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Part 10: Desert Despair

Desert Despair

Maison: Is something bad going to happen to him?

From the waterway entrance, Bart, Sigurd, Citan, and some soldiers are about to start their raid

Bart: Sig and I will take two men and head for the top floor. Citan, will you take the two remaining men and open the castle gate to let in our main force? If we can catch Shakhan we are sure to succeed.
Citan: Right. When you capture Shakhan give the signal. It is probably best to open the gate at that time.
Bart: Above us is the castle Bailey. The keep must fall quickly. Shakhan should be on the top floor.

Sigurd: In the room that used to be used by the young master'' father. Try not to damage the castle, avoid all needless combat, and above all, remember --speed!
Bart: That's why there are so few of us. Our objective is Shakhan! So ignore the Gebler and Aveh soldiers. Alright, let's move on out!

Bart: You've saved us the trouble of finding you, Shakhan! Now get ready!
Shakhan: We've been expecting you!
Bart: What!?

Aveh soldier pop up all over the place

Sigurd: Crap! An ambush!
Citan: Oh-oh! Where is Kahr?
Miang: I see you are quick to catch on. Ramsus should be taking care of all your divided forces out by the Nisan border as we speak. Ramsus easily saw through your plan to use a feint attack by Kislev long ago. Don't underestimate us, Hyuga, have you lived down here so long that your mind has slipped? And Sigurd, who would have thought you would have joined the last survivors of the royal dynasty.
Sigurd: Damn it, why are you still backing Shakhan? What does it matter to you who the king is?
Miang: Hah! You suggest the son of the murdered King Fatima? He refused to cooperate! You mean to say that now he wants to be our puppet all of a sudden? That I don't believe, even coming from the mouth of a traitor like you. Ha ha ha! Besides, stupidity in puppets has its advantages.
Shakhan: Stu, stupidity? Miang, what's that supposed to mean? It means you're among the worst fucking villains ever, you're like a retarded Fu-Manchu
Miang: Minister Shakhan, I'll let you handle this. You must protect your own position. We don't care who is sitting on the throne. Any obedient sheep will be fine. However, isn't there something that you still have to do? If you will only do that, then we'll help you as much as possible.
Shakhan: Yes, you don't have to tell me. One must take care of one's own country's criminals personally.
Miang: Then, with your permission I shall take my leave.
Bart: Hey now! Wait a minute!
Miang: Goodbye boys.

Miang leaves

Shakhan: You pirate, no, you're just a sandworm. You have caused me enough shame. But this is the end. You didn't know your place and now all that awaits you is annihilation. Prepare to fire! Wha?

Maison busts up into the courtyard all gung-ho in the Land Crab, which is still a flying machine.

Maison: You wretched rebel, Shakhan! Make one move and this Gatling gun shall be spitting fire!
Bart: Old Maison!
Maison: Reinforcements have arrived, young master. Please come aboard.

They board the land crab

Maison: Shall we depart?
Bart: See you again, Shakhan. Till then, go get your head waxed! Oh man, he'll be crying for weeks after that tongue-lashing

The land crab starts smoking, and the propellers shoot off. WORST RESCUE EVER

Citan: This is not good...
Shakhan: Is this some kind of joke? Hmm, it seems sandworms can't fly after all. Just
surrender. Thanks for the laughs, I almost hate to have to shoot you.
Bart: Crap! I guess we're gonna' get mauled.
Maison: Everyone, please get down.
Bart: Do you have a plan, Maison?
Maison: Leave it to me.

The Land Crab starts circling

Bart: Maison, you're just walking in circles.
Maison: Just leave it to me.

The land crab jumps over the walls

Back on the Yggdrasil

Bart: Thanks for saving us, Old Maison!
Maison: Please raise your head. My duty is to protect the young master. I'm sorry it took me so long to help you.
Bart: I feel bad you had to get involved, I appreciate it. But I had no idea you could operate such a thing.
Maison: It's a trick I picked up long ago. It's nothing special. I'm no expert on it. I'm actually a bit embarrassed about it.

Sigurd enters

Sigurd: Young master! The Royal Capital's armies are returning! We were the ones who took the bait. We must escape before we get caught! Head for the bridge as soon as you are through with your preparations!

Maitreya: Our job is to slow them down. So how do you want to do it?
Fei: Simple. We do this.

Maitreya: He might even be more gung-ho than the young master. Falkon! Follow the kid! The rest of you, stay with your unit but follow me! Don't fall behind the kid! We're going in!

Aboard the Keifenzel - This is the part where you all find out how much I hate Vanderkaum, who might actually be a dumber villain than Shakhan.

Crewman: Bogeys incoming vector 3-3-6! 2 groups, about 7-8 machines, distance 2000!
Aviations Officer: Relay to all ships! Fire at will, begin evasive action! But, don't let fire support positions collapse!
Crewman: Roger. Torpedo room, you are free to fire at will. All Rapid fire Control Systems, commmence operation! Lay aerial mines. Projection pattern, mark 3!
Soldier: How many machines are on air patrol?
Vanderkaum ( ): Aviation Officer, wait! Comm officer! Change of orders. Contact Von Hipper, have the second destroyer squadron approach the enemy flank. Open the fleet's side and bait them into entering the Kefeinzel's main guns' firing arch.
Aviation Officer: Huh? It's stupid! There's no way the flagship's gun can hit speeding Gears.
: Fire control! Gunnery chief! Ready the type 3 shells. Pull back the deck gunners and prepare to engage the Kefeinzel's main cannon, I'll annihilate them into pure energy!
Aviation Officer: Admiral! What are you doing pulling the anti-Gear gunners back!?
: Quiet down, Aviation Officer! Thanks for your valuable opinion but I am in charge not you! What use are pea shooters and 40 sem guns? Discussion over. Captain! Not too fast! We don't want to leave the enemy behind.
Aviation Officer: (Your plan will never work!)

Fei get's to play a crappy mini-game where you maneuver around enemy gears and fire. Or if you have balls you just go in a straight line, and kill everything that gets in your way. I take option B.

Falkon: Aim for the flagship heading west! Don't engage the destroyer! I'll back off and help out!

Fei approaches the Kefeinzel

Falkon: Get away from the destroyer! I am going to use reactive shots!

Inside the Kefeinzel

: That moron, Hipper! Pursue them, they're just playing with him. You're not good enough to be my dog!
Man: Our mobility is too different.
: Fire control! Gunnery Chief! It hasn't fired a shot yet! Range for type 3 is 500. Don't fire until you see the whites of their eyes.
Man: Gears at battle speed can move at 2000 per hour.
: This whole ship! All of you are morons!
Aviation Officer: (You're the biggest moron!)
Man: Black enemy Gear, inside units, stick to your escort!

Fei keeps plowing on

Falkon: Just past this line of ships is the flagship Kefeinzel! All right! Dodge the escort!
The ship in front of you is the Kefeinzel!

Inside the Kefeinzel

: Fire control! Gunnery Chief! What are you doing? You're not even close! Are you blind?
Soldier: Destroyer Iltus's engine is down! Flash signal from Luveh! 'Luveh, rudder out, rudder out, end. Three remaining allies!
: Idiotic! Idiotic! What is this mess!?
Soldier: Enemy Gear above! Enemy Gear diving from above!
: Go down, dammit! Or Ramsus will have my hide!

Fei lands on the Kefeinzel

I break the gun before it gets to take a shot, is a tactical genius

Inside the Kefeinzel

Soldier: A, admiral...
Other Soldier: Forget him!

Everyone else leaves

: Right, I still have that, I still have that. Yes, I still have that, I still have that.

Fei: Yeah, and it's all due to your support. Thanks.
Maitreya: Stop the border guards? Hah, we destroyed them! Well, we've done our job! I hope the others do ok! This was like a Battle of Thermopylae style massacre, only we still have men left
Fei: Bart and his team, he's probably okay. Any words from them?
Maitreya: Nothing. They say no news is good news I guess. My Gear doesn't have very good com equipment. They probably did fine though.

Fei: ...

Maitreya: What's wrong?

I get Maitreya and Falkon for the battle against the Dora, too bad they're useless. They can't even damage it until I break the armor plating off.

This fight and everything else at this part were pretty much jokes. I took off all of Weltall's equipment and put on 3 C Circuit +1s, at one point I got 7 attacks in a row on Dora.

: Um, I...

Oh, Jesus

: Wh, who are you!?

: The power...
Grahf: Yes, the power.
: P, power, the power, I want it, I want the POWER!
Grahf: So be it!

Grahf's gear raises its arm

Grahf: My fist is the divine breath!

He points at Dora with his open palm

Grahf: Blossom, o fallen seed, and draw upon thy hidden powers!
Grahf: Grant unto thee the power of the glorious 'Mother of Destruction'!

Back on the Yggdrasil

Bart: We'll go back to Nisan!
Sigurd: It's useless! Young master!
Maison: Y, yes, young master, I hear when they attacked the fort at the border, the Gebler, led by Ramsus, routed them. We'd better withdraw for now, and reconsider.
Bart: Margie and them are still there. We'll go back! We have to! That reminds me, what about Fei and his guys? If they're alright, we could...
Franz: We've had no contact since we confirmed their order to charge.
Bart: Dammit! This can't be happening!
Maison: Young master...
Bart: Behind? Something's coming from behind! Jerico! Give me the helm... No, you keep it! Just hurry up and pull either way!
Sigurd: Young master?
Franz: Aft of our stern! 300! I'm picking up the sound of torpedoes being readied! A sand cruiser!? It's big! Speed 60! Relative route 0-0-0! They were hiding behind some baffles!
Sigurd: Kahr!
Franz: I'm picking up some high speed propulsion, breaking away from the enemy's ship! Torpedoes! Two of them! Speed 87! Torpedoes confirmed with the sonar. They've shifted over to active homing!
Bart: Battle stations! Deploy the maskers! Ready the noisemaker! Battle stations everyone!
Man: Open jammer! Noisemaker, 2nd, 4th tube, standby!


Bart: Emit noisemaker! Prepare to stop the engine! Helm, NOW! Steer to the opposite direction as far as you can! Stop the engine! Crash alarm!
Man: Crash alarm!

One torpedo hits a noisemaker

Franz: Torpedo...1, still pursuing! Dammit! Impact in 3!

The Yggdrasil takes a hit and tilts

On the Gebler ship

Crewman: Confirmed, vessel destruction noise, followed by a rapid blowing noise. Enemy vessel is probably floating rapidly to the surface.
Scanner Operator: Fluid static around enemy vessel is decreasing. Sand maneuverability of enemy vessel down 60%, looks like the main engine and effect-fins have been disabled.
Ramsus: Once their effect-fins are destroyed they will remain buried and unable to move. Surfacing was a smart move. Sand-Torpedo Chief! Well done on lowering their fighting power. Brilliant!
Sand Torpedo Chief: Sorry to trouble you.
Ramsus: Well, what shall we do with them?
Miang: Oh? It's unusual for you to get lost.
Ramsus: I promised an old friend, I must take it easy... An old friend...

Ramsus has a flashback to Solaris

Ramsus: Why are you abandoning this country!? You were supposed to help us create an ideal nation!

Sigurd: I've been here to steal this country's technology from the beginning. Besides, there's somone waiting for me. Don't be bitter. It wasn't too bad going after the same ideals with you, for that short time.

Sigurd walks away

Ramsus: You traitor!

Ramsus flashes back

Ramsus: Comm Officer! Use my name and urge them to surrender. Tell them to surrender if they desire the safety of Nisan. All divisions cease fire, but remain on alert! If any enemy vessel attempts to attack, shoot it individually!

[Meanwhile, troops stand near the wrecked Dora.]

Maitreya: What was that? That guy just now?
Fei: It's them, why them? What did they do?
Falkon: Huh? Wha!? Oh no! General! General Maitreya! We have an R code message! I'm not sure, but it looks like the young master is in trouble! We don't have time for this junker!

An energy beam takes Falkon out

: I'll kill all of you!
Maitreya: Fei, gather the wounded up and return to the young master. Hurry! My unit will stay behind and try to buy some time. All operational Gears left will provide cover as per their commanders' orders, and retreat in set order.
Fei: Don't be stupid! I'm staying too!
Maitreya: Shut up and listen, boy! You're the young master's guest. I can't let you die here.
Fei: But...
Maitreya: The young master, what he really needs is your strength. Please help him. I beg you. Farrant! Vind! Let's move out!

They're about as useful as the last time we fought him 3 minutes ago

Fei: Uahh -St-stop it! St-op --Uahh...
Fei: Ah...

We hear a heart beating

Bart: Surrounded, huh? How are the repairs?
Worker: The main engine and effect-fins' oscillators are mostly unharmed, but the electrical connections between are wasted. We are bypassing the main connection and trying to scrape together all the energy we can. But it will only give us 70% of our usual maximum at best. The propulsion drills are not damaged, but if the sand can't be granulated they might as well be. We'll make battle speed 3, only barely.
Bart: Sig! What has Gebler's 'Mister Puniverse' got to say?
Sigurd: He's been quiet since the first surrender demand.
Bart: All personnel to battle stations. Break through is planned after the connectors are up.
Sigurd: Young master!
Bart: Sig! Listen! Surrendering isn't going to change Nisan's fate. We'll lose the Yggdrasil, the core of our power in saving Aveh and Margie. I know it looks bad, but you can still count on us!
Maison: Well said, young master! This old man will follow you to the pits of hell!
Bart: Sorry, Old Maison. I'm not dying today! Besides, they don't look like they're gonna' hit us.
Sigurd: It sure looks that way, perhaps they have political motives that involve Margie or
the young master.
Bart: That's probably it, Sig! But they're forgetting one thing, it's harder to bring in an animal alive than dead!
Worker: Young master, emergency connections are complete. Use the engine as you wish.
Bart: Thanks! Alright, let's go get those fools!!

On Ramsus' ship

Crewman: Confirmed, one enemy Gear engaged. Direct course. Enemy vessel engine noise increasing, speed increase, steering noise confirmed, course change, taking evasive action.
Miang: Commander? Ha, ha, ha!
Ramsus: Can't help it, eh? All divisions, holding pattern cancelled! Resume attack!
Crewman: Bow torpedo tubes 1-3, Namthal missile. Set 1 and 2 for homing, 3 for anti-radar. Tubes 4-6, Makara Mk5 sand torpedoes. After acquiring target set all to passive homing. All units, begin defensive fire. Aim for the main ship. The ONLY ship
Crewman 2: W, wait! Explosions along the perimeter of the fleet confirmed. Multiple vessel destruction noises! High energy reactions, what kind of gain is this!? Commander! I can't believe this! This... Gear? It's like reactive rounds are flying around.
Miang: Calm down. Put the analyzed picture on the monitor.
Crewman: Y, yess'm!
Ramsus: Ah, that is!

Bart: W, what happened? Is it heading here?

Ramsus' ship

Ramsus: Th, that Gear! No mistake! It's him! Demon of Elru! Miang! Let's go!

Ramsus rushes for his gear

Miang: Commander! Please wait! Commander!

Miang pauses before following

Miang: Ha, ha...

Red Gear Pilot: Are you strong?
Bart: What? Who are you?
Red Gear Pilot: I asked, 'Are you strong'!

Bart jumps off, but the Red Gear is already there

Bart: (Behind me?) What are you suddenly attacking me for!?
Red Gear Pilot: Heh heh, fine. Then play dumb! You, strong... Huh?

Ramsus: You there, pirate boy! Do you know him? That's right, weren't you with that punk, Fei?
Bart: No, I don't know 'him'! But even if I did, I sure wouldn't tell you!
Ramsus: Good! Then you won't mind if I take care of him. I owe 'him' greatly!

Ramsus heads toward the Red Gear

Ramsus: I've finally found you! Now, I must challenge you!!

That goes real well. First shot takes the sword arm off, then the Red Gear smashes him into the ground breaking a leg off.

Ramsus: Guaaah! This can't be! You m, monster! Guha! D-damn you! If it weren't for

The Red gear turns its attention back to Bart

Bart: Tch! Keep back!

Miang: Commander, let's pull out!
Ramsus: Don't do anything unwarranted, Miang! I still have one arm!
Miang: We're pulling out! That mad dog seems to have a new toy to play with.

Miang flies away with Ramsus

Red Gear Pilot : Well, now that my motor coil's warmed up, let's start the main event!
Bart: Today's my unlucky day. Why does this have to happen now? Oh, well, let's get it over with.

Brigandier wails away on the Red Gear

It just takes it

This is the first half of the 19998 damage attack that hit Bart.

Back on the Yggdrasil

Sigurd: Young master! Engine, ready for full power! Jerico! Give me the helm over here!
Jerico: But first mate! Now with the effect-fins out of order, if you run at full speed, the ship wouldn't be able to stand the friction!
Sigurd: It can 'jump' due to the Bernoulli effect on the wings' surfaces instead! Um no,
Crewman: First mate!
Sigurd: Never mind that! The Yggdrasil is nothing without the young master! Full power! Maximum speed!
Sigurd: Eeeaaaarrrggghhhh! Come on, GO!!

This is an airborne Yggdrasil

This is the Yggdrasil LANDING on the red gear, Sig, you are so badass

Sigurd: Young master! Are you okay!?
Bart: Don't overdo it, Sig. Trying to make our ship 'fly'! When we get back it'll take a month to get this heap of junk working again.
Sigurd: Ha, ha, ha! You seem to be okay!
Bart: Shees! What was that monster anyway?

The Yggdrasil starts to shake

Bart: Sig! What's going on?
Sigurd: What, the ship? The engine should have fallen out, but...

The Yggdrasil begins to lift off of the ground

Sigurd: What in the hell?

Red Gear Pilot: That was pretty interesting. But dropping a warship on me is cheating... Take it back!

The gear throws the Yggdrasil at Bart

Bart: Sig! Maison! Uah!

On the Yggdrasil

Crew: The sand pump, effect-fins and propulsion drills are all out of commission! Main engine, support engine, engage the auto-scram. Switch power to batteries. Out put ratio 0.5, operating time 500!
Franz: The 3rd bridge, it's ruined! The hangar section, the armament section, and even the pressure shell have been destroyed! We can't stop the sand from flowing in!
Sigurd: Close each section down completely and commence independent operation!
Franz: Then, damage control won't be able to move! The hole won't be covered!
Sigurd: That's alright! Either way, it's impossible to save the entire ship. Our priority is to secure the bridge! Gather everyone into the bridge immediately! Hyuga, no, you're Citan now. You need to get out. I'll have Maison guide you to an escape pod.
Citan: I cannot leave you all like this!
Sigurd: We have no right to keep you here and get you involved. If you see Kahn and Miang, make sure you pay 'em back for me. Maison, please show him the way.
Maison: This way, please.

Citan: Sigurd!

[Much later in the desert Citan looks out of the pod in the desert near Kislev.]

Citan: What is that?

Citan: That is the Dora. It was stationed here? That was careless of me, but its condition... it is just like the others that 'he' destroyed.

At this point I get a black screen with the option to save, that means wee you next time.