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Part 16: Billy & The Wels' Ship

Billy & The Wels' Ship

Let's see what the captain can tell us of the Ethos

Captain: They left saying that they had to go investigate something. They might be on the deck near the supply entrance

Thanks captain! On the deck.

Margie is asking questions

Margie: Really? Where'd they go?
Man: I don't know

Our party enters

Bart: What're you doing Margie?
Margie: Hi, Bart. I just heard from Citan. I also was looking for that Etone. This person's seen that Etone before.
Bart: Really?
Voice: Hey, quit resisting!
Elly: Bart! Look!

Two men are cornering a white haired girl

Man 1: If you wouldn't resist I could sell you for more.
Elly: What are you doing?
Man 2: What the? Who are you?
Man 1: Instead of the brat why don't I sell you off?
Bart: What! You want some! Come get some ya' losers!
Man 2: You think you're really all that!?

Someone fires a shot

Man 1: Wha--!
Man 2: What the?

A man in a brown coat carrying a gun walks in.

Man 2: You! What're you doing?
Man 1: Wait, this guy is...
Man 2: Oh no... Jesiah!! Damn, I'll remember this.

They run away, Jesiah aims his gun at the back of Elly's head

Bart: What do you think you're doing?
Jesiah: Don't move.
Margie: Wa-wait.
Jesiah: Shut up, you dog of Solaris.
Elly: ...
Citan: Wait! A carbine rifle, that gun technique, you must be Jesiah. No Jesiah, you are misunderstood. You always rush into things. She was only helping the girl.
Jesiah: What? Butt-kissin' talker, is that you Hyuga?!
Girl: ...
Jesiah: Yeah, yeah, I know Primera. My misunderstanding. Sorry, young lady. Please, stand up. Looks like you were just trying to help. That's what she says. Sorry about the misunderstanding. This is Primera, my daughter. I am... call me Jessie. It's enough that the little brats call me Jesiah.
Primera: ...
Elly: ?
Jessie: She says thank you. Something happened to her and she hasn't spoken since then.
Citan: Is this the girl that brought about your shotgun wedding?
Jessie: That's a damn rude thing to ask! Look at how old she is. Prim is my second child. That other kid is already 16.
Citan: Please excuse me. How is your wife?
Jessie: She's dead. I wasn't even there for her when she died.
Citan: I see... What are you doing here?
Jessie: I have to go shopping sometime. Besides my son has some unsavory business in this area.
Man: Ah, that Etone you were searching for has just arrived.
Bart: What! Where?

The Doctor arrives with said Etone

Doctor: ...... is the reason why, so somehow, we need your help.

Etone: Fa-father? And Prim too?
Jessie: This is my son Billy.
Billy: Where have you been until now? Things are pretty serious at the headquarters.
Jessie: What do you mean serious? What's wrong with going shopping with my daughter?
Billy: I don't know the details but you have been labeled as an undesirable element. What did you do this time? Fight? Gamble? Go after someone's wife again?
Jessie: Hmph, that's just a rumor about me. A rumor. Don't you believe that. Ever since you went into the 'Ethos' you've become such a stiff.
Billy: ...
Jessie: This lady prevented Primera from getting kidnapped. Why don't you just help out?
Elly: Well, can we get an introduction to the 'Ethos' then?
Billy: Oh yes, please excuse my rudeness. I didn't know you saved my sister. Let me contact the medical department at my headquarters. I have other matters I must attend to, considering I am not only a priest but also an Etone, so I cannot make any promises.
Elly: Then you'll introduce us?
Billy: Yes. Let's stop by the 'Ethos' headquarters after this.
Margie: Hmm. A priest and an Etone at the same time, isn't that unusual? The 'Ethos' is obviously very different from my Nisan Sect.
Billy: Your Nisan Sect? Are you from Nisan?
Margie: Yep, I'm Marguerite. Nice to meet you Father.
Billy: The pleasure is mine. I've never had a proper chance to speak with to others about their religons. Can we talk later?
Margie: Sure, that's fine. But I can't take that much time. I'm a little busy now.
Billy: Thank you. Hmm. Margie? Where have I heard that name before?
Bart: Forget about it, relax, I came here to talk to the 'Ethos'. Let's get moving.
Billy: What an impolite fellow. You should learn how to speak a little more politely.
Bart: Why you!
Billy: Well everyone, I'll go tell the 'Ethos' that you're coming. When you've taken care of business here, please come by the 'Ethos'.
Bart: I know, I know. Let's go.
Jessie: Hey Billy, I have some business to take care of. If you're going back to the headquarters, can you take Prim back to the Brat house for me?
Billy: Alright. Let's go Prim.

Billy and Primera leave (I forgot to get a screen of Prim here, I'll throw one up later)

Jessie: Alright, well I've got to get going. Later Hyuga. I know I'll be seein' ya' around.
Citan: Uh, who knows.
Jessie: Well, what ever. See you ladies after.

Jessie leaves

Citan: He never changes, Sigurd said he would be done with the Yggdrasil soon.
Bart: What, really? Alright, this time we can really leave port.
Elly: Are we returning to Aveh?
Bart: Are you kidding? We gotta' take care of Fei first. That smart aleck kid said he'd introduce us to the 'Ethos'. So I gues I'll just have to go to the 'Ethos' headquarters then...
Elly: Thank you.
Bart: Why do I have to get thanked by you?
Margie: Heh, that's right, Elly.
Elly: Yes, you're right.

Before we leave we play cards with Big Joe who is talking up a lady. He yields a Long Dark Coat, one of the best pieces of armor for a while.

We have to go to the Ethos HQ; at this point we begin to get to the part of the game where we have a choice about which characters we take. In most areas this will yield minor differences in what's said. I'll generally take who I feel like, but if you know that a character has a particularly good piece of text in a certain place like why we're taking Rico to the orphanage in 20 minutes, or if it helps the back story  Like having Rico in your party when you fight Hammer  Throw it up in spoiler tags and I'll see if I can accommodate it. Also, if anyone knows thism, let me know. Are the lines of text determined by party composition or position in the party? I ask because I took Citan, Elly, and Rico to Ethos HQ, but when I took Elly, Citan, and Bart, Citan had the lines that Rico got (albeit slightly different lines). Does Rico trump Citan for line priority or is it determined by who is in what position? Since Xenogears levels inactive party members it's not a big deal. If it doesn't matter, expect to see a lot of Citan and Elly in the future since Citan is fast as hell and Elly can do over 3k damage for 4EP at the moment (in Vierge), and it'll only go up once I can buy more Power Magics.

Billy: I received permission to treat Fei so long as it is in the practice hall's infirmary. Let us 'Ethos' staff take care of the rest.
Elly: Please, take care of Fei for me.

A little time passes

Billy: The brothers from the 'Ethos' are looking after Fei in the infirmary. Let me take you there. Please follow me. This way.

We head through the hallway, Billy is accosted

Verlaine: Billy, I hear your father has been rather active again.
Billy: ...
Verlaine: It is said that there was an attack on an excavation site which injured many of my 'brothers' and workers. Well, you're such a fine Etone - destroying Reapers and proving the justice of the 'Ethos' to the world. But your father is...
Billy: We are father and son in blood only! I have nothing to do with that man!
Verlaine: Don't get me wrong. I don't suspect you, our good brother. I just wanted to inform you about your father.

Verlaine leaves

Billy: That father of mine, I wish he'd think about my position before acting.

The downstairs showcases the Ethos' advanced technology


Billy: How is he?
'Ethos' Doctor: The patient hasn't regained consciousness yet, but we see no abnormality with his brain. The low water temperature lowered his metabolism and saved him. One false step and he could've suffered from brain death.

Citan: That means...
'Ethos' Doctor: Yes, don't worry. However, we need to conduct more tests for a while. After that, he can be treated at your medical facilities.
Elly: Will Fei ever regain consciousness?
'Ethos' Doctor: The reason why he hasn't regained consciousness is physical exhaustion. He overworked himself. It'll probably take him a few more days, but don't worry, he'll wake up.
Elly: I'm sorry, Fei. I caused the engine room to lose control...
Rico: At the time, you were hypnotized, you couldn't help it, don't feel guilty. He could have been killed by Ramsus if you weren't there then
Elly: Thank you...
Bart: Well, we don't want to disturb his recovery. So, shall we go now? It may take a little longer to finish treating Fei
Elly: I, would like to stay a little while. Is it okay?
Rico: Do what you need to do. Let me know when you're finished with Fei.

While we're waiting I go to the library and get asked this bomb

The answer is yes I know about it, I wish I didn't though

Elly runs into us in the hall and drags us back to the infirmary

'Ethos' Doctor: Hello, everyone. His treatment is finished.
Rico: Is Fei awake?
'Ethos' Doctor: Unfortunately, the patient hasn't regained consciousness yet. But there's no need to worry. When he recovers physically, he'll also regain consciousness. You can take him to your ship now.
Citan: I'm sorry to have bothered you
'Ethos' Doctor: Please don't worry. I did my job as a clergyman.
Elly: Um, where is Billy? I'd like to thank him.
'Ethos' Doctor: Oh yes, Brother Billy, he went back to the Orphanage. He was worried about the children left behind.
Rico: I want to thank Billy at least.
Bart: First, let's take Fei to the Yggdrasil. It will not be too late to go see Billy afterwords

In the Yggdrasil medical room

Elly: Fei, I'm sorry...

On the bridge

Sigurd: I see. So, Fei'll recover if he continues to rest. I'm relieved to hear that. It seems the Orphanage is located to the southeast of the 'Ethos' headquarters. Shall we launch the Yggdrasil?
Elly: Go ahead!

We go to the Orphanage

I play catch the chickens with a kid for the Tag Badge

Elly: Very well. He hasn't regained consciousness yet, but he should come around soon.
Billy: Really? That's good to hear.
Elly: Um, Billy. I don't know quite how to thank you for helping Fei.
Billy: Don't mention it. We may believe in different gods, but none of us can leave people in need.
Elly: Thank you very much. By the way, is this your orphanage?
Billy: Surprised there are only children? My sister and I haven't had parents since we were infants, so, I opened an orphanage so kids without anyone wouldn't have to go through what we did. They're all healthy and obedient to the teachings of the 'Ethos'. They're all good kids who even help me with work.

Sigurd enters

Sigurd: Hyuga, The Yggdrasil's radar picked up an image of a huge ship!
Citan: Is it Gebler again?
Sigurd: I don't know, but it's moving at 10 repsol per hour to the south. Let's head back to the bridge.
Citan: Got it! Be right there.

Jessie walks in.

Jessie: Hey you, in the black and white. Are you Sigurd?
Sigurd: Is that any way to speak to someone? Who do you think you are?
Citan: Ah, he may not look it but he is our senior.
Sigurd: Senior? Jessie?
Billy: Siggy?
Jessie: A silver haired man with amber skin. I'd say that's rare. What are you all doing here?
Citan: It just sort of happened.
Sigurd: A lot's happened...
Jessie: Well, let's talk about things over some drinks. So, why are you all here?
Billy: Siggy, it's been a long time. What's with the eye patch?
Sig: Billy, you've grown up. With that smile you look just like Racquel.

Bart: Hey! Hey hey hey! Who are you? Get all cozy with my officers huh? And what's all this with this 'Siggy' stuff? Don't get cute, kid!
Billy: What's with you? Why are you so arrogant to Siggy? Who do you think you are?
Jessie: Billy. Don't yell at Sigurd's people. It's bad form, boy.
Sigurd: Bart, this was my senior when I was a candidate for Elements in Jugend. I rented a room in his house.
Jessie: Back then he was still in diapers, and he's still a whiny brat now.
Billy: You're probably still in diapers, aren't you?
Bart: You punk! What's your problem?
Jessie: Well, then, shall we go straight off and drink ourselves under?
Sigurd: Where do you plan on going?
Jessie: What do you mean? There has to be a bar or two on board your ship!
Sigurd: I still have a slight headache...
Jessie: What? That's O.K. We'll get rid of that headache with a good drink.

Jessie leaves

Citan: What are you going to do?
Sigurd: I can't just say no to him
Jessie: What are you doin'? Let's go!
Sigurd: Hey now...

Jessie and Sigurd leave (We now have Elly, Bart and Rico)

Billy: I'm not going, go ahead and have a good time.

Billy Leaves

We explore the orphanage and get the three books from various children, we'll use these in about an hour.

Anyway this is why we needed Rico

Boy: But my dad has a bad sense of direction and gets lost a lot too! So he has the same kind of bell too. He went to the Ethos headquarters but never came back. He must have gotten lost on the way, he's so silly.

Redrum's Bell rings

Boy: What!? That bell... how did you get that? Hey you didn't happen to meet my dad did you? Where is he?
Rico: ... {Oh, no, that wasn't... his father!) Listen son, your father's gone to a faraway place. Here, this is his bell.
Boy: My father's a liar! He said we would go away and live by ourselves! Just the two of us, I've waited so long... Oh Daddy, why? Boo-hoo-hoo.

Boy: Sob, sob, but thanks. Thanks for bringing Dad's bell back. It'll cheer me up!

That's probably a solid decision

He tells us to stay the fuck out in not so many words.

Back to the Yggdrasil

Elly: They can't launch the Yggdrasil cause Sigurd isn't there, he must be in the gun room or somewhere.

In the gun room

Jessie: I see. This is the place you begged to return to, eh?
Sigurd: Well, yes.
Jessie: After you left, Billy cried a lot.
Sigurd: I'm sorry.
Citan: When you left Solaris, the same thing happened. Kahr was quite upset then.
Sigurd: I didn't mean to betray him.
Citan: His misanthropy has gotten even worse because of that. Now, enough about old times, old friend, I did not expect to find you loitering in this land.
Jessie: Ha ha ha! I haven't hit the booze for a long while! It's all 'cause my son doesn't let me drink! This is a great bar you've got here, old codger!
Maison: Why, errh, thank you, my good man.
Jessie: This old codger, has good character, like his booze! I like him!! Ha, ha, ha!
Sigurd: ...

Back at the orphanage

If you mess around you can find Billy's secret passage

Billy: What do you need? Excuse me, I must go and greet some people. Please don't go searching through other's rooms.

A Man approaches outside

Kid: Wow! Uncle Stone!

Kids: Yay! Yes! Of course! Yes!
Billy: Bishop Stone!
Bishop Stone: Oh, Billy my son! Sorry to bother you when you're so busy.
Primera: ...

Primera goes back inside

Bishop Stone: And who are these people?
Billy: They are travelers from another country.
Bishop Stone: Oh, by the way, about your earlier message...
Billy: Yes, about work...
Bishop Stone: Yes. The 'Ethos' transport ship that went missing finally turned up. But, there's no reply.
Billy: What does it mean?
Bishop Stone: Hmmm, perhaps Reapers again. Billy can you do the usual?
Billy: Right, no problem. Leave it to me, Bishop.
Bishop Stone: Thanks. It's to the northeast from here. Please be careful. It's a dangerous area. There are some pretty fast currents and it's best to stay away from the salvagers. You'd better go in a big ship.
Bart: Hey, is that the massive ship Sig was talking about earlier?
Billy: I don't know if that was it or not.
Bart: From what I hear, it's a place where the currents are really fast. It's supposedly very dangerous for small ships. But the Yggdrasil will be safe there. No matter how big the wave or well, it's no problem. Besides, we have help from Fei. Let's get aboard. I'll see you off to there. What, we could even help you finish your job!
Elly: I agree. You saved Fei. It's the least we can do.
Billy: Thanks but this doesn't involve you. Just me is enough.
Elly: But isn't that place dangerous? If there is anything we can do to help.
Billy: I don't want to get you involved.
Bishop Stone: Billy, my son, don't waste their good intentions. That sub is theirs, no? Why don't you cooperate with them?
Billy: But, Bishop!
Bart: Yeah, it's no fun to travel alone. Let's help.
Elly: Billy, it's best to go with friends!
Billy: Well if you insist, thank you. I appreciate it.
Bishop Stone: I thank you deeply. Billy, take care of these people. Report back to headquarters after you get back.
Billy: Yes, Bishop.

Bishop Stone leaves.

Billy: Thank you. Let's see what tomorrow brings. I'll come as soon as I'm finished preparing for tomorrow. Go on ahead. I'll tell you more on the way there...

To the gun room!

Sigurd: Oh, yes, It's time for you to depart, right. I'm sorry, old friend, but I have a job I must do.

Jessie: Oh god, is it that time already? Well then, before we go let's do the usual...

Citan: Well, actually, we are in a hurry so, errh, we will talk about that some other
Jessie: Oh? Is that right? Well then, I oughta' get outta' here to, huh?
Citan: There is something I want to ask you too, so let us get together when we have more time!
Jessie: Yeah. I hope to live to have the opportunity.


Elly: EAAAAHHHHH! Sigurd is...!
Citan: Again!? Sigurd gets drunk so easily! Well that blows it! We cannot leave today, perhaps tomorrow.

Billy enters

Billy: Keep it down! What time do you think it is? Be quiet when you come back, or you will wake the children.
Jessie: If you'd come you'd have heard a ton of good stories. Sigurd's stories where hilarious.
Billy: You know Siggy doesn't drink and you made him, even though you're a holy man's father.
Jessie: Hey hey, why don't you open up your eyes. You need to quit bein' a priest.
Billy: I don't want to hear that from someone without a shred of faith. Stay out of my life.
Jessie: Stay out? Do you have any idea how much trouble your little butt is in?
Billy: What? How would you know?
Jessie: ! You---!
Billy: I still don't believe you're even my father. You're not the person mother loved.
Jessie: Whaddya' mean, you think I'm a fake?
Billy: Ask yourself.
Jessie: You're right. I guess there's no way to prove it, fine, you still don't understand the truth. What those guys really are, where you are going...
Billy: Father, what are you saying?
Jessie: I'm saying Racquel died in vain.
Billy: You have no right to say mother's name!
Jessie: I see. That's the way it is, fine. Anyhow, quit your job. Consider it a piece of advice from a man who is but a stranger to you. Later!

Jessie leaves.]

Billy: ...

In the gun room again

Billy: Good morning. They said you were still sleeping, so I went ahead and came in.
Bart: You're dressed lightly. Is that enough?
Billy: We Etones have some rather unique equipment. Let me explain about the equipment since we're going to be working together. First of all, my main equipment is guns. There're three kinds, 'Handgun', 'Ether-gun', and 'Big-gun'. He gives a guns tutorial

Bart: I understood it roughly but it's a bit complicated, isn't it?

Billy looks at a gun on the wall

Billy: This is a fine gun indeed. I'm sure it has a significant history.
Bart: Of course! It's the famous rifle 'Machiganator', handed down in the Fatima family.
Billy: What a waste, it's too good for you who just brandishes a whip.
Bart: Hey! Why are you getting sharp with me!
Billy: Oh, sorry, it's just, I didn't think you would have an interest in guns. And you were being an ass
Elly: Well anyway, Billy, I'd like to know why you became an Etone...
Bart: (I'm not interested...)
Billy: Hmm, I see, Etones help out strangers, so I suppose that would make you curious. 'Cause helping people is weird to you heathens :hur:
Elly: No, I don't mean that. I'm curious about your own intentions personally. I don't know, I just didn't expect you to be an Etone at all.
Billy: I see, well, since our job is rather unusual, I'll tell you about that too as I explain

Flashback to Billy's childhood

Billy: How old was I...? I don't remember, maybe 8 or 9. About then, dad taught me how to use a gun.

Jessie leaves

Billy: One day he just disappeared.

Billy and Primera run around

Billy: He just ran out on us. He never came back.

Billy: Dad's gun, Dad's smell. Those things were all I had left to remind me of him. But that happiness didn't last long...

Racquel, alone in the room is surrounded by Wels.

Billy: They were looking for dad but mom wouldn't talk. I can still hear it, the sound of the bullets slowly firing three times. I even remember the sound of the empty shells striking the floor. After that, the Reapers screamed and I heard someone fall.

Racquel dies, a man from the Ethose nters

Billy: Bishop Stone was the one who helped us then. Meeting him changed my life from then on.
Bart: Hey, hey, wait a sec. Do Reapers talk?
Billy: Yes. They're not just monsters. Some of them are more intelligent than humans.
Billy: Primera and I hid in the shadows escaping death, but she hasn't spoken a word since.
Billy: Like a godsend, kind, stong Bishop Stone gave me an example to follow. I wanted to help save someone in need like he saved us. I didn't ant there to be any more children like Primera, so I began training at the 'Ethos' to become just like Bishop Stone.

Billy and Bishop Stone leave

Billy: I left Prim in the care of the 'Ethos' and entered the monastery. Many years passed, I finished training at the monastery and became an Etone. I returned home to open the

Jessie walks in

Billy: And he had unexpectedly come back. But he was different. Some terrible accident changed him. Not only his looks, but his character and manner had completely changed too. I remember him as a quiet man, but more than that, I thought maybe I didn't really remember him. That's why, I can never think of him as a father, but Prim needed a father, and she's become attached to him. Deep in my heart, I too thought I wanted a father. But, even now I just can't believe he is my real father.

Back to the gun room

Billy: Hah! This is going to sound pathetic, but I almost went so far as to sell my body to support Prim, since we only had each other for so long, despite that, Prim prefers the father she never knew. The one who suddenly appeared out of nowhere.
So on the Billy debate, no he was not a gay prostitute, but he almost was. Someone argued that he would have been banging the ladies, but I think we all know who sleeps with 12 year old boys - more on this later  It's the Ethos 

Bart: 'Almost sold your body'!? Don't you know, kid--! There's some things you can get back once sold, and there's things you just can't! Couldn't you see that?
Billy: Of course I refrained. But they said they'd give me 3000G for one night. Here we learn that Billy is a moron, since I can make 3000G in 3 minutes wandering around his orphanage in a gear
Bart: You fool! Listen, next time you and your sister need help, come to my ship. We're self-sufficient, so at least you don't need to worry about food and a place to sleep! Now, don't you ever say 'sell your body' in front of me ever again! You understand?
Billy: Could this be---? Maybe you are a 'nice guy' after all.
Bart: Why don't you just come out and say 'thank you'? Geez!
Billy: Uh, errh, well, you haven't taken care of us yet, so I won't say it! I'm starting to remember why I don't like Billy as much as the other characters
Bart: Cute, kid, REAL cute!

The Yggdrasil makes it to the Wels' ship

Bart: Looks like we've made it already...
Billy: Can it be? The transport ship's being attacked by Reapers...
Bart: ...
Billy: Can anyone help us?

We board

Citan: What is that odor?
Billy: This unusual smell is that of the Wels. It sure looks like they attacked. One more
Thing, on the room's middle wall is a red switch. Pull the switch to turn on the light.
Elly: Scared?
Billy: No... Just a little.

We find a shower let's see what this goes

Billy: No wait, this is water with rust in it. Let's hurry on ahead.

We make it to the control room

Aww, hell another one of these guys

Yeah, he does this too. Still goes down pretty hard, Billy has a spell called Goddess Call which raises agility. Citan gets about a million turns in a row with it

Bloody: I'm counting on you...

Billy: (It's my buddy! I'll call him over here.)

Boy on roof: Billy's signal!

He rings the Orphanage bell

Boy on roof: Hey everyone! It's shift G!
Boy on windmill: Wind direction, OK! Target coordinates - X1020, Z303!
Boy on roof: Roger!! Engage auto pilot! Catapult, ready!
Boy on ground: Look out!
Kids on seesaws: Push, pull! Yeah, great!

Boy on roof: Standby OK! Ready?

Kid: Today's launch was so-so

What's that behind us....

Billy: Just as I thought. This transports' infested. I must go to the 'Ethos' and tell Bishop
Elly: What? There's something...
Citan: There is nothing around. Just fish jumping around. Ahh, the sea. The cool breeze, so different from the desert!!
Elly: Billy, who's 'buddy'?
Billy: Hmm, it's probably its brethren. A giant Wels An entity we wouldn't stand much of a chance against ourselves. But don't worry, they're pretty slow. Even if that Wels called it, it probably won't reach us in time. But I called for my Gear just anyway to be safe.

The Giant Wels attacks

Billy: Faster than I expected. Well, here it comes.
Citan: You did say that we would not stand much of a chance against it by ourselves?
Billy: It should be any time now.

Billy's Gear grabs them and lands on top of the Yggdrasil

Billy: Great timing on the part of the kids. I owe them one. Well, get ready 'cause here it comes!

The only thing that damages the Wels is Renmazuo's square attack (Billy's gear), that is until Elly hits it with some ether
This raises its attack and lowers it's defense. After couple it's pretty big

At this point it can be damaged by normal attacks, but Elly has already pretty much killed it by hitting it with the ether attacks in the first place. So one weak attack kills it.

On the bridge

Billy: Thank you for helping me, everyone. To be honest, that was too dangerous for me on my own. I couldn't have done it without you.
Bart: Is your job always this dangerous? Hah, I never thought you would call a Gear!? But what in hell is the 'Ethos' thinking anyway?
Billy: We Etones are merely fulfilling our divine mission!
Bart: Sorry... It was wrong of me to say that. Don't take it so seriously! So, you're going to report back to the 'Ethos' about your job's results, right? Well, if you like we shall give you a ride to the 'Ethos' H.Q, it's on our way.
Billy: That would be great, so long as it doesn't put you out. I have something to give you as a sign of my gratitude. So please accompany me into the 'Ethos' headquarters. Let's go

Prim is in Margie's room

Billy: Prim, won't you listen to your brother.
Margie: Billy, Primera followed you here because she's worried about you. Can't you see? Let her stay a little longer.
Prim: ...
Billy: Well then, don't you go anywhere, OK?
Prim: ...
Billy: Margie please take care of my little sister
Chu-Chu: Why don't chu ask that chu?