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Part 38: The Trusth, The Past

Here comes that mega update I was talking about. 40 minutes of video and all fucking epic!

The Trusth, The Past

Dan: So this is where Fei's being held!? He deserves it!

Ok, that's kinda' fucked up.

Dan: Yech! What, what is this? This is terrible. No matter what, this is going too far. He's still alive? How could you possibly be? You're human too, aren't you? Darn! Fei... Oh, Fei...

Midori: Crying...

Dan: Huh! Midori, it's you! Phew, don't scare me like that! Crying? Who's crying? You mean our friend is crying? Oh, so now we're friends again

Midori: He'll wake up soon; it's calling him.
Dan: What do you mean!?

Fei: St-stop, Stop it!
Dan: Fei!
Fei: D a n... Mi d... o... ri... Run... away...
Dan: Yikes!?

Some shit explodes Fei is gone.

Citan: Nothing could have prepared us for what we were about to see there.

Id: This is as far as you can come. From here on is my world. You can't enter.
Fei: What do you mean?
Id: You're a subordinate, fake persona that's why.
Fei: A subordinate fake persona?
Id: Yes, he has part of my memories from back then. He has sealed away the very meaning of my existence, my drive, my motivation, my subconscious -Id-. Because of that, I became a basic, blank persona. And on top of that, I constructed a new persona based on my experiences since then. That is what you are now!
Fei: Him? You mean father?
Id: You call him father? He who never did anything for you? It was because of his cowardly behavior. If only he had been able to protect me; if he had done that. Mother wouldn't have died...
Fei: Didn't my mother die right after I was born? What really happened to my mother? Tell me Id!
Id: You don't need to know. You'll only disappear soon, along with your basic persona, the 'coward'. I'll rule my being through the power of the existence.
Fei: ?
Id: Of course you don't know. But it is etched in my metempsychotic memory. Your persona is fake, so you'll never stand on the 'stage' of consciousness. You'll never be able to take charge of the memories from our past lives.
Fei: I know the dreams and hallucinations! I've seen them many times!
Id: Then, I showed them to you on purpose. To break the seal, I chose to weaken the power of your existence. If your mental energy is weakened, I can become free to do as I wish.
Fei: What?
Id: There are still things inside of you which you haven't been shown yet.

There is a noise

Id: Huh? Someone's coming! It's probably your friends. They must have followed me.
Fei: Where are you going?
Id: I came to reestablish contact with the Existence. To tie together all the threads of your memories since ancient times and then cut them off. That is the fate of the Contact. All is ready. It's time for the true awakening! I will eliminate all those who were full of hypocrisy from the very beginning.

He leaves

Fei: Wait! Wait for me, Id!
Id: You just stay here and observe!

Citan: W-what is this?

Citan: Fei? This must mean this is Weltall's transformed appearance!

Citan and company fight Id

Citan: Wiseman!
Wiseman: It's already too late! Assist me, for I am about to exterminate Id.
Citan: !
Wiseman: Zohar is Deus's core. The slave generators and ether, it's the source of all their energy. After attaining its power, the freshly awakened Id intends to annihilate this world! The contact with Zohar was meant to have been done after the unifying Fei's true personality!

Id moves in

Wiseman: Hah! Keep back!

Id: But I cannot be stopped by you. You who couldn't even protect his own wife and son! You can not even bear to show you face to your son. That's why you wear a mask, isn't it Khan!
Citan: Son?
Wiseman: ...
Id: That's right! This man is Fei's, no, I mean, my father, Khan Wong!

Id: Too bad. The new personality of Fei that you gave birth to and all that work that your persona did to make him one, perfect, unified whole has been wasted. He will be swallowed up by me!
Khan: I won't permit it! I will destroy you first!
Id: As if you could, sissy! Mother died because of your cowardly behavior. And as a result, he ran away from that reality by entering into his own memories! And now I continue my existence bearing all that hatred. You wouldn't be able to imagine what it's like!
Khan: I wasn't simply working to unify Fei's personality, you know! All that you and I feel the sadness, the hatred, even though he also experienced such things Fei needed to be encouraged to build himself up in order to be able to comprehend all of this. Fei should be able to understand all of your feelings now! But now you want to erase the one who understands you, to kill Fei! What is it that you want?
Id: Why ask me such a thing now? My purpose is the same as his total destruction! That and that alone!
Khan: Is this world so bad a place that there is only hatred inside of you?
Id: You're the ones who made me this way, you and that woman! Admit it!

Id attacks

Khan: Argh! Fei! Can you hear me? Please take this fist full of memories I am giving you, becoming one with yourself and with me!

He attacks back

Citan: Remember! Were you not going to help Elly?

Fei: A world filled with hatred and sadness. That's all that's here. Yes, now I understand, Id. Why you hate the world. Why there is nothing inside you. Nothing, nothing was given to you, deprived of all the happy memories. And yet, it feels pleasant. It almost feels good, now I get it! There's no need to resist. I was originally just an existence that was created as a cover to hide everything, including ourselves...
Citan: Remember! Were you not going to help Elly!
Fei: Elly? That's right! Elly! I've got to save Elly!

Id: What's he done now? He only called you in here for his own sake. This is inside the shell of your basic character, the room of the 'coward'. I'm sure you've been here many times before.
Fei: I see, I remember now. In my dreams...
Id: Everything despised and unwanted he pushed onto me, while he shut himself up in his own little shell, the 'coward' Fei, the basis for our personalities.
Coward: Who are you? Ah, you're my... Hey, let's watch this together! This is my most treasured possession...
Id: Hah! By repeatedly replaying the times he was full of happiness he lives in his own happy little world. While I'm still alive only because of what's left in those left over dregs.

Fei: Dad! I'm sorry, this is all my fault.
Khan: Fei? You've returned to your own self; you've become one.
Fei: Yes, thanks to you all. If all of you hadn't called out to me...
Khan: Urgh!
Fei: Dad!
Khan: Don't worry, this is good; this is, after all... I...
Fei: Dad?
Khan: You and I...
Grahf: You and I can become one!

Grahf: Ha ha! I reached the limit of the body I possessed, on that day 3 years ago. I required a body that would tide me over until your true awakening. That is why I acquired the body of your father. Regardless of your awakening, your merging, and the inherited memories you had acquired there was no way for you to know this, since you had lost your memory at that point. At the point in which I merged with your father.
Fei: Impossible! What about Wiseman? What about father?
Grahf: Of course they were just parts of me. I couldn't hold on to Khan totally. His ego was far stronger than I imagined. When my control weakened, he showed himself to you as Wiseman.
Fei: Arggh...
Grahf: You have awakened. This body is now useless to me. Now I must return to my original body, the reincarnation of my body that you inhabit.
Fei: Stop it! Dad!
Grahf: I hear you Fei; you see, He and I are one. I am Khan, Khan is me. He has become one with me, so you too should open your heart and unite with me. Then we can go on to eliminate everything!
Fei: No... I... can't... allow... you... to... control... me!

Grahf: I'll merge with both you and your machine then. Now come, Fei! Fight me!
Fei: It's no use! I know you're Lacan, and that you're a part of me. But that doesn't change you being my father. I could never really fight you!
Grahf: You're so naive! Why don't you understand that your naivety is what killed Sophia, what killed your mother 'Karen'?
Fei: I already know that! That's why I swore never to run away again that I must rescue Elly. So don't get in my way! Wake up! Open your eyes, father, -Lacan-!
Grahf: If that's the case then fight me! Fight me!
Fei: I can't!
Grahf: I see, then there's no choice.
Fei: ?
Grahf: Since you are so unwilling to fight, I believe I'll have to use them as bait.
Fei: Stop it! Don't we have the same memories? Can't you also remember that sadness that you felt way back then? Why then, why must you destroy everything? If we stop
Deus, won't this all be over?
Grahf: You still don't understand even after your contact with the existence?
I came to understand after my contact with the Existence that, even if Deus was destroyed, as long as humans still inhabit this land, Miang, Elhaym, will be born time and again. Then all living things may as well perish along with Deus itself. That's the only path to freedom. The path to release us from the eternal cycles of life, the tragedies of history and the spell of fate! Once I awaken Deus as a weapon, I'll obliterate all living things. Then I'll use your awakened self and that machine to return everything to nothing. That's what I concluded. Miang and Elhaym are not just Deus' mouthpieces. That 'woman' is its main body! Why can't you see that?
Fei: That's not true. She gave her life for me by shielding me from harm! Her eyes weren't Miang's! Mother came back at the last moment! Miang, mother, even Elly, were all humans born on this planet! Deus doesn't matter! You'll see, I will bring Elly back!
Father, no, Grahf -Lacan-! If you won't back down...