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Part 27: Solaris


Fei: Hey, what's this?
Elly: It looks like some kind of storage or distribution center. I'm not sure but it's probably used to ship off extra supplies, materials and fuel gathered from the surface. These are the technology and products you land dwellers receive from the 'Ethos'.
Citan: For now, shall we gather some information...

Elly: Well I'm not sure. But I think I've seen this before.
Fei: Shall we take a look?
Elly: What are you saying? We don't have time for that. We have to get out of here quickly.
Fei: Didn't you say we had to gather information? We could probably sneak in using this thing. Wha-?

Elly: !

Fei: Where am I now?

There is a guy perched at the edge of one of the honeycombs

Crazy Guy: N, noooo!! Can't handle it any more!!

Crazy Guy: You have no will! This isn't living! This is...

A Security Cube grabs him

Crazy Guy: Stop it! Let go! Uahhhhhh!

Man: Unfortunately, I'm not Timothy. The name's Samson. But hey, I know you!
Fei: H, how do you know me? Who are you?
Samson: From the tournament. Unfortunately, I lost in the first round. I passed out on the way home.
Fei: And...?
Samson: When I came to, I found myself here. Everyone else got what they call 'rearranged'. It's a cross between brainwashing and amnesia. But they messed up on me and I can still remember.
Fei: Then what about that last person?
Samson: Yep, him too. Died in vain. One of my few friends, too. I'm not goin' out like that. Ya' know that guard tower near us? I'm gonna' go through it past the 2nd Class block, sneak into the naval port and kiss Solaris goodbye.
Fei: Can you do that?
Samson: Yeah, cause I got a pass. They got me working at the naval port. I'm only supposed to leave when it's my shift, but I 'solved' that little snag. Hey, why don't you come along? With your power, we'd be set!
Fei: Yeah, sure.
Samson: Right, that's the spirit! But, be careful! A female Gebler just came by for some reason.
Fei: Did she, have auburn hair?
Samson: Yeah, that's her! What, you're friends? Come to think of it, she was looking for someone. She still oughta' be around here somewhere. You oughta look' for her.

Another tube

Fei: Elly!!
Fei: Fei, you're so careless. If you're trying to infiltrate the base, you have to be subtle.
Fei: Sorry, well, where are we?
Elly: We're in the 'Solaris 3rd Class F Block.' There's around 20 blocks each with land dwellers in them. We Solarians are privy to all personal info. Everyone's DNA structure is inscribed on a molecular level. And even their class. You know what these citizens are called?
Fei: No.
Elly: 'Worker Bees.' It came from the shape of their housing blocks. These people provide the manual labor vital to the support of Solaris' core. I took a field trip here long ago. I remember thinking that their lives had nothing to do with me. I never thought I would end up here like this.
Fei: Which means, you should know your way around here, Elly.
Elly: Vaguely, We need to escape first.
Fei: Oh yeah, where's doc?
Elly: He took a different pod looking for you. He may have ended up in a different block.
Fei: Damn, we're all spread out.
Elly: I wouldn't worry about Citan. He knows this city better than I do.
Fei: I wonder if Bart and them made it OK?
Elly: Jessie's with them, so they should be fine.
Fei: I hope so.
Elly: Anyway, let's move on.

We meet back up with Samson

Samson: So, she was on our side after all. Here, take this.
Fei: What is it?
Samson: A 2nd Class citizen work permit, just like mine. With that, you can move about more freely without arousing suspicion. Well, if she's with you, there shouldn' be any problems. Well, I'll be at the tower entrance.

Samson leaves. Elly and Fei follow shortly after.

Guard: (hey it's me. Ready to go? )

Fei: Yeah, you too.
Elly: Are we really going to be okay?

The halls are pretty easy to navigate so we catch up with Samson

Samson: Not bad. I think I'll let myself go on ahead!
Elly: Wait! You're not a Gazel! What're you going to do?
Samson: Not a problem. I used underground tech to re-write my ID.
Computer: ID Error Eliminate

And vaporized

Fei: Samson!
Elly: !
Fei: ... Damn you! I'm gonna' destroy it!
Elly: No! It's useless to do that. You won't be able to get through without either a 1st Class citizen ID or a military ID.
Fei: Then what're we going to do?
Elly: Well we can't just stand here. I guess it's going to have to be all or nothing.
Fei: If it doesn't work out, we'll worry about it later is what you're saying? Isn't that kinda' sounding like Bart?
Elly: How rude. It's not like I always go in without a plan.
Computer: 1st Class citizen. Gazel, confirmed. Please pass through in an orderly fashion.
Fei: We can get through!
Elly: ...
Fei: What's wrong?
Elly: Huh? Uh well, I've done so much I'm surprised they have not labeled me as a traitor yet.
Fei: You think it's because they haven't reported it? TO the Gebler, it would be like admitting failure and all.
Elly: I hope so.
Fei: Anyway, let's go!
Elly: Okay. Oh, stay very close to me. That way, it shouldn't pick up on your presence.

In the 2nd level citizens area we discover that Cain is going to give a speech and we need tickets, but first some random shit.

Crazy future music

Big. Fucking. Joe.

The Tifa poster

Cain: The people chosen by god, we, the Gazel, will return to god's paradise, to the sleeping mother god. The time for our immortality has come. We have opened the door to 'Mahanon', the place where god rests, the source of wisdom and power. The surface dwellers will no doubt use this opportunity to seize its power. However, there is no need to be concerned, as long as Solaris has this power. Let's show stupid beasts, the Lambs, our real power.

Wee, fireworks!

Fei: Elly? Hey, Elly!
Elly: Sorry, did you say something?
Fei: 'Did I say something?' Are you okay? You're zoning. Your mind's not here.
Elly: S-sorry. I was just thinking. And this crowd's noisy.
Fei: ?

Elly: Krelian!
Fei: Huh?
Elly: That's Krelian. He's the real leader of Solaris. He doesn't appear in public very often. That's all I know.
Fei: He's the leader of Solaris? What, why do I feel... Something seems familiar.


Lacan: Krelian. You're back?
Krelian: I just got back last night. You came back home to get paints, right? Sophia told me. Allow me to accompany you.
Lacan: Is that okay?
Krelian: Yeah. I'll leave someone else in command of my unit. Because of Solaris, things are a lot more dangerous these days. Anyways, wouldn't you feel more secure if you were with me?
Lacan: Thanks.

They leave exit to Nisan

Lacan: What did you say? What's the name of the teacher you're studying under?
Krelian: Melchior.
Lacan: But still, why are you studying?
Krelian: Sophia told me the best way to calm the heart is to read a book. It's a good opportunity. And it has sparked my interest in studying. Now, I'm reading 3 books a day.
Lacan: If it can change, it will. The art of war, that's all you think about.
Krelian: Hey, that's mean. You know, I'm the best of all his students.
Lacan: I see, that's great, its sounds like you found something to put your heart into.
Krelian: What do you mean? You have something. Your pictures are so splendid. You should be thankful.

Cut to Krelain's lab

Krelian: This will save people's lives. Isn't that right, Melchoir? With this even Sophia will...

Back to the present

Elly: Fei, Fei? What's wrong with you?
Fei: Uh, it's nothing, but that guy, Krelian. I feel like I've met him before.
Elly: Do you understand? Shall I translate?
Fei: Yeah, please.
Krelian: The gate we control was removed by will of the Emperor. However, there are foolish beasts here defiling our holy land with their feet. These beasts destroyed the gate and want to remove the Emperor from the throne in the confusion. This is a grave matter, the Emperor's throne has been polluted. We cannot rest yet. Those imbeciles have been caught and shackled like the dogs they are!

Fei: Bart!
Elly: (Don't yell! What if they find out you're a land dweller?)
Fei: (Sorry, couldn't help it. They've been caught! Damn, let's go! We gotta' help them.)
Elly: (Wait! He's still talking) ('To revive our progenitors, the Gazel of old. The day after tomorrow, these land dweller will be disposed of in the Soylent System'.)  Soylent Green is people 
Fei: (Revive Gazel? Soylent System? What's that?)
Elly: ('Gazel' are purebred Solaris people the word means 1st Class citizens. But in this case, it probably means 'The Gazel Ministry'. Long ago the members of the Gazel Ministry lost their fleshly bodies in order to protect the Solaris people. I've heard the Soylent System is an important support system for Solaris, but I don't know much else. Anyway, it's probably a cover for some kind of experiment.)
Fei: Don't tell me what to do! I'm going! Those guys won't stop me.
Elly: That's why I said wait! We don't know what's going on over there. If we just run out brazenly, we might just fall into the same trap! The palace is on alert so we need to investigate. We don't know where they were taken prisoners. We still have 2 days. I'm sure there's a way to help them. We must find it.
Fei: How do you know we have two whole days? What if they change their minds and then tomorrow... I mean, it is possible, isn't it?
Elly: Maybe, but there's nothing we can do, right? Citan wasn't there which means he's probably watching the broadcast right now. First we must find him. He knows the layout of the central core of the city better than I do. So let's not do anything careless, okay?
Fei: Where is he? We need him!
Elly: How should I know?
Fei: Don't be a snot. You haven't thought anything out at all!
Elly: I'm just saying, we have to be careful!
Fei: But!
Man: Hey, what's going on?
Fei: Look! We've been discovered!
Elly: It's because you keep raising your voice! This way!
Security Cube: ...suspects, escaped!! ...emergency response!

Oh no, the fuzz! They jump into the sewer

Elly: Fei, Are you alright?
Fei: Yeah. It was just so sudden. We gotta' get moving! Those weird robots are coming after us! What's wrong, Elly?
Elly: So this is the place. I might be able to do something. Anyway, let's try to run through here!
Fei: Yeah!

The sewer's are pretty much just a straight shot with cubes catching us every few seconds. More an annoyance than anything else

Outside the sewers

Elly: The 1st Class citizen level. This is where the Solaris people called Gazel live. Follow me.
Fei: W-wait. The guard robot may get you again if you go in there.
Elly: Don't worry. This is my house.
Fei: Y-your house? This big house is yours?

Elly: Yep. Come on in.

Elly: Mother!
Medena: You, I'm glad you're okay. The military told me you were missing in action.
Elly: No, mother, that's not true. See, I'm alive! Mother, where is father?
Medena: He's still at the palace. I think he'll be back soon.
Elly: I see.
Medena: Elly, who's this?
Elly: What? Ah, um, he's from the Special Forces, the same as me. He was only recently promoted from 3rd Class citizen. It's because of him I was able to return. Right, Fei?
Fei: What? Um, no, I mean...
Medena: I see. That must be why he's dressed like a land dweller. But, why isn't he wearing a Special Forces uniform like you, Elly?
Elly: S-sorry mother. There's a report I must turn in right away, so, Fei, come with me.

We go to Elly's room

Elly: This is my room. Ahh, I can finally relax.
Fei: This place is huge! It must be bigger than the village chief's!

Fei: You have a bathroom in your room?
Elly: It's pretty normal.
Fei: (It's not normal.)
Elly: When are you going to stop staring?
Fei: Hey, Elly, was that your mother?
Elly: Yes.
Fei: Oh. She sure is a pretty lady.
Elly: Yes, she is.
Fei: But you don't look much like her. Do you resemble your father?
Elly: Haven't you noticed yet?
Fei: What do you mean?
Elly: The color of my skin, hair and eyes are different from normal Solarians.
Fei: I've never paid attention to it so, really?
Elly: A long time ago, when I was small, I had a nanny. She was so nice to me. But she was a land dweller. And First Class citizens rarely associate with them. But the nanny lived in our house and took care of me. She lost her child when she was in the 3rd Class area. My dad felt sorry for her and kept her under his protection. But he never told anyone about her.
Fei: Why?
Elly: My father was worried about my appearance; he had a reason for it

Seriously Fei, how are you not stealing a peek?

Fei: Elly...
Elly: I'd better not. I'm sure you don't want to hear about it. Sorry.
Fei: That's alright.

Elly finishes

Elly: Now it's your turn!
Fei: No thanks. I don't have time for that.
Elly: You need to relax. You don't get a chance like this very often. Please?
Fei: Alright, if you insist!
Elly: You should've listened to me in the first place.
Fei: Wa-a-a!
Elly: You're fine. Just relax.
Fei: Wow, feels good. There's a world of difference between this and doc's old bath tub!

God damnit Fei, just show her the goods.
Elly: Don't worry, I'm not looking. I'm just adjusting it. How's the temperature?
Fei: Hey, I'm fine. Go away, NOW!
Elly: Aha, ha! Fei's got a cute side to him.
Fei: ?

Fei finishes

Fei: I feel refreshed. Now what am I gonna' do? There's no time to relax.
Elly: Yes, I really don't want to, but there's no other choice.
Fei: You have any good ideas?
Elly: The network terminal in my father's room. He got angry with me for touching it once. There are numerous pieces of information only a handful of people have access to.
Fei: So we can find out where Bart and the others are located from that?
Elly: I hope so.

Medena: Don't you remember how mad he got last time? What am I going to do with you.

We detour and get a weapon upgrade from the maid then talk up Elly's Medena, who goes out to buy some food.

Elly: If we can break through the palace network security by accessing this ID. The password would probably be something related to me. ELHAYM...
Computer: Access Denied. Enter the correct password.
Elly: That's no good. Let's try it backwards. MYAHLE.
Computer: Welcome to Solaris Net. You have 19 unread mails. For top military brass this guys is not big on security.
Elly: Yes! Got it! Let's see, we were here before so... Wow, it connects to here! Fei, we should be able to get to where everyone is, from a trash suite in the 3rd Class citizen level!
Fei: That means, we're heading back to that first location.
Elly: Now we know where we are! Let's hurry!
Voice: Elly, where are you going?
Elly: Father!

Erich: I told you before not to come in here and touch that machine.
Elly: ...

Erich presses a button on the wall

Erich: Is this the guard? It's me, Erich. A burglar broke in here, yeah, come quickly.
Elly: Father! Fei is not a burglar!
Erich: Then what is he? A strange man in my room isn't he a burglar?
Elly: There's a reason! we were going to make passionate love on your desk. Please! Don't shoot him! Fei just wants to save his captured friends! They're my friends too!
Erich: No! Even if he is your friend, I can't overlook a land dweller who tries to sneak into the palace!
Elly: Fine. Then I'm also a traitor. Go ahead and shoot me!
Erich: No! You're staying here! Now move out of the way Elly!
Elly: No!
Erich: You know how traitors are punished even if they're 1st Class citizens! You'll be safe if we kill the intruders who know about us. I'm worried about your safety.
Elly: You're lying! You just hate being in a position that endangers you. Isn't that why you didn't want me to join Jugend? You just didn't want everyone to see your own daughter! Because I'm half a land dweller..>!
Medena: !

Medena runs out, Erich slaps Elly

Erich: I can't believe you still...? How dare you say that in front of your mother!
Elly: Because...!
Fei: Stop it! I don't want to see a father and a daughter fight because of me. I won't cause you anymore trouble. I came of my own will. I'm an intruder. If I just get out of here it'll be fine.
Elly: Fei!?
Fei: Elly, you shouldn't say that in front of your mother. I don't know the truth, but she is your mother, not a stranger. Isn't that right?
Elly: ...
Fei: Now, get out of the way. I hafta' hurry to save my friends. But if you intend to shoot me, I'll put up a big fight.

Erich smashes a window with his fist

Elly: Father?
Erich: The intruder has escaped. Now get outta' here. It'll be a while until the guards get here.
Fei: ...
Erich: You may be an intruder, but the fact is, you protected my daughter. If I shoot you,
I'll lose her.
Elly: Father, let me go with Fei.
Erich: No, I can't let you go.
Elly: But!
Fei: That's alright. This is a land dweller problem now. We won't trouble you any further. I'll go by myself.
Elly: Fei!
Fei: Elly, this time leave the military. Thanks for everything.
Elly: Fei...

As Fei I run around until a guard accosts me

Guard: Hey you!! Aren't you the one from the dedication...?
Fei: ...
Guard: You're under arrest! Get in that door!

Guard: As I suspected, you know nothing...!

The guard is really Citan

Fei: Doc! What are you doing here?
Citan: I saw Bart's image on the birdvision in the dedication.
Fei: You saw that too, doc?
Citan: Yes, but I did not see either of you. Soon after, I heard there was an intruder at the 2nd floor of the Arebato Grounds. I suspected it was probably you so I waited here. After that, I did not hear anything about the capture of any intruders.
Fei: How did you know I was going to be here?
Citan: The best possible way to sneak into the Palace is through the dust chute. And to get back to the 3rd floor, one must pass through this observation tower. I have always been thinking. Do you think you could be a little more subtle? When infiltrating enemy grounds, the most basic thing to do is to be stealthy. With the amount of activity you have stirred up, you could even wake up the dead.
Fei: Well, I was actually trying to be more subtle.
Citan: By the way, what happened to Elly? Was she not with you?
Fei: Elly, she went back home. She really shouldn't have any relation with us land dwellers. She already has such wonderful parents...
Citan: I see, yes it may have been better for her that way. Let us head for the dust chute then.
Fei: Yeah!
Citan: Now Fei, stay very close to me. That way it does not pick up your presence.
Fei: Doc, hold on. How can you get past here? According to Elly, only 1st Class citizens and military personel can pass through....
Citan: Uh!? Well, that is... P-probably they have not deleted my ID from the days I was in the military and it is still stored in the data bank. My, how the Solaris monitors are sloppy. Hahaha! I TOTALLY don't work for Cain
Fei: ?

I'm hoping to get some video going, but nothing worthy yet,  Alpha Weltall is coming up soon though