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Part 29: Solaris Part 3: Wherein shit hits the fan, HARD

kefkafloyd posted:

They're not the stealing type? vv

Two words: Goliath Factory

Also an update

Solaris Part 3: Wherein shit hits the fan, HARD

Elly: What're you!?
Ramsus: Wh-ere...?
Elly: What?
Ramsus: Where? I'm asking you where!
Elly: Th-that hurts! P-please! Please stop!
Ramsus: Where is he? Where!? I know you know! Take me to him!
Elly: Who're you referring to when you say that man? Are you talking about Fei?
Ramsus: Fei, Fei, Fei! Fei this, Fei that, Fei! In what way is he more superior than
I? I will not accept it. I will not! Errrrg...

Ramsus takes a drug

Elly: R-Ramsus that drug, a mental stabilizer? Why are you so shook up like that?
What's forcing you to go through all this? What happened between you and Fei?
Ramsus: Dammit Fei, I'll show you, I...

He leaves

Elly: Ramsus...

Back to Fei

Voice: Fei hang in there!

Bart: Fei, you're conscious? Now! Let's go!
Fei: .......
Fei: Y-you traitor!
Bart: S, stop! Fei!
Fei: Don't stop, Bart! He betrayed us! He betrayed us and Elly!
Bart: Stop Fei! It's your mistake!
Fei: Let go! Lemme go!
Billy: Calm down, Fei! Bart isn't lying, Citan is the one who helped us!
Fei: Billy?
Bart: Hmph, if Billy says it you listen. Listen very carefully! That Limiter is implanted in our bodies. Right now, this research facility is the only place where we can get them removed! Citan misled Krelian and the other guys and brought us in here to remove the Limiter!
Fei: What, but doc was just... Is that true?
Bart: Yeah!
Fei: Doc?
Citan: That is not the only reason why I brought you here. Those who want to become independent from Solaris must know the actual situation and its true form. Who is doing what and why. Ostensibly, I received a covert order from the Emperor to contact the body wanted by the Ministry and send the data and if possible bring the body back. That was my duty. As a result, I had no choice but to deceive you. Please forgive me.
Fei: I see how it is.
Citan: Besides, I myself had a matter that had to be verified in this facility.
Fei: For sure?
Citan: I'll tell you that after we escape from here. It is something you must know.
Fei: ...?
Bart: By the way, Citan. You did remove Fei's Limiter, didn't you?
Citan: What? Y-yes, of course. That is...
Bart: Alright then. Let's get outta' here!
Fei: Wait! What happened to Elly? Weren't you with her?
Citan: Elly was taken to Krelian's research lab. It could not be stopped. I am sorry.
Fei: Why only Elly?
Citan: I do not know, but one thing bothers me. When Krelian took Elly, I had a chance to acquire Elly's cellular information. I analyzed it and found something very interesting. Excuse me, I mean unusual. There is no Limiter implanted in her.
Billy: There's no Limiter? Isn't that because Elly is from Solaris?
Citan: Even Solaris citizens have a Limiter implanted when they are born. There are exceptions for certain people like myself and Ramsus, whose Limiters can be removed later on through the treatment such as the one I did for Bart. But you must have permission from the Ministry to do
Fei: Is that why Elly...?
Citan: There must be more to it than that. I don't know the reason, but Krelian is so absorbed by her data.
Bart: I don't care what the reason is! For now, let's help Elly and get it out of here fast!
Billy: You're right. If we mess up here, I put those guys who went to help Elly's parents in danger. Citan, We're going to Krelian's private research lab as planned. We'll meet up at the rendezvous point.
Fei: What about doc?
Citan: There is something still left to be done. I will go destroy the last gate.

Citan draws his sword

Fei: Doc! A sword?
Citan: Yes. Yui gave it to me as I was leaving. I used to use it before I met her. For a long time I vowed not to use it for killing though. But now is not the time to contemplate morals. It is not fair for me to be the only innocent one.
Fei: I see, but...
Citan: Yes?
Fei: You're always so mischievous doc...

Citan: It is in my nature. I am sorry, forgive me.

[Citan starts to leave.]

Bart: You! Citan! Let me handle Fei and Elly's situation! Now that the Limiter is removed, Solaris doesn't stand a chance!
Citan: Oh, yes! By the way, young one, about the effects of removing the Limiter. The results will not show up that quickly. Already your physical Limiters have been removed naturally. The part I have removed is the psychological section. That is the subconscious fear and veneration for the Ministry and the Emperor have been removed. Basically, you will be able to battle against them without any fears or hesitations. It is not that you have suddenly become more powerful.
Bart: Are you serious?

Citan Leaves

Billy: Krelian's private laboratory should be below us.

Fei: You okay?
Elly: Fei! Yes, yes I'm fine.
Bart: Sorry to interrupt you two, but this is not the time for a heartfelt reunion.
Billy: Quickly, this way.

There is a secret tunnel under Krelian's computer, we take it

Jessie: Hurry up and blow them away!
Citan: I am sorry. I have other matters to attend to.
Jessie: What the hell are you doing?
Citan: To his Majesty's...
Jessie: You mean the Emperor? Are you sure, Hyuga?
Citan: Yes. His Majesty understands the situation. He says to leave it up to 'them'. There! It is done! Sir!
Jessie: ...Yeessss! We're outta' here! Huh!

Ramsus enters

Ramsus: Where is he? Hyuga?
Citan: Kahr?
Ramsus: So you too, you are also betraying me.
Citan: Kahr, we are just in different situations. I did not mean to betray you. I decided to stick with Fei's group.
Ramsus: Did you say 'Fei'! You too are on his side? I'll never forgive you! NEVER!
Jessie: Kahr, you're an enemy but why are you so attached to one kid!? You weren't like that before!
Ramsus: Shut up! I've got to get him with my own hands, and all of you working with him are my enemies! Enemies stealing 'my things.'! Enemies! Enemies, Enemies!
Citan: K, Kahr...
Jessie: Hey, we're going! I don't know what went on, but I don't have time to deal with him now!
Citan: But...
Jessie: Hyuga!
Citan: I see...

Ramsus: You, traitors!!

Elly: Father! Mother!
Medena: Elly!
Rico: You should thank Hammer! Hammer got your parents at the right time. Right, Hammer?
Hammer: Y-yes, yes exactly...
Elly: T-thank you, Hammer.
Erich: We'd like to thank you too. I never thought I'd see my daughter again. Thank you, Hammer.
Citan: Listen everyone, we have no time to waste. So that we do not stand out, we should split up into two separate groups. Fei, you have done a lot, but I would like to have you move on ahead and take two more members with you. Move along southwest of here and cross two mobile contact bridges. There you will find a hangar that will lead you outside. We will meet at the foot bridge near there. If you talk to the blue Memory Cube you will be able to make contact with the other party members. You can thus change which members you wish to have in your current party.
Jessie: I shut down alarms here and there when I was breaking gates, but it's dangerous. Be careful!
Erich: I'll go to the hangar beforehand, and arrange a ride for us. Solaris is in confusion now, so if I go alone I can pull some strings.
Citan: ...Okay. Please do not overdo it.
Erich: Yeah, I know. Elly, Medena, see you again.
Medena: Dear, please be careful...
Elly: Father...

He leaves

Billy, Emeralda (I finally get to use here, but I can't figure out where the hell my 3rd Ether doubler is, oh well she won't need her gear at the moment), and Fei
And now video time, there is almost 45 minutes of video here, but I think it's all best viewed as opposed to read, so take it in in chunks.