in there. I didn't plan on taking her along. As long as I knew she was safe there.
Citan: But I certainly doubt Shakhan will just stand by and do nothing.
Bart: That's what the people at her Sect said too. But it's still risky, so they say they want me to stay close to her and protect her.
Fei: Really, and you're okay with that?
Bart: Yeah.

On the Bridge

Ok, captain, that was kinda' creepy.

Bart: I'm Bart. Thanks for letting my ship dock here.
Captain: Gahahahaha! That's great. You come to ask about the ship?
Bart: My submarine, Yggdrasil, was damaged by an enemy attack, it'll be out of operation for a little while.

Margie comes in

Bart: Aw, Margie? Just when I'm starting to sound like a captain.
Margie: I get away from Nisan but then I'm stuck on the Yggdrasil. I'm sick of it. Captain? Hi, I'm Marguerite.
Bart: Aww, man! Look, we're having a man-to-man talk here. So Margie, why don't you go back to the Yggdrasil.
Margie: You're terrible! You're starting to sound like Sig.
Bart: What! Me, like Sig?
Margie: You're always so thoughless, Bart. Fei and the others were floating around because you fired on that craft impulsively.
Fei: No, you didn't...
Citan: It is true, Fei.
Bart: Couldn't be helped. How could I have known you were...
Fei: I'm so disgusted, I don't have anything to say.
Bart: Don't get so mad. Tch. I shouldn't have brought you out of Nisan.
Margie: I heard that, you big jerk!
Captain: Gahahahahaha! Great, great! It's great to be young. Hey, kiddo. You supposed to be some kinda pirate?
Bart: Oh yeah. A man of the sea. I was a man of the desert but...
Captain: Alright! Even better. Yes, men of the sea! Bart, right? I'll show you to our famous beer hall. My lady, may I borrow this fellow?

Bart and the Captain leave

Margie: What a weird guy. Fei, are you mad about Bart?
Fei: No, that's not it...
Margie: About Elly then?
Fei: Yeah.
Margie: It'll all be okay. If you're so worried, why don't you rescue her? Just like Bart helped me out
Fei: ...


Dominia slaps Elly

Dominia: Cease your naive utterances!
Elly: I've said nothing wrong!

Dominia: Your traitorous actions are already apparent! I will beat you down right here!
Voice: Stop at once.

Miang walks in

Miang: Are you okay?
Dominia: Miang! What are you doing? She is a traitor!
Miang: Such acts will not be allowed on a ship under Ramsus' command, no matter the reason! I have examined the records of the battle between the Haishao and Vierge. From what I can tell, it was you who attacked first, wasn't it? She had no choice but to defend herself after you took it upon yourself to attack without permission. Above all, you were meant to be under Kelvena's command. Were you obeying Kelvena's orders?
Dominia: ...
Miang: You are not to prosecute any soldier for treason without proper authority. Even if you are both Elements. Further, isn't your attitude toward the Lieutenant, nothing more than your own personal prejudice? Or am I mistaken?
Dominia: What!? I would never!
Miang: Thus far, we still cannot determine whether or not she is guilty of treason. To investigate the truth of this matter further, I am placing the lieutenant under my supervision. Is that clear?
Dominia: How dare you! By what authority!?

Miang's eyes glow, the screen flashes blue

Dominia: What!?
Miang: Let's go.

Miang and Elly leave

Dominia: Wha-what was that? Those eyes...

Elly and Miang are alone in a room

Miang: I see, so that's what was going on.
Elly: ...
Miang: Since I have other matters to attend to, would you mind staying here for a while?
Elly: Not at all.
Miang: You do not have to worry about a thing. Leave the rest to me. What you need is to recover from your fatigue.

Miang's eyes glow

In everything I've seen Elly's eyes are actually purple

Elly: Uh, excuse me?
Miang: Your eyes, they're beautiful. \
Elly: What?

Miang leaves and goes to the bridge

Miang: Here is the engagement report between Haishao and the enemy Gear.
Ramsus: This is the...!
Miang: I'm sure of it. It's currently at the Thames. If not, somewhere in the ocean nearby.
Ramsus: Change course! Head for Thames...
Miang: Wait. Their mother ship Yggdrasil seems to be able to submerge. If they submerge, they'll have the upper hand on Haishao. Any attack we might make would be wasted since they could simply dive. But if we eliminate that function first, it's still not too late. I've already made the proper 'arrangements'.
Ramsus: Arrangements?
Miang: Yes, sir.
Ramsus: All right. We'll try it your way.
Miang: Thank you, Commander.
Ramsus: By the way, what happened between you and Dominia? She was livid.
Miang: I'm sorry. It had to do with that Yggdrasil incident earlier. Those girls work hard. Especially for you, it's my job to be hated.

Vierge leaves the ship

On the Yggdrasil

Sigurd: Would it be too much to ask you to go and call him for me?
Fei: No problem! He's probably wining and dining with the Captain of the Thames.

Fei heads to the Thames' beer hall

Bart: slam, bam, crash! That's how it happened...
Fei: Hey, Bart, Sigurd was asking about you.
Captain: Gahahahah!
Bart: Wah ha ha ha!

They do the men of the see thing together

Man: Captain, your first mate is calling you.
Captain: Oi, he's interrupting our men of the sea story. That Hans, he's such an unrefined chap. What does he want now?
Man: Our lady seems to have returned.
Fei: Our lady? Oh, you mean Elly!
Captain: Fool! Why didn't you tell me earlier.
Man: Well...
Fei: Well, let's go.

They go to the bridge

Fei: Where's Elly?
Hans: She's seeing to the Gear. She will be along any time now.
Bart: You mean she was able to escape?
Captain: Well it's good for you. Right, Fei? \
Fei: Ah, yeah.

Elly enters

Fei: Elly, are you okay?
Elly: Yeah.
Bart: ...
Elly: What's that submarine?
Fei: Oh, you mean the Yggdrasil? It took a bad bashing, so now it's here, at Thames for repairs.
Elly: I see, can I rest a while? I'm exhausted.
Fei: That's a good idea.
Bart: Fei, it's my ship.
Captain: Oi, oi, she said she's tired. Let her rest.
Elly: Well, I'm going.

She leaves.

Bart: I don't like this.
Fei: Bart, you're still...
Bart: It's not like that. She won't backstab us. I was raised around thugs and charlatans. I can tell by looking in her eyes.
Fei: Then you accept Elly?
Bart: That's why I can't. She may be okay with it, but what about her family back home? Do you think she can live with that? Can she do that? Just get rid of her family? She has to decide. She, Elly, is probably worrying about that. We can't involve people who have attachments.
Fei: Bart...
Bart: Hmph, well do whatever you want.

Elly is in the engine room of the Yggdrasil

The dog barks

Mechanic: Whaaat's up? Martle? Eh? Huh? Hey, Miss. I heard you got caught. Are you okay? Easy, Martle! It's just the Solarian girl. You don't need to bark!
Elly: It's an animal, so it can't help it. By the way, the first mate wants to see you.
Mechanic: Oh? Oh, I see. Sorry.

He leaves

Elly presses some buttons

I assume these are like fuel rods for a nuclear reactor

Fei and Bart enter

Fei: Elly!
Elly: ...
Fei: ...?

Fei: Elly!
Bart: I knew it all along! This moll's a mole! awful pun

Bart struggles at the computer

Bart: Damn it ! What the hell did she do!? What am I gonna' do!

Citan enters

Fei: Doc! What is this...
Citan: Wait! Do not worry about her. Stopping this is our priority.

Citan fixes it
Citan: There, how is this? She was given some strong hypnotism that makes a person behave in a pre-programmed way. A special condition serves as a switch to act, but until then no strange behavior can be detected. She looked strange when coming out of the medical room, so I followed her.
Bart: Citan, if you thought it was suspicious, you shoulda' stopped her.
Citan: Well, if you forcibly stop the behavior while imprinting, occasionally it destroys the mind, cut it is true that I reacted a little late...

The mechanic comes back

Man: Wha-what's going on! Young master, have you done it again?
Citan: It may take a while to fix it, anyhow, we will take her to the medical room first.
Fei, go to the room when you are done here. No need to worry. The hypnotist must have been a good one. There are no mental scars.

Elly wakes up

Fei: Elly...

Sigurd enters

Sigurd: Young master, the radar has picked up a huge Gear! It's headed right for us!
Bart: What!? Them again!
Sigurd: That shape looks like--!
Bart: Alright! I owe so much to the Thames. I can't let it turn into a battlefield. Launch the Yggdrasil immediately! We'll go out in our Gears!
Sigurd: Yes, sir!
Bart: Fei, Citan, I'm counting on you!
Elly: Wait!
Citan: Elly should rest here. We will...
Elly: Wait! Because I came here this all happened. This is my responsibility! So, so let me go too!
Fei: Elly...
Bart: What the hell are you talking about? Don't you remember what you just did?
Citan: Young one! Elly, our trust in you depends on this battle. For your honor, you should fight!
Bart: But Citan! I--!
Citan: Young one, please trust Elly this time. Elly, if you try anything suspicious, I will be the one to shoot you. Is that clear?
Elly: Yes.
Citan: Is that okay with you, young one?
Bart: Alright. Fei, Elly, let's go!
Elly: Yes!
Fei: Yeah!

Dominia approaches the Yggdrasil

Dominia: If you hadn't been around... I'll never forgive you, you TRAITOR!!

Bart, Fei and Elly walk onto the top of the Yggdrasil

Bart: Here they come!
Elly: Hey, that's...

Dominia's Bladegash is pretty weak compared to the Haishao, she goes down without any trouble

Bart: Whew. She doesn't know when to quit.

Elly: Wh-what?
Fei: Below!

Fei jumps down

Bart: Is it what I think it is?

Bart enters the ocean

Elly: ...

Elly follows

Miang: Yes, he's in the black Gear in the center over there.
Ramsus: Right. I've got him! I have been looking for you! My arch rival!
Fei: Uh! You again!?
Ramsus: I see you have a different machine, so what happened to your 'other Gear'?
Fei: What are you talking about?
Ramsus: Not to matter, at any rate, until I eliminate you, there will never be any 'light' for me!

It's pretty much the same fight as before except that Miang can heal Ramsus and he has an attack called Nereid Cyclone that hits the whole party for 15-25% of their max HP (depending on the gear), but I beat him before I ever saw it.

Ramsus: Tch! Is that all you have to give! Well too bad! No matter what, I can't let you live!

The Haishao goes apeshit on Weltall the same way it did on Vierge Yet again my guys just take it in the mouth.

Fei: Uuaaaaaaah!

Ramsus: And now for the coup de grace!
Elly: Fei!

Ramsus: Wh-what!? Aerods? Who the-! Uuuooohhhhh! Tch! My main tank, I almost had him! Dammit! We have to retreat, Miang!
Elly: Fei!

Ramsus and Miang flee, my guys bring Fei back, but he's all unconscious. The take him to the Thames infirmary

Doctor: I don't know, but for now he's on life support.
Citan: You mean, he will be alright?
Doctor: I guarantee nothing. I don't know why he's like this in the first place.
Bart: ...
Elly: My fault? I...
Doctor: There is hope, at the infirmary in the 'Ethos' headquarters.
Elly: Fei, can you save Fei?!
Doctor: I cannot guarantee it. But if we were to take him to the 'Ethos' headquarters hospital...
Elly: Then we could save him?
Doctor: I think then that he would most probably pull through alright. But unfortunately ordinary citizens are only allowed into the main hall at the 'Ethos' headquarters. You would have to become a monk, or be introduced by someone in the 'Ethos'.
Elly: ...
Doctor: Ah, I just remembered. I heard that the Etone, 'atoners of sin'- are coming to Thames from the 'Ethos' H.Q.
Citan: What purpose do such Etone from the 'Ethos' have here?
Doctor: They're coming here to do some type of investigation.
Bart: Etone, what are they?
Doctor: They are religious people for the 'Ethos' who cleanse away the 'Reapers' or -Wels- that appear here in Aquvy.
Elly: So why don't we ask them?
Doctor: I'll ask them if they can help us, but I don't know if they will. I guess there is no harm in asking though.
Elly: Alright. Let's go look for them.
Citan: I will go with Fei and the life support machines to the Yggdrasil. Bart and Elly, you two go look for the Etone.
Bart: Right.

Note: I tried to add a table of contents to the initial post, but I can't get it to stay on the right posts. I'll jump to my post, but then the pages loads more and pushes it away. Anyone know how to fix this?

Also, I forgot to mention it back at Nortune, but it seems a lot of people don't know about it. In the Kaiser's room there is a metronome. You can play a mini-game with it where you try to stop it. You get more G the more times in a row you get, but it's a pretty crappy mini-game.