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Part 9: Mountain Peak

Mountain Peak

Short update this morning

Maison: At long last we are heading to Bledavik tomorrow. Though he is the prince, our young master doesn't know the Royal Capital very well, I'd always felt that was an awful pity. But despite that, I tried my best to raise him as Crown Prince. However, looking back, I might have put too much of the 'burdens of kingship' on him too early in life. And it might have been too much for a child with a future like his to handle, I must be the most terrible minder ever!
Citan: My dear Lord Maison, I hardly think that is right! The young one would have taken the burden off of himself if he had not wanted it any longer! He is a fine man now, far capable of handling any burdens or pressures. And I believe you are the very ones to have given him the strength to do so.
Maison: Oh my good Doctor Uzuki, I hope you are not too taken back? Lately, there are far few too many barbaria-- I mean, highly energetic lads, around the young master. So, yours truly, who is in charge of education, demanded to have this room created! (But, because of that, I ended up having to take a side job) I think I added this part earlier in the Let's play, well he says it now, but whatever.

Bart and Sigurd are talking on the deck Citan observes from below

Sigurd: Why such a glum face? Tomorrow is our first return to your castle in 12 years.
Bart: Returning to the castle, after we get the royal palace back, I guess I'm going to be the king. I'm not very suited for it, am I?
Sigurd: You'll get used to it.
Bart: Listen, Sig...
Bart: I guess it really doesn't matter who the king is, does it? As long as it's a symbol of hope, right? It doesn't have to be me.
Sigurd: I was captured by Solaris and brainwashed for use as a human guinea pig. Oh, come off it Sigurd, Jesus Christ he'll tell that story to anyone who will listen But, even they couldn't erase my desire to return home. Then, I remembered you and Marguerite, not as the royalty of our country, but as just normal children. I don't care about rebuilding a dynasty. I want to regain this kingdom because it belongs to you, because it's your home!
Bart: Because it's my home?
Sigurd:Yes. For that, we must take Shakhan down tomorrow. Am I correct?
Bart: Right. Then, let's do it!
Sigurd: But first, I think you need to take a bath!
Bart: A bath!?
Sigurd: You don't look like a king at all! You are facing the enemies' leader, so you must have a noble appearance!
Bart: Hey, you just said it didn't matter whether I'm a king or not!
Sigurd: That is that, this is this!

Citan speaks quietly to himself

Citan: That someone was waiting for you. That one thought was all it took for you to regain yourself; you are a great man, Sigurd.

Ramsus is in bed with Miang, he is having a bad dream

Red-haired guy is going apeshit

Ramsus: He's out of control! Stop him! I don't care how, just stop him!

Ramsus' guys get owned

Ramsus: This can't be...

Red-hair get's in his gear keeps killing Ramsus' men

Miang: What's wrong? You look like you have just had a nightmare. It wasn't that same dream again, was it?
Ramsus: No, it was nothing.

Ramsus leaves.

Miang: Kahr

Grahf appears

Miang: Heh heh. I saw the boy that you are after fight in the tournament, I could tell right away. He resembles you greatly.
Grahf: You used the influence of the Ministry to set you up with that man, I don't know what you are up to, but don't you dare think about plotting against me. You stay out of this!
Miang: Oh, I see the new has already reached you. As usual, you're the first to hear about everything. But don't worry, I won't steal your 'prized possession'. I'll cooperate...
Besides, you and I go back a long way.

Back to the Yggdrasil

Bart: What's up?
Franz: No, for a moment, I thought I caught some unnatural sounds.\
Bart: We're near the capital. It's probably just some kind of ship from there.
Franz: But it's not from the surface, it's from under the sand!
Bart: Under the sand? This is the only sand cruiser in all of Aveh!
Sigurd: We haven't heard anything about a new ship even from the spies at Aveh Naval HQ. Franz, can you try and confirm what it is?
Franz: I can't catch it again. It could have been a sand whale.
Pirate: Young master! I'm detecting an increase in the use of F Band! That's the Royal Capital's defense force's frequency!
Franz: There, on the surface layer! I'm detecting sounds of anchors being weighed in and engines being activated! The Royal Capital's defense fleet must be departing!
Pirate: We also intercepted a transmission from the patrol at the border with Kislev! They're requesting immediate backup from the Royal Capital! Looks like we've really raised some hell at the border!
Bart: Alright! We'll start! Ready the shuttle boats! When we land, hide the ship!
Maison: Y, young master! I have an awfully bad feeling about this, Ok, Princess Leia do be very careful!
Bart: It's all right, Maison.

Back in Bledavik, Elly is with the bumbling pilots who attacked Bart's Lair

Broyer: She's said to be an elite out of Jugend.
Stratski: She returned single-handedly from the Kislev infiltration operation.
Helmholz: And 'empty-handedly' I hear! No souvenirs for the Commander, huh?
Renk: Yep, what a pretty face. She's not the soldier type.
Elly: You there! Is that how you address a superior officer? Remember your rank!
Renk: Oh, scary!
Vance: We don't care much for rank, and we don't care much for Renk either! But just because you're beautiful doesn't mean you have to by cocky.
Broyer: Ha! This jerk's just jealous.
Vance: What? I'm much prettier! How could I be jealous?
Stratski: Hey, shut that perv up! He gives me the creeps. Stratski is now my favorite member of the extra chromosome club.
Renk: And that's how it is, so don't get in our way, 'Miss Lieutenant'.
Elly: ...

They approach Vierge (Elly's gear, if you forgot)

Renk: Anyway, let's just get this thing moving. Can't tell what it can do just by looking at it.
Stratski: What kind of machine is this? I've never seen it before.
Renk: It's a new model Gear, called Vierge, that's for officer's use only. It's said that people with normal mental power can't operate it.
Statski: So, she's still a 'Jugend' regardless of having no ability?
Vance: Hah, this looks like fun. Let's see what she can do!

Maitreya: Head for the mountain peak. There's no time to waste. Deploy!

Everyone zips off, Fei grabs some loot and climbs through the cave until he meets a repair bot.

He wants to repair my gear and sell me thing, score.

Maitreya: Fei! A Gebler Gear unit!
Fei: What?

Gebler on the radar

Fei: Let me handle this!
Maitreya: B, but...
Fei: We dont' have time! While we're wasting time here, Bart's team is already on their way to the castle. Hurry!
Maitreya: R, roger.

Fei: Let me handle this!
Elly: That Gear! Don't tell me it's Fei?
Broyer: Hey, is that him? The guy from before?
Renk: Yep. That's him alright.
Broyer: Good. It's time for a rematch. Don't fall behind, sister.
Renk: You're in the way. Why don't you stay over there and just watch?
Stratski: Yeah, yeah. We can take care of these guys on our own.
Helmholz: Sorry about this.
Vance: Get outta' the way.
Elly: Y, all of you! Hold! I haven't given out any orders to attack yet!

Fei trashes the Wandknights. Then he fights Clawknight, Swordknight, and Aegisknight together, they die almost instantly.

Helholz: Aaaaahhh!
Vance: Guaaaaahhh!
Renk: Vance! Helm! You two okay!?
Vance: Why am I losing to a Lamb? Something's wrong, way wrong!
Renk: Vance! Get a hold of yourself! look Vance pretty much always has a hold of himself
Vance: Oh yeah! I just need more! I need more 'Drive'!
Elly: I can't do it. I can't, fight Fei, but...

Elly's thoughts: The only thing left is to use the 'Drive.' But...

Flashback of Elly running through a hallway

Voice: The 'Drive' will just readjust your balance and make you feel good.
Elly: I don't want it! I, I don't want to use it! Please! Go away!
Voice: You think we're going to make an exception because of your father's top brass?

Elly is confronted by group of men

Examiner: We'll leave you to the bureau. Stay at your residence until further notice.
Voice: Don't worry! You have power worthy of the chosen one's. It's those weak people's fault for not being able to withstand your powers.
Elly: Please! Stop it!

Renk: Don't! Anymore 'Drive' and you'll waste your mind!
Vance: I don't care! I'm already messed up as it is!
Elly: Stop this now, Vance, I'll handle it.

Elly shoots up on Drive Remember kids, don't do Drive

Fei: That voice! Elly? Elly, is that you?

Elly attacks Fei

Fei: Elly! Your face! What's wrong? Don't tell me you're using that personality-changing drug that Bart told us about!
Elly: It has nothing to do with you. And would you quit being so friendly!

Broyer: Wow! Did you see that!
Renk: Those were Aerods!
Vance: Aerods?
Helmholz: Animum Ether Response Offensive Drones, commonly known as Aerods. If it's an acronym then why aren't more letters capitalized? Within Gebler, there are only a handful of people capable of using them. From what I hear, it should only be people from the Element Class.
Stratski: B, but isn't it like, a side effect of the 'Drive'? It's no big deal, right?
Renk: No. The drive can only draw upon the potential that already exists in her. You're looking at the real thing, boys!
Fei: Elly, stop it! Why must we fight?
Elly: Why? It's obvious. It's divine providence! We are the chosen people, the Abel. Our purpose of existence is to subordinate the earth dwelling 'Lambs'. Those who stand in our way must be eliminated!

Vierge attacks, but she blows so she misses

Fei: Elly, snap out of it! Your emotions are being controlled by the drug!
Elly: This is my true nature! There is no other!
Fei: That's a lie! You once felt responsible, blaming yourself for causing the incident in Lahan for landing there. You were considerate of me when I was troubled. The real you would never say anything like that!
Elly: You talk as if you would know. Yet you know nothing!

Elly keeps attacking

Elly: Hahaha! Writhe! Dance! Die and rot in obscurity here!
Fei: Argh! Elly, must I fight you?

Elly is still swinging

Elly: It looks like it's over for you. I'll put you out of your misery now! Fear not! In return for treating me so kindly, I will kill you painlessly. Farewell, Fei.

The Drive starts to fade

Fei: What happened? There's something wrong with Elly. I can probably stop her now!

Fei: Elly! Wake up and snap out of it!
Elly: Ugh! Silence! Impertinent fool! I will not listen to a Lamb! That's not true,
I... No... I don't want this... Guh!
Fei: Are you okay! Elly! What? Are the effects of the drug wearing off?
Elly: Uuahh!
Fei: Is that it? Elly! Is that what's happening?
Elly: Sh, shut up! I've no need for outward appearances of compassion. ...I, I ...erh, F...
Fei... H, help... Th, this... isn't... This isn't... me...
Fei: Hang in there, Elly! Don't let go of your true self!

Elly: No---!

[Vierge pushes away from Weltall, and is suddenly struck by flashes of energy.]

Fei: Elly! Elly, why?
Elly: I warned you, I said the next time we met we'd be enemies.
Fei: But, there's no reason for you to do this to yourself just so you can fight. There's no reason for you and I to fight. None at all.
Elly: There was no other choice, I'm a Solaris officer, I can't turn my back on my unit, the mission.
Fei: Why did you have to use the 'Drive'?
Elly: I didn't want to, when I use it, I change. I feel like I'm dominated by some unknown power that I never wanted. There's a power in me I don't want to admit. But, I wanted to protect my allies, so, I had no choice but to use the 'Drive'. \
Fei: Elly, you're the same as me.
Elly: The same? Probably. I felt I knew you ever since I first met you, probably because our problems are so similar.
Fei: I'm here for you. It may not be much, but at least I can relate to how you feel, Elly.
Elly: What? Are you saying that we lick each other's wounds?
Fei: No, that's not --Well, I guess I am, Sorry.
Elly: I'm sorry. I'm not being fair, am I?
Fei: No, I'm just pessimistic sometimes. But, even so, it's better than worrying about it by yourself.
Elly: Fei...
Fei: You won't change your mind?
Elly: Please, don't look so sad. I have no choice. It is my only home.
Fei: I have to go. My friends are waiting for me. If you can, get out of the army, Elly.
That look doesn't suit you at all.

Fei begins to leave

Fei: I gotta' hurry. The others are waiting for me.

Fei catches up to the others
Fei: Looks like the mountain peak is right above here!