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Part 7: Bledavik

Now with full names as per requested.


First things first, Bart needs to learn his death blows. So we prance around the desert, Bart is banned from gears until he catches up.

He's even banned on the world map

Finally Bart's ass catchs up and we go to Bledavik, the capital of Aveh.

As soon as we get there we see the giant airship that Fei saw in Blackmoon Forest land in a hatch.

Crewman 1: Hull, all sections secure.
Crewman 2: Gravity distribution normal. Shutting down propulsion system.
Crewman 3: Begin docking procedure.

Miang: The Prime Minister and General Vanderkaum are here to see you, commander.
Ramsus: Hmph, what a dismal welcome.
Miang: What do you expect? We're on the 'surface'.
Ramsus: Miang, let's disembark.
Miang: Yes, sir.

Once they disembark they are greeted by Shakhan, the ruler of Aveh, Solaris' puppet

Shakhan: Well, well, Commander. You've only just taken command and already you are achieving splendid results. You dispatched those irksome Kislev units in a matter of days, I'm very impressed.

Ramsus disregards Shakhan's praise and begins to speak with Vanderkaum

Ramsus: I can't believe you were beaten by such a small force. I have only just taken over my post and already you have embarrassed me!

Vanderkaum: They had a new model Gear that was very mobile; I couldn't get a lock on it with the main gun. Otherwise there would have been no way we could have been beaten by such. Vanderkaum is in contention with Dan for most retarded looking character he has a perpetual look of
Ramsus: Fool! Know when to use that big gun, and on whom! You failed because you try to solve everything with force. You have muscles instead of brains.
Vanderkaum: Commander!
Ramsus: Dismissed. Go polish your 1200 sem cannon.

Ramsus goes Shakhan and Miang to Fatima Castle

Shakhan: Tomorrow is the 500th anniversary of this country. Please come to the dedication ceremony. There is a customary Tournament after the dedication ceremony.
Ramsus: What about the incident in that report?
Shakhan: What? Oh, you mean the 500 year old mobile weapon excavated from the ruins? Thanks to the help of the 'Ethos', the repairs are complete. I thought we could announce it on the day of the dedication ceremony.
Ramsus: Toys like that should be given to Vanderkaum. I'm talking about the 'Fatima Jasper'.
Shakhan: I already have acquired one half of the crest. But I haven't been able to get her to tell me where the other half is. She is a rather strong-willed girl.
Ramsus: You're not being rough with her, are you?
Shakhan: Of course not. I know you despise vulgar acts like that.
Ramsus: You said the girl is the Holy Mother of Nisan, is she upstairs?
Shakhan: Yes, in the east tower.
Ramsus: Miang, could it possibly be a 'Relic'?
Miang: Yes. But there is still no response. There seems to be a barrier or something. However, we do know from the 500 year old records that one certainly exists in this vicinity. It's probably well preserved too.
Ramsus: Let's meet her. I want to talk to her directly. Miang, you come with me.
Miang: Yes sir.

Their elevator stops at the top and the walk to a guarded door

Shakhan: Commander, please.

Ramsus and Miang go in, Shakhan walks off.

Margie: Who are you?
Ramsus: I am Ramsus, she is Miang. We would like to ask you some questions.
Margie: I'm Margie. Actually, it's Marguerite. What do you want to know? My favorite food? I like cake, Chiffon Nisan is my favorite. I haven't had it in so long. Margie is either a moron, or excellent and hiding information.
Ramsus: Marguerite, we want to ask you about the Fatima family treasure, I'm talking about the 'Fatima Jasper'. You see, I'm keeping the piece you had in a safe place. But I don't know where the other half is. Do you?
Margie: Nope. The one I had you took from me. You didn't even give me anything for it. Hey, the next time you come could you bring me some Chiffon Nisan? I used to eat it every day in Nisan. I don't think they make it in Aveh. Aveh used to have such good bakers, but I guess they must have all died in the war.
Ramsus: That is too bad. I don't know much about cake, but I'll see if I can find some for you next time.
Margie: Thank you, Ramsus. I'll be waiting.
Ramsus: Is there anything else you need? If there's something you want I'll bring it next time.
Margie: No. I just want to go back to Nisan. They must be so worried about me.
Ramsus: I'm sorry but please wait a little longer. We want you to stay here until we find the other half of the 'Fatima Jasper'.

Shakhan is watching all of this from a secret camera

Shakhan: I'm amazed she talked that much. He can handle women as well as he says. He handles women so well, I mean he totally got all the information he wanted.

Shakhan: I can't prevent them from meeting her. Not when it's him we are talking about.
Besides, Marguerite isn't talking anyway. Wait I thought he was handeling her? So there is no need to worry, but where did the leak about the Jasper come from? The 'Ethos'? Ridiculous! Hmm, if this continues my plans will be... We had better find out who is leaking out our information immediately. In the meantime, we'll have to administer some truth serum to our guest, Miss Marguerite. It strikes me that he should have done this a long time ago. Shakhan is winning the bumbling villain award at the moment. We must find the other piece of the 'Fatima Jasper' as quickly as we can.
Guard: But...
Shakhan: However spineless the last commander, Vanderkaum was, this time Gebler has sent their highest commanding officer. His country is throwing all their weight into this. And there is nothing we can do about it!

Fei and company arrive

A woman runs up to them

Woman: Welcome to Bledavik! We're having a festival celebrating the founding of our country, Aveh. There's a martial arts tournament too. It's been a while since we had so many visitors. Do you already have a hotel?
Fei: Not yet.
Woman: You'd better get a room soon or they'll all be gone. I know a good hotel. The hotel I am talking about is...

Camera pans to a hotel

Woman: That one. Tell them my name at the front desk and they'll give you a deal.

The woman runs off, wait she didn't tell us her name, bitch.

There's some storyline shit to do, but I'd rather go play at the fair. But, first things first, remember rock, paper, scissors in Lahan? Well it's hide and seek in this shithole.

I find the little bastard four times and he hands over this

I have about 15,000G at the moment, but that won't stop me from dicking over the locals. I wait without answering, every 5 seconds the merchants take off 1G, up to three times.

We head north to the festival grounds.

I buy a super-awesome toy gun and a pair of gear models from a vendor, giving one of them to a kid yields a hot tip about a hidden gold nugget (2000G here I come). His dad yells at me for spoiling his kid, but fuck him.

I talk to a guy outside of a tent and get a sweet red balloon

Fuck this kid, he's just jealous

Then this dude teaches me how to blow fire

A fortune teller tells me where Margie is, too bad I already knew.

This guy sells cakes

The hot ones make you gain weight, and the cold ones take some off

Another stand asks if I want Bartweiser Lite, the answer is hell yes

Thanks, Big Joe taught me.

Well, after talking to the UFO conspiracy theory guy I head back to the hotel.

Citan: Let us borrow a room here for our planning session.

A nun walks up to us

Sister: Ah, excuse me but, aren't you Prince Bartholomew? Yeah, just go shouting that shit around in Bledavik, I'm not at war with the place or anything,
Bart: And you are?
Sister: I was sent here by the Nisan Sect. I'm here to check up on Mother Marguerite. Prince Bartholomew, I knew you would come sooner or later!
Citan: Well, let us not just stand here chatting. Shall we use a room?
Sister: You must be tired. I'll be in my room, please come by later.

The camera pans to a room

Nun: That's my room there.

We go to grab a room, unfortunately they're all out of rooms, but when I mention that crazy lady one opens up, when I admit to not knowing her name they offer me 10G off per head, still 120G is bullshit when the Yggdrasil is parked outside and free.

Our heroes go to the nun's room

Nun: Excuse me but who are they?
Bart: Oh, this is Fei and Citan. They're going to help rescue Margie.
Nun: Thank you for coming here in this desert heat. I am a servant of the Nisan Sect. Ever since Shakhan took Mother Marguerite I've been looking into ways to get her back. I've been trying to find out where she is being held. I've been busy listening to workers talk about the comings and goings from the castle; and giving food to the guards who are preparing for the tournament to loosen their lips, too. Finally yesterday, I got some information, Margie's in the citadel. We knew that, shit even the fortune teller knew that. The problem is how to slip into the castle, I thought about it a lot, but it looks pretty bleak. I'm sorry.
Bart: No big deal. At least we know where she is now. You just relax, we'll find a way to slip into the castle.
Nun: My apologies. If there is anything else I can do to help just ask, do you have any good leads?
Bart: Not yet. We're gonna' hit the streets for info, now. Then we'll think about the rest later.
Nun: I see. I'm very relieved that you are all here. Please come see me again if you hear anything new.

Fei and Citan go to the front of the palace, Bart hangs back so that he isn't recognized, never mind that the last time he was in Bledavik he was 6

Gambler: Yo, dude! Try and pick the champion?
Citan: The champion of what?
Gambler: Huh? The champion of the 'Tournament'!
Citan: Excuse us, we have only just arrived and know nothing of the Tournament.
Gambler: Oh, tourists, huh? Well, let me tell you about the Tournament. Every year they hold a big martial arts Tournament here in Aveh. Fighters from all over the world gather to see who's the strongest. It's like a big brawl. Everyone goes wild over guessing who'll win. So, wanna give it a try?
Citan: Betting on the Tournament, is that allowed at such a grand event?
Gambler: You bet. The soldiers are crazy about it. If Kislev attacked tomorrow Aveh would be dust. What are you gonna' do? Registration's not over yet, but all the strong ones have signed up. The rest are only after the consolation prizes anyway.
Citan: Let us wait and see. Some strong ones might still register.
Gambler: Ha! Buncha' cowards.
Citan: Fei, we can use this to our advantage! If you create a stir at the Tournament, the guards will be watching you rather than their posts. It will make it easy for us to sneak into the castle and rescue Margie. What do you think Fei? Will you enter the Tournament?
Fei: Who, me?
Citan: While you draw the guard's attention the young one can sneak into the castle. Surely, you see that is the only way we will get in? Right, let us go sign you up. And Fei, do not use your real name, make another suitable one.

Fei goes to register

Booth Guy: This is the Tournament Registration Booth.
Fei: I'd like to enter the Tournament.
Booth Guy: Please sign in here.

Fei is unimaginative, so he takes the literal approach

Soldier: You're the Ponytailed Youth, right? You are signed up. The Tournament begins tomorrow. Please make sure you are here.

Well, that's set now to figure out how to get Bart in. We go back to the entrance and find a grate leading to the waterway, too bad it's locked.

Woman: I've been here for 60 years. The water is the only thing that doesn't change. There's a spring flowing beneath the castle. I was worried that when the king died, the water would stop too, but it didn't. That old guy down there in charge of the water won't budge an inch even for Shakhan. Yeah! He's a great guy! My childhood friend.
Man: No good, no good. You won't open it without the key! Many years ago a kid got lost down there. I think he was from the armor store.

Well, back to the hotel to see the nun -or sister or whatever the hell she wants to be called

Sister: Any new information? Good ideas?
Bart: I just remembered where Bledavik's water supply comes from, spring water rises up from under the castle and flows to the town via a series of underground waterways. We can sneak into the castle by going through these underground waterways. We can get into them from the town's well. The waterways should lead right up to the castle's reservoir. If we are able to get that far, we should be able to sneak into other rooms of the castle from there.
Citan: Tomorrow Fei will be in the Tournament at Fatima castle. We will put on a good show to distract the guards. Then Bart will infiltrate the castle through the underground waterways by way of the well. I will accompany Fei to the Tournament. I will also help to work the crowd and secure our escape. There is one problem. The well is locked. First we must find the key.
Bart: Let's go find the key, and fast!

We talk to the hide and seek kid, he gives us some useless info about how to swim, back to the well

Man: The well key? I've got it. I'm in charge of the waterworks association. What are you gonna' do with the key?

Sure let's tell our plan to this random bum

Man: What! You wanna' clash with Shakhan? Hah! This is great! This is great! I like you guys. I'll lend you the key. You get that Shakhan for me!
That worked well, sure would have sucked balls if he was a Shakhan loyalist.

Back to the sister

Sister: Any luck finding the well key?
Bart: Yeah, the old guy next to the well had it.
Citan: Preparations for our plan are complete. Tonight we will stay in the hotel and start out tomorrow. We are free to do what we like for now. Let's have a look around the town.

Fei heads back to the festival alone

Fei plays some carnival games. On the way out he runs into this guy
Guy: It's me

Guy: So how's my wife and daughter doing back at the village? [i]Yeah, about that...
Of course they're fine, that's the only thing they do well. Ha, ha, ha! I want to return soon, but I don't have the money to bring them to Aveh. I'm done getting the festival ready, and now I've got another job. I'm really busy. It'd be nice to have a little lodge in a small village like Lahan Wait, you just said you had a lodge in Lahan. To get the money together, I started a business and now I'm really busy. I want to send my girl to school and buy nice things for my wife. I guess I'm talking too much. Ha,ha, ha! If I don't go soon the boss'll get mad. Well, see ya' Fei!

The party sleeps

Citan: Good morning. Operation 'Rescue Margie' is now underway! Citan is, much like Fei, sucks at naming things. First Fei and I will prepare for the Tournament at the arena. When the Tournament starts, Bart will enter the waterway through the well and head for the castle. If you swim against the current you should reach the castle. I am certain there will still be some guards there, so please dispose of them quietly. We will make a good show at the Tournament to draw the guards' attention as long as possible. During that time, you can rescue Margie. Any questions?
Fei: Got it.
Citan: Then let us go. Be careful, young one!

Back to the tournament grounds
Guard: Participant? Okay, go on through.

Next gate, some people are talking about who they're betting on who will win.

Crap, The Joe is here.

Fei approaches the next gate

Guard: Only participants are allowed in here. Your friend will have to sit in the spectator's area.
Citan: Well then, I will be over here cheering for you. Do not beat them too soon. The better you do, the easier it will be for Bart to sneak in.

Fei goes into a tent

Yes sir, Mr.Big

Big Joe: That's right I'm the one and only, Big Joe. Hey, boy, do you know the secret of strength? It's gratitude to all your fans. Their love gives me strength. Hey, boy, do you have anyone cheering for you?
Fei: Yes
Big Joe: OK, don't forget to thank them.

If you deign to claim you don't remember Joe you get this message

Now to the other tent, whose that midget?

Fei: What are you doing here?
Dan: It's your fault that Alice... I'll never forgive you. I'm gonna kill you!
Fei: Dan...
Guard: Attention all participants. We will be starting soon. Please enter the area.
Dan: You're the enemy of everyone in Lahan! I'm gonna kick your butt in front of everyone! And don't be runnin' away either!
Fei: Dan... How did he even know I was here?!

Fei: ? Are you wearing a fish mask?
Mysterious Man: Seems like you and that boy have some kind of problem.
Fei: Who do you think you are? Mind your own business!
Mysterious Man: Ha ha ha!
Fei: What's so funny?
Mysterious Man: Nothing, just wondering what kind of fight you will have with that boy. Well, I'm looking foward to it, 'Fei'.
Fei: Huh?

Fish-face walks out
Fei: (How does that guy know my name? I didn't enter my real name.)

Now to Bart and the waterways

Bart: It's about to start! I guess I better go get ready too.
Sister: Is this plan really going to work?
Bart: It's already started. If something's wrong now, that's tough! What're you worried about? Fei'll do okay. Besides, Citan's with him too. Now, all I gotta' do is sneak into the castle through the well. No problem.
Sister: I pray so.
Bart: Well, I'm going. Margie's waiting in the citadel.
Sister: Well then, do be careful. And thank you for helping Mother Marguerite.
Bart: No sweat! You'd better get out of Aveh now too. Things are gonna' get outta' hand soon.
Sister: Thank you.

Back to Fei the tournament starts with a big speach

Shakhan: Brave young men are spilling their blood on the front lines. Our army is the best, but the tides of war are uncertain. To protect the tradition of Aveh and preserve peace in this desert, we all must have unshaking resolve. The desert is a precious treasure passed down to us from our ancestors. Here we can forge our minds and bodies into one. Our teachers are the sun and wind. We are gathered here today, with our strong bodies forged by the desert. The sun above us is the same as that which burns over our fathers at the front. The wind blowing here is the same that which whisks our resolves and prayers to our sons at the front. This Tournament raises our spirits and renews our blessings from this desert we live in. Brave ones, warriors, fight well and do not shame our brothers at the front. Let the 338th Tournament begin!


Shakhan: Hmm, a moving speech if I do say so myself.

Ramsus and Miang walk in

Shakhan: Oh, commander Ramsus. Sorry to have kept you waiting. This way, please.
Ramsus: I'm afraid I do not have time for such gay revelry. I just dropped by to bid you farewell.
Shakhan: What a pity. You do not like our entertainment?
Ramsus: I find it boring. Your peasant tripe fails to amuse me, now DANCE!
Miang: Oh, let it be Commander. Shakhan is only trying to show hospitality. I personally find martial arts quite interesting. I look foward to seeing the Tournament.
Shakhan: To say that this event is a tribute to you, Commander, is no understatement. Your gracious help in our time of need enabled us to celebrate the country's founding today.
Ramsus: Founding, how impudent. It's not even your country. Hmph, do as you like.

Ramsus leaves.

Shakhan: Miang, how about the Tournament? Will you grace us with your company? Miang: Yes. It would be a pleasure.
Shakhan: Oh, it's starting!
Announcer: The first match, Gonzales vs. the Ponytailed Slacker!

Fei kicks Gonzales' teeth in without breaking a sweat.

Bart swings through the waterways

Oh hey, is that a gold nugget in this restaurant's fish tank? :Yoink:

Oh Bart, always with the hijinx

Bart finds a steel gate

Bart: That's gotta be the floodgate.

Back to Fei, this time he's fighting Big Joe

Joe hit's for nothing, but his fans throw cans at Fei for 1/3 of his life and heal Joe. Fei charges up his combo bar and puts Joe down.

Bart finds an old man in the next room

Old Man: What! Playing in the reservoir again? Get up out of there now, boy! Kid, how many times must I tell you, hmm? How many years has it been? Well, haven't you grown up? Is this some sort of joke? Answer me!

Bart: What are you babblin' on about?

Old man: What!? Ramble! Did you say I rambled on? Why you little brat! The only people I allowed to call me a rambler were my late mother and the young prince. His highness... what was his name?
Bart: You mean his highness 'Prince Bartholomew'?
Old man: Yes, his highness, Prince Bartholomew. Boy, you certainly know a lot. If Bartholomew was still alive he'd be just about your age. Did you know that both he and his family were killed by that Shakhan? You won't beat me, Shakhan. I'll protect Aveh's water till I die!
Bart: Really? Thanks old man. Father would be glad.
Old man: Whaddya' mean, father? Are you the son of an acquaintance of mine? Wait, wait, I remember. ...! No, no, that's not it. I don't recall the king having any secret sons.
Bart: Sorry, but I don't have time to explain. You'll remember. See ya!

Fei fights Scud

Scud is obnoxious, she poisons Fei and heals herself frequently... C-C-C-C-COMBO, and Scud drops

Bart walks around the courtyard and does some looting

Fei's next opponent is Dan

Fei: What are you doing here, Dan?
Dan: Hmph! I escaped from Yui's place! I'm here to avenge my sister's death!
Fei: Please, Dan. Stop it!
Dan: Shut your mouth! I'll never forgive you. You murderer!!
Fei: Ergh, what do you want me to do?
Dan: I'm gonna take you down!

Fei just blocks as Dan yells at him
Dan: This is for Timothy!
Dan: This is for my sister!

Then he gets really pissed

Fei actually has to use Inner Healing for the first time ever.

Finally Dan wears himself out

This is for all of Lahan!

Dan: Damn you Fei, why don't you fight back? C'mon I challenged you!
Fei: I can't. There's no way I could ever bring myself to strike you, Dan. Oh, but I could!
Dan: Darn! Taking you down so easily like this isn't going to satisfy the souls of my sister and Timothy! Blast! I'll save this dual for later. The next time I meet you, it's going to be your funeral! Scum! Until then hang onto this! Every time you look at it, I want you to suffer and feel the guilt for what you did

Fei: Dan, I...
Dan: Shut up! I don't want to hear your stupid excuses! Fei, you're such a bastard!

Seriously, this dress is pretty good; here it is when I'm wearing the Metal Vest I got from Big Joe

Bart wanders into the library and finds a book called Aveh's True History
Book: In the dark days of the Fatima rule, the people had little to eat and even less to be happy about. Their hardship peaked during the reign of Edbart IV. Using the people's fury as his powerbase, Shakahn, the Prime Minister then, lead the armies that broke the tyranny of the Fatima dynasty. Those heroes became the nucleus of Aveh's current armed forces.

I librarian informs Bart that they have to rewrite all the "false" history books of the Fatima dynasty.

Bart finds few people who are happy to see him alive.

Here's Vanderkaum's gun

Fei begins to fight Wiseman, but he just dodges all of Fei's attacks without striking back

Spectators: Boo! Boooooo! Boooring! C'mon, fight properly!
Fei: (This is not good. At this rate...)
Wiseman: Just as I thought.
Fei: ?
Wiseman: You, where did you learn that technique?
Fei: Who cares where? Come on, now, put up a serious fight!
Wiseman: Hmm. So then, why do you fight? For yourself? Or for the sake of others?
Fei: What do you ask that for?
Wiseman: Doesn't there have to be a reason or goal, for a person to fight?
Fei: My reasons for fighting are none of your business!
Wiseman: So, you are fighting for no reason or goal?
Fei: Would you shut up! I'm in the middle of finding my purpose!
Wiseman: Then forget it! For there's no way you could find such.
Fei: What?
Wiseman: You appear to be looking forward, but in reality, you are only looking downward! You are only looking at yourself. Like that, you will find nothing.
Fei: How would you know?
Wiseman: I know, by exchanging blows with you, I can tell a great deal.
Fei: Argh! Shut up!

Fei attacks, Wiseman dodges

Wiseman: Weak, weak. You won't even graze me with those kind of attacks, but superficially, at least, it seems you've matured physically.
Fei: ?
Wiseman: You've done well in recovering from those wounds, Fei.
Fei: How do you know my name! I deliberately didn't use my real name when I entered the contest. And that thing about me recovering from my wounds...? You aren't who I think you are!

Wiseman kneels and looks at his arm

Wiseman: Hm!?
Fei: ?
Wiseman: Oh my, is it already that time? I guess it can't be helped, I've got to be on my way!

Wiseman runs away

Fei: Wait! I want to ask you...!
Spectators: Grumble grumble...
Announcer: Uh, ahem. It appears that competitor Wiseman has forfeited. The remaining competitor will automatically be awarded victory!
Spectators: What!? Are you serious? Booo! Booooo! Yeah! I won the bet!
Fei: Wiseman...

Bart finally finds Margie

Margie: Bart!
Bart: Let's go home, Margie!
Margie: I just knew you'd come for me!
Bart: I'm getting you outta' here! C'mon, follow me!
Margie: Okay, Oh, wait a second.

As they leave they run into Ramsus and Miang.

Margie: Bart! Look!
Bart: Crap! Gebler!
Ramsus: Looks like we have rats. Where do you plan on taking that girl, boy?
Bart: Boy? Ha, boy! Let's see you try and call me that again! Who the hell are you, anyway?
Ramsus: You do have spunk. But I don't need to give my name to rats like you.
Bart: What?
Ramsus: Now hand over the girl. She is a very important guest. Until she tells us where a certain piece of the Fatima Jasper is, we can't allow her to be taken away.
Bart: Gimme a break! You think I'm gonna' hand her over just 'cause you say to? Pull your head out, you Gebler geek!
Ramsus: Hmm. I assume you know where such abusive language will lead you.

Ramsus whips out his sword

Miang: If you truly want to protect that child, then surrender, Prince Bartholomew!
Bart: Oh yeah? You know about me, huh? Heh! It's not such a bad feeling having your name known by someone as beautiful as you.
Margie: Ba-arty!
Miang: You may have had your problems with Shakhan, but we won't treat you badly. Concerning Shakhan, it really doesnt' matter 'either way' to us.
Bart: That's nice to know. But I can't accept it. See, for me, 'either way' is bad.
Ramsus: Then it's decided.
Bart: Tch, Margie! Hide back behind there!

Margie: No! I'll fight too!

They fight Miang heals Ramsus and Margie heals Bart. Miang intervenes to save Ramsus, then Fei jumps in.

Fei: Bart! You okay, Bart?
Bart: Glad you're here, Fei!
Ramsus: Fei?
Fei: What's wrong, Bart? I thought this was just a simple rescue.
Bart: Shut up! This jerk butted in and slowed me down!
Ramsus: (The way he attacked, it reminds me of someone from my past...)

Ramsus has a flashback
We see the red-haired guy from Fei's dream on the sand cruiser destroying some gears bare-handed, his techniques are similar to Fei's

Ramsus: Enough talk! Battling will reveal the truth about you.
Bart: Careful Fei! This Gebler jerk's pretty strong.

Ramsus loses hard

Ramsus: (He looks, completely different, and there's no response. Is it just my imagination? But that technique was indeed 'his.' What's more, the name Fei, where have I...)

Ramsus flashes back to a phrase that appears across the screen

Phrase: Fei, that is my child's name...

Ramsus: Gah!
Margie: Leave the rest to me!
Bart: Margie?

Margie summons a swarm of rats and she, Bart, and Fei knock a Gebler guard away and take the elevator

Ramsus: Rats? (Is it 'him'? Or do I only want to think so? If it is 'him,' I, I am...)

Another phrase flashback

Phrase: ...Worthless... ...A reject...

Ramsus: GUARD! Double the guards on both shifts. Don't let those rats in here again. He's talking about Bart and Fei, not the literal rats.

In the elevator

Bart: Hey, Fei! Do you know where this elevator goes?
Fei: I don't know. Where does it go?
Bart: I'm asking you! This thing wasn't here before. Don't worry. We'll get you back home, somehow!
Margie: I'm not worried.
Bart: Hey Fei, how did the Tournament go?
Fei: Uh, I won, I guess.
Bart: That's what I thought. I knew you could do it.

They exit the elevator

Fei: Gebler's aerial battleship!

Margie: Yeah, but look what's coming out of it!
Bart: Are you guys in the mood for another battle?
Margie: Bart, we'd better get out of here, and fast!
Fei: Quick, run!

Intercom: There are intruders in the base! There are three intruders presently heading for the dock area. The two men may be killed, but do not harm the girl.

Fei: You're, Elly? What are you doing here?
Elly: I should be asking you! Don't tell me you're the intruders, Fei?
Fei: Huh?
Bart: If she's in our way, just...
Fei: Wait a second, Bart! She, Elly is not an enemy!
Bart: Not an enemy ? Are you sane? Look at her uniform! She's a Gebler officer!
Fei: ...

Soldiers enter the hall

Soldier: They ran in here!
Elly: Hurry! This way!

They hide in Elly's room

Elly: It sounds like they've gone.
Bart: Fei, can you explain to me how you know a Gebler officer?
Fei: Well...
Bart: I don't know where you met her, but no matter how you look at it, she's a Gebler officer! Not an enemy? Where do you get off saying that?
Elly: Yes. Special Forces of the Sacred Empire of Solaris. Also known as Gebler. I'm Lieutenant Elhaym Van Houten of the Ignas Army's Third Assault Division. And, while returning from a mission to capture the newest model Gear from a Kislev military factory I was attacked by pursuing Kislev Gears and crash-landed in your village.
Fei: ...
Elly: I wanted to tell you, but I just couldn't bring myself to. When I heard what my crash-landing in your village had caused, I couldn't tell you.
Fei: I knew.
Elly: Fei!
Fei: I overheard you talking with doc.
Elly: Then why?
Fei: It was, all my fault. But I lashed out at you with my own feelings, I'm sorry.
Elly: No it wasn't...
Fei: Just forget about it. You couldn't help it, you had your own problems.
Elly: But, Fei, why are you with them?
Fei: I'm cooperating with Bart and his crew. We came to rescue Margie who was taken prisoner in the castle here.
Elly: I see.

Elly opens the door

Bart: Hey! Wait just a minute! Where do you think you're going?
Elly: You want to get out of the castle, right? In this confusion you can escape through the launch door.
Bart: Great idea! But, do we really buy that? I don't think so! She talks sweet, but she's probably planning to turn us over to that old bald geezer. It's a trick, Fei!
Fei: ...
Margie: Wait Bart! She's not a bad person. She said she'd help us, so let's go with her plan
Bart: You're always like this! Can't you see? She's in Gebler! Don't be so damn trusting!
Margie: That's not true, is it, Elly?
Bart: Oh yeah? Look where your ability to judge character got you! Fei, what about you? Do you believe her?
Fei: I made up my mind long ago.
Elly: Fei...
Bart: Gah! First you, now her! The whole lot of you can go jump off a cliff for all I care!
Elly: Wait here a second. The coast is clear! Quick, follow me!

Elly takes the party to the gear hanger

Elly: This is the Gear's start up code. You can start any standard Gear with this code.
Fei: Elly?
Elly: This is all I can do for you. The rest is up to fate...
Bart: Alright! Let's go, Fei! What are you doing? Hurry up!
Fei: Elly! Come with us!
Elly: !
Fei: You're not the type of person suited to a place like this!
Elly: Fei...
Bart: You're just wasting time talking! They're coming! We're gonna get caught!
Fei: Elly...
Elly: Thanks, but it's impossible. I'm, a Solaris soldier. This is where I belong. I can't go with you.
Fei: Elly!
Elly: Fei, the next time we meet, we'll be enemies.

Elly leaves

Ramsus and Miang are with a group of Gebler troops, including Elly

Miang: Commander!

[A soldier walks up to Ramsus and tells him something.]

Soldier: (Commander, I've a message from Hyu...)
Ramsus: What! Stop the power up! Recall all men back to base and wait for further orders! ...That fool. What is he doing down here now?