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Part 40: Snowfield


Fei finds himself in the ruins of Shevat, which was hit by the Merkava's laser.

First we happen upon Hans, here is his saga (I am not typing all of this since it is side story and I am lazy)

They are... MEN... OF... THE SEA!

This miner wants some gold for funding. When I come back later he'll ask for Gold Bullion as additional funding. After that he'll dig up a music box for me.

I'm pretty much the world's only hope and the merchants are fucking me in the ass.

I get this doll after I beat the dolphin kid in the card game. Five wins in a row nets me an Elly Jr. Doll. The dolls are items for Emeralda, they're pretty kick ass. After I take the Elly doll he won't play anymore.

So I buy these birds at a RIDICULOS premium. Then they fly away. Fortunately that's what I wanted since it gives me access to the floating stone platform.

Fei: I wonder what happened to him when Shevat crashed down to earth? I haven't seen him. His treasure, can we just take it? I'm sure he won't mind if we just borrow it.

What follows is an epic looting spree

Fei: Just borrowing, just borrowing...

Fei: Hey, it's not like we're grave robber or anything, really! So don't hex us or haunt us, OK! Please, we're begging you.


The retarded badges I traded twenty hours ago.

Fei: I bet that old chu-chu guy must have been so happy. It was displayed here so nicely. I can't take this from him.

So yeah, I leave the worthless items and take the good stuff.

Zephyr: Our sorrow, our defilement, our mistakes. If only we could wipe away these things as easily as that. What have we, have I, been doing, been pursuing for these past 500 years? By the way, how is the person you rescued from Merkava? I heard he recovered consciousness?
Citan: Yes, well, at first, he had lost faith in himself but now he is better. Kahr has revived himself, and has found some real meaning in his life. If he decides to fight on our side then our total fighting power shall be greatly increased.

Citan: Right now, we must forget about being friend or foe. We all must support one another, regardless... Right now, we need your help!
Ramsus: ...I... am... just trash... ...a... reject...

Citan slaps Kahr knocking him to the floor

Citan: Stop feeling sorry for yourself and pull yourself together man!
Sigurd: Hyuga!? What are you...
Citan: Trash, reject, you can take pity and call yourself that all you want, but what about them!?

Citan: The reasons why you helped the girls who had no one to turn to, may not have been that noble, but in spite of that, they stuck with you. Do you know why? They know you better than anybody else. They know the true kindness that exists in your heart. They know because they want to be loved. That is why they won't leave you. Kahr, do not make them into the trash or rejects that you speak of.
Dominia: Commander...
Ramsus: All of you...
Citan: Needless to say, you are not trash or a reject; we know that better than anyone does.
Ramsus: I-I didn't realize that what I've been looking for was so close to me. I'm sorry for not realizing sooner!
Dominia: Oh, Commander!

Fei: When this battle ends, I want to face Ramsus one on one in sport, not war, as a martial artist.
Zephyr: I am sure he wishes the same thing too.
Fei: Perhaps...
Zephyr: Fei, may I ask you something? About Elly, what if, even if we break
Zohar's spell, she doesn't return to normal?
Fei: Elly will go back to her usual self! I will go on believing that. But even if that doesn't happen. I will still, well, let's just say I'm prepared for that too!
Zephyr: You don't have to do this if you don't want to, you know. Your opponent is the person you love. If you decide to quit now, no one will blame you.
Fei: To quite would be meaningless. All that I fought for and all that I live for, would come to have no meaning at all. People should be free. With no one bound by others, and no one binding others. Inside of me, there is a part of me that desires that freedom, and a part of me that gives me hope. So, I shall fight to win true freedom! For we are still alive! We fight to live. That is the reason why I fight. It's proof I'm human. I promised my father, and myself too, that I would free Elly from Deus' binds that I would save her.
Zephyr: I understand. So, let's keep believing and hope for a miracle...

Clearing things up with Dan

Dan: Living inside of you, Fei, there is a monster that's not you. He's the bad one; he's to blame. So, to forgive you or not to forgive you, that's not the problem. It's not like it's going to turn things back to the way they were, but ergh... it's just, I don't know how to day it properly, but I'm sorry. I, ergh, I-I
Fei: It's alright Dan, enough already; I understand. It is my fault; I'm sorry I caused you such pain.
Dan: ...
Fei: I'm just glad I could finally make peace with you. Take care, kiddo.

Midori: Cause inside of that monster, I knew you were doing all you could to fight it, Fei, I knew it.
Fei: Midori I had better give this back to you. It's your precious ring, right? Be a good little girl and listen to your mother, Yui, alright, Midori? Oh, and look after Dan for me, OK?
Midori: Fei, you be careful too. I'm sure your voice will reach her too Fei.
Fei: Yeah, I guess you're right. Ok, well, I'm going now so see you later.
Midori: here, I got this from Chu-chu. Fei, you can have it; I'll trade you for my ring.

I get a Hercules Ring.

Finally one last thing

Specialist: There are no men with enough guts to ask me to forge them a weapon to fight Deus. If you bring me a nifty sword, I can forge it into something truly amazing for you, anytime. But I won't work for anyone rude enough to ask me to check a weapon while it's still equipped to their gear. HINT, HINT Ohh, the Kishin! You sure have a novel sword. Looks interesting, lemme take a peak. This came out great. It was like turning plowshares into swords I see what you did there. Use this sword and make Deus and his legions pay

I get the Kijin Sword.