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Part 11: Nortune


Soldier: Kaiser, we have some news.

Soldier: We investigated the cause of the recent explosion at the southern Aveh border. Our data showed a large amount of radiation was released at the epicenter. It was probably caused by an overload of a battleship class slave generator. The cause of this is still unknown. The shockwaves from that explosion took out two thirds of the Aveh and Gebler forces combined. Now, Aveh is in the process of regrouping their reserve units, but that should take at least several days. Concerning your order, the scouts have arrived at the area you requested.
Sigmund: Found it, eh?
Soldier: Yes, sir.
Sigmund: I see.
Soldier: We know the Gear found was stolen from the 11th base by the Gebler unit in Aveh. And in the investigation of the machine, we also caught the unconscious pilot. The seized Gear has been transported to the capital. From the circumstances, we believe information was leaked to Aveh.
Sigmund: How can you say that?
Soldier: All the Gears except this were destroyed at Lahan. Judging from the ID signal, this one wasn't with Aveh, but was part of a pirate group.
Sigmund: Pirates? You mean the young prince?
Soldier: Yes, sir.
Sigmund: Uh huh.
Soldier: We're now analyzing the combat data. However, we've discovered some black boxes, which are likely to delay the analysis.
Sigmund: Black boxes?
Soldier: That Gear wasn't made by us. The stock body was Brought in by 'them'.
Sigmund: So that's it.


Soldier: Uh, Kaiser?
Sigmund: What?
Soldier: Shouldn't we begin an assault on Aveh?
Sigmund: Are you trying to destroy Kislev?
Soldier: Huh?
Sigmund: Indeed it would be easy to take down Aveh. But it would exhaust our resources also.
Soldier: But we can't afford to miss this chance.
Sigmund: Even if we beat Shakhan, Solaris would only replace him with another puppet. What if we exhausted our resources and found ourselves under attack? Anyway, we must still be concerned with Nisan. There is nothing to gain by doing anything now.

A Man enters

Man: Excuse me!
Sigmund: It seems 'they' have arrived...

Sigmund leaves

Dow gears bring a large crate out of this ship

Kaiser: Is that it?

Masked Woman: You will be free to go where and when you please.

Sigmund: That man, what was it? Grahf? Is he around?
Masked Woman: He is rather busy now, I was assigned to be his representative.
Sigmund: I will ask you this once. Why do you help us? Who are you people?
Masked Woman: I've told you before. I simply wish to observe what is in store for the world. There are so many things you people must know. I am merely your guide. I cannot directly assist you. How you use it is entirely up to you.
Sigmund: So you're telling me you do not require any recompense?
Masked Woman: Let me see, well then, how about this?

She whispers in Sigmund's ear
Masked Woman: Well, I must go.

She and her group leave

Sigmund: But what a strange thing to ask for.
Soldier: What did she say?
Sigmund: They want me to transfer that Gear we captured and its pilot to D Block.
Soldier: D Block? I wonder why?
Sigmund: I don't know either. But, still, we owe them a favor. We can't just deny them. So see to it!
Soldier: Yes, sir.

A young Fei is playing with a ball

The camera zooms out, Fei is watching a screen

Fei: Where am I?

Fei wakes up

Fei: Where am I?

Fei: Who are you? And where am I? How did I get here? Ah, uuuugh!
Doctor: You've only just gained consciousness, so don't push yourself too much! I am a doctor. You are in Nortune, the Imperial capital of Kislev. This is the detention area for criminals, commonly known as 'D Block'.
Fei: Detention area for criminals?
Doctor: You are in a living quarters for prisoners in D Block. Judgeing by the way you were Brought in here under the heavy guard of the Kislev army, you are no ordinary criminal! Huh?

A group of 4 comes into the room

Suzarn: Oh, look, what good timing! Prince Charming has woken up! This may be sudden, but you have to come along with us!
Doctor: Not the 'Baptismal Ceremony'! This patient has only just awoken! It is unthinkable that you would try and suddenly carry out your 'Baptismal Ceremony' on him!
Vargas: Come off it! Just a sec! That guy's been thrown in 'ere as a crim, ain't he? You should be thanking us for 'aving the kind and compassionate 'eart to let 'im rest up a few days!
Heinrich: Yeah, that's right! As long as he's come here as a crim, he's gotta follow the rules!
Leonardo: That's the way it is! So without further ado, we'll borrow him for a little while. Don't worry, we will return him to you straight away! Once we're through with him, that is!
Suzarn: You don't have a choice in this! If you oppose us, the fair doctor will cop it too!
Fei: Okay. I'll do what you want!
Doctor: I am so sorry! I can't go against the battlers!
Suzarn: Oh, what a sensible lad! That saves us a bit of trouble. Anyway, come along now, the 'Champ' is waiting! And don't worry! We'll let you return here soon. Hurry up then, fo-ward march!

[They bring Fei to a large room. A large demi-human, almost 7 feet tall sits on a large couch.]

Suzarn: Champ, we've Brought him to you.

We don't know or care what you did to get put in here, but welcome to D Block, so what name do you go by?
Fei: I am Fei Fong Wong. And what's your name? I know it's not really 'Champ'? I at least have the right to know that much.
Suzarn: Why you! How insolent!
Champ: Calm down Suzarn. I don't mind, the name's Rico, kid. It's good to have guts, if it's the real thing. We know it's a bit sudden, but we need to see how strong you really are, Heinrich! Vargas! Leonardo! Suzarn! Let's begin his 'Baptism'! Take him outside!


Rico: Kid, you're up front.

Rico: All the criminals sent here are each given a rank. Deciding what rank you are is easy, you get your rank by fighting these four battlers. Relax, the fights are one on one. By now you should've realized, results are everything! If you can defeat these four battlers, you'll be promised a certain amount of freedom. Then, let the fights begin! That's what I'd like to say, but even we have some compassion. We'll give you some time. Even though it's one on one, you still have to fight all four. You should get prepared for the battle. And one more thing, don't even think about trying to get away from here. After all, that's an impossibility.
Suzarn: Hey, are you ready?
Fei: Lets rock.
Suzarn: Champ. He's ready for his 'Baptismal Ceremony'.
Rico: Hmph, then let it begin. Your first opponent will be Leonardo.

Leonardo has 500 HP he doesn't last long

Leonardo: To have lost to someone who's just recovered... Sadness.
Rico: Hmph. How's the next one?

Heinrich is pretty much Leonardo part 2

Heinrich: Guh, uhhh... How could I have...
Rico: Hmm, entertaining. How's the next one?

Vargas mimics Fei, so I do weak attacks until Fei's combo gauge is full and then take him out

Vargas: Hah! I'll get you for this someday.
Rico: Not bad. No one's defeated Vargas since Suzarn. Now for the last one! Do you think you can win?

Suzarn is mean, she's got an attack that takes 1/3 of my HP and one that takes all of my EP. Fortunately, after the Bledavik I'm practically drowning in Rosesol.

Suzarn: R-ridiculous! Even I lost to you.
Rico: You've defeated all four. Hah, this is an unexpected outcome. Let me give you the special treatment. I, myself will be your final opponent.
Fei: Enough! There's no purpose in doing this! I have nothing to do with you!
Rico: No need for a reason. This is the D Block tradition! We must determine the pecking order! Get ready!

The fight starts Fei won't attack Rico. Rico starts to choke Fei.

Rico: Is that all you can do? What? Don't you want to fight!?
Fei: Guh... gah...
Rico: What's wrong? If you don't resist, I'll end up breakin' your neck!
Fei: N-no...
Rico: What's that? Hm? I can't hear you!
Fei: No, I won't fight!
Rico: Hmph, well then, this is the end!

Rico winds up

Fei: Guh, uh, uh -Outta the way!

There's a sudden burst

Rico: What!?

Rico: Hah hah hah. That's more like it, you're quite good. You're the first one to ever injure me. Now I don't have to hold back. I'm looking foward to this!

These are Fei's deathblows dealing no damage

This is Rico breaking Fei's mouth

Rico: A bit tough. Well, a win is a win. Your rank is A.
Fei: ...
Rico: Didn't you hear? Take him back to his quarters. And don't forget that one thing.

Back in the doctor's office

Fei: Uuugh? Where am I this time?
Doctor: You're in the same place, just a different room. You've had a rough day, heh?
Fei: Ah! Oh, it's you? It looks like I needed your assistance again, huh?
Doctor: Yes, but don't worry. I don't mind. -it's my job! Anyway, how do you feel?
Fei: Hm? Aaah, I'm in a bit of pain, but nothing I can't cope with. Lately I've been getting used to this kind of thing. Aah! The last thing I remember was those guys speaking of what 'rank' they think I am worthy of.
Doctor: Oh, I think I better tell you about that.
Fei: What? You know what rank I am?
Doctor: You're quite strong, aren't you? To defeat four people in your condition, it's no wonder they gave you rank A! But to go up against the Champ?! It's amazing you came back alive at all!
Fei: The fight was meaningless. I had no reason to, I didn't want to fight...
Doctor: What happened? You look a bit pale.
Fei: It's nothing. Don't worry. By the way, what's this thing around my neck?
Doctor: Oh that? It's a bomb you know, no big deal. The moment you leave the vicinity of the Imperial capital, that collar goes 'BOOM'! Too bad, but while you have that on, you will never be able to escape from Nortune. Apart from the civilians of D Block and a select few Battlers, everybody has to wear them. Here in D Block, that is the only chain that binds the prisoners.
Fei: Huh, a bomb? So no matter how much I struggle, I'll never get outta here?
Doctor: Anyway, you should try and get some rest today. You'll have to get used to life in this town soon too.

Fei goes to sleep Next day

Doctor: How do you feel? If you need a rest, you can always lie down in the next room! Life here is tough, but first it might be better if you meet with Hammer! Hammer is a 'provider' of things and information. He might appear strange but he is good on the inside. He's probably hanging out at the bar, so it might be best to check there first. I'm sure he'll be of help!

Fei takes a ladder to the roof and to there a tower

Gramps: Who're you? Only the operations manager is allowed here!
Fei: It's not written anywhere...
Gramps: Even so that's the way it is!
Fei: Jeez, you don't have to get so mad. I didn't know. So hey, tell me something, what is this?
Gramps: Might as well. It's the Observation Tower.
Fei: Observation Tower? What are you watching?
Gramps: Hmph. You'll see in just a minute. It's coming! There!

Fei: Wow, that's amazing.
Gramps: Well, I'm the operations manager. But there's no one to manage. It's perfectly automated. I'm only the operations manager on paper.
Fei: Perfect? Is anything in this world perfect? I'm a philosopher now
Gramps: Hmph. The only weakness is the defection equipment. If it detects a heat source it'll shut the whole thing down to prevent any accidents.

Fei goes to the restaurant above the doctor's office.

I get my Rank A food from this crazy gourmet prison chef

Then to the bar

Beastoid Man: Oh, allow me to introduce myself, they call me 'Hammer -the Supplier'.
It's been a long time since such a powerful criminal has been sent to D Block! Heh-heh, so that makes you pretty famous in this town. In other words, you're the center of attention, Bro!
Ok, Hammer is pretty much a bipedal camel black stereotype. He's generally annoying and I think the translator was a little racist

Fei: Could you stop calling me 'Bro'? My name is Fei!
Hammer: What's wrong with it? It's not like I'm putting you down. What would you prefer me to call you 'sir' or something?
Fei: Oh, do whatever you wish.
Hammer: Then it's decided. I'll continue to call you 'Bro' from now on! By the way, Bro, I hear you're really strong, not many get rank A, you know! I'm pretty impressed! And what's more, Bro, you seem different from the other prisoners.
Fei: Different, huh? Well you don't look so normal yourself! Cause you're a camel -look fuck, he might be a ferret, I have no clue, if anyone knows for sure let me know.
Hammer: It's not meant to be an insult, just a feeling I have. No deep meaning! Oh, and if you have any problems, talk to me! Since I'm a supplier, I've got all the connections!

Hammer sells me some shit, then hassles me to buy more, I tell him to fuck off.

Back to the doc's

Guard: Hmm, so you're the new guy? The Imperial Committee is looking for you. They heard something about you and the Champ's men. They should still be somewhere in D Block. They decided to visit you. This is a good chance for a prisoner like yourself!

Checking the bar

Fei: Not here either, must have left already? Huh?

Woman's Subordianates: Uh, forgive us, Ms. Cohen!
Ms. Cohen: You men are hopeless! This is why I didn't want to come with you two.
Humm, allow me to introduce myself. I'm Rue Cohen from the 'Imperial Battling Committee' in B Block of this, the Imperial capital.
Fei: Imperial Battling Committee? What do you want with me?
Committee Member Rue: I'll cut to the point. We want you to participate in the Battling Tournament.
Fei: Battling?
Committee Member Rue: It's a recreational sport where Gear fights against Gear, or even Gear fights against monster depending on the program. Currently, there are no regulations for eligibility. And we, the committee, rarely interact with the participants directly. You should be honored. You are in luck that your little incident with the 'Champ' caught our attention so soon. So how about it? Better a Battler than a prisoner... It's not a bad deal at all.
Fei: I'm sorry, but I don't like Gears. I have no interest in such recreational tournament.
And above all, I don't even have a Gear, so even if I wanted to participate, I can't. You ask too much!
Subordinates: Indeed we ask too much!
Committee Member Rue: Oh you two keep your mouth shut!
Subordinates: Oh, sorry, Ms. Cohen!
Committee Member Rue: Hmm, forgive me, but do not worry about the latter problem. The Gear you require for the Battling will be provided by the Committee. So, will you participate then?
Fei: Don't make me repeat myself. I hate Gears and I'm not interested in that kind of stuff!
Committee Member Rue: If you won't change your mind then you'll... Well, you're still new here. I'll give you more time. Perhaps we may have been too pushy, but please, think about this offer seriously. I'll be looking forward to a favorable reply. Well then, we'll meet again!

She leaves

Fei: Gears, huh?

Hammer runs in

Fei: Ha, Hammer!?
Hammer: Why did you do that, Bro?
Fei: Wait, Hammer. What are you talking about?
Hammer: I overheard it all with my own ears! Why did you reject their invitation? It's truly a rare occasion for the committee to personally make contact! It's still not too late! Do it, Bro. We can still make it, right? You'll be a Battler! A Battler!
Fei: Oh, that, if you overheard, you should already know. I don't like fighting. And Gears, well... Moreover, there is no reason for me to do it.
Hammer: If you become a Battler, you can leave the prison and live in luxury! Power is everything here! The powerless, the weak are just oppressed! So c'mon, give it a try!
Fei: Is that all?
Hammer: Huh? What do you mean?
Fei: Are you done?
Hammer: Done?
Fei: You've said enough, now could you move out of the way? Hammer, sorry, but I doubt my feelings will change. Fighting and Gears, I hate them both. So too bad!
Hammer: Oh Bro...

Guess who is already at the doc's? Yeah, Hammer, bastard

Hammer: Bro, I have news! News! The new doctor who was appointed today has just arrived!

Fei: Hammer, you were supposed to have been in the bar.
Hammer: Oh, Bro! You shouldn't worry about such little details! If you just rely on me, the forefront of information, then you will know it all! So about this doctor..
Fei: About what doctor?
Hammer: What? You didn't know, Bro? The previous lady doctor got transferred to look after the civilian sector of town! Makes you envious, huh! So we get a new doctor to look after D Block. They say he just got here!
Fei: The new doctor, eh? So, what on earth has this new doctor got to do with you, the great 'supplier'?
Hammer: What are you talking about, Bro? Of course I have everything to do with him! If I become chums with him, I can expand my connections by establishing black market medical treatment routes!
Fei: So that's it, huh? Oh, Hammer, what will we ever do with you? Oh, Hammer you scamp! If I have one complaint about Fei it's his random breaks with character where he suddenly turn into an old woman
Hammer: Whatever, Bro, whatever. Anyway, let's go say hello to him, shall we?
Fei: Well, yeah, I suppose we should at least say hello.

No one is downstairs

Fei: You say a new doctor has come, but there's nobody here!
Hammer: Huh? That's strange, according to my sources, he should be here!
Fei: Too bad he's not here, huh Hammer! Looks like you'll have to forget about those black market medical routes you were.

Fei: D-d-doc? Citan? What are you doing here!
Citan: I monitored Kislev's radio communications. I heard them talking about a Gear they recovered in Kislev that fit the description of Weltall. They said they transported to their capital, so I came here on the off chance I might also find you here!
Hammer: Huh? You wouldn't by any chance know this doctor, would you Bro?
Citan: So anyway, Fei. Have you taken any action yet?
Fei: Taken any action? What do you mean by that, doc?
Citan: You cannot stay in here forever, can you? Are you not going to escape?
Fei: Escape?
Citan: Fei! You are not intending to spend the rest of your life here are you? You do not mind breaking your promise, then?
Fei: What promise?
Citan: Oh my! How could you forget such an important thing as that? You promised Bart that you would protect Margie and the people of Nisan if anything happened to him!
Fei: Oh that? I did promise that, didn't I...! But has something happened to Bart?
Citan: I am afraid to say so. He fought bravely against the enemy's new forces, but it was in vain! The Yggdrasil was badly damaged and sank to the bottom of the sea of sand. Just before the ship sank, I jumped in an escape-pod and jettisoned out of there so that I was not engulfed. Since then, I regret to say I could not find out nothing of the other's whereabouts of fates.
Fei: Who would have thought, what was I doing?
Citan: What in heavens happened, Fei?
Fei: Once again I lost all memory and all sense of time, while I was fighting that Vanderkaum guy, he, Grahf appeared. Then I realized Bart and the crew's plight. The other guys with me were defeated by Vanderkaum and his giant sized Gear. After that it was like Lahan village all over again! When I woke up, I was in Nortune's prison block... Doc, what happened to the squadron at the borderlands? What is the meaning of my being here and Weltall having been recovered in Kislev?
Citan: That squadron was annihilated! There was also wreckage of a giant sized Gear... the likes of which I have never seen before! He recognized it as the Doro though
Fei: ...
Citan: Come on now Fei! Nobody is pointing their finger at you! It might have been caused by something else!
Fei: It's alright, doc. Little by little I've been coming to understand it. Just maybe, no, most surely I've done it again...
Citan: Oh, Fei...
Fei: I'll keep my promise, otherwise I'd never be able to look Bart in the face again.
'Cause Bart and them are alive somewhere, I just know that they are!
Citan: So that means...
Fei: I'm gonna' do whatever it takes to get 'outta here! Will you help me out doc?
Citan: Of course. It will be my pleasure.
Hammer: No, Bro. I doubt it! Any thoughts of leaving here is just a dream!
Citan: Why do you say that?
Hammer: Cause of these things! They're explosive collars! As long as we are wearing these, we'll never be able to set foot out of here!
Citan: Explosive collars? That is dangerous of them, is it not! Allow me to have a little look at it. Please, let me see, Hmm... Well, well. Ah, ha... Ohh... Humph. We might just possibly be able to do something about these.
Hammer: Re, really!? Even mechanical engineers gave up on these in despair!
Fei: Doc was always good at tinkering with machines. So I guess there's hope!
Hammer: I don't know, Bro! Let's leave them alone! No matter how good he is, one tiny mistake and it's BOOM! BANG! Game Over, man! Get Hammer's drift, Bro? \
Fei: It's alright. I believe in doc!
Citan: Well then, shall we give it a try? Are you absolutely sure you want to go through with this, Fei? Do you not want to think it through first? Just to be sure, I mean! Though you can trust me, I hope!
Fei: So, let's, yeah. Ready when you are doc! Not turning back, now, huh!
Citan: Well then, you are sure you want to go through with it so...
Hammer: Oooh, Broooo!
Citan: Well then, let us give it a go!


Citan: Mmm, this is, harder than I thought!


Citan: Ah!

Hammer: Th, th, that part it...!

The camera pans out there is a flash of white light


Citan: Fei! What is wrong!?
Fei: Errh, arrh, doc? Wh-wh-what just happened? Wh-what was that?
Citan: You scared the heck out of me, suddenly shouting like that. Is everything O.K.? Anyway, are you absolutely sure now? I will start removing the explosive collar then.
Fei: Let's not do this! I've a bad feeling about it. Sorry, doc...
Citan: I can understand that. There is no reason to try something so dangerous yet! We have not explored all the other possibilities. There may be another way!
Hammer: Oh, I forgot to tell you! There is a way of having these collars removed. It requires you winning a 'Special Pardon' in the Imperial Games, though. thanks for mentioning that BEFORE Citran started dicking around with the BOMB ON MY NECK
Citan: A 'Special Pardon'?
Hammer: Yes. Every year they hold the Imperial Games of Battling. The Kaiser himself watches over the Battling matches and cancels any sentence the winner is serving. Also the winner is given a position as a military officer as an added bonus!
Citan: Well then, all we have to do is win at the games then! Do we not, Fei?
Hammer: I am telling you it is hopeless! To do that you will have to defeat the current champion, Master Rico! But our Bro here was totally beaten by that very person just days ago! And this time we're talking about Battling! With Gears, Bro, Gears! There's no assurance of your safety. He could very well kill you by pretending to cause an accident!
Fei: ...
Citan: Really?
Fei: Yeah, but last time I didn't have the desire to fight them. Yet if I were to come up against him seriously, I am not sure whether I could win or not.
Citan: Is he really that much stronger than the other four Battlers, this Champ chap?
Hammer: Put it this way, he's the undefeated king, reigning at the summit of the Imperial capital's Battling Tournament! With a history of 40 bouts ending in 40 K.O.s, most of which occurred within 30 seconds from start time. If he wins this year's Imperial Games then he'll be the reigning champion for three years running!
Citan: Just one second! Is this person a prisoner?
Hammer: Yes he is.
Citan: That is strange, the winner is supposed to receive a pardon, right? Why is he still a prisoner now then?
Hammer: That's the thing! Master Rico could have said goodbye to prison life by now! But they said he turned down his pardon, I guess he must like fighting a great deal!
Fei: Well, we can't just stand round here talking about it. I don't care whether it is Battling or whatever! If there is a chance than I am going to try and take it!
Hammer: Are you serious?
Fei: Yes, I am.
Hammer: Do you think you can win?
Fei: No, I don't. But, for now, I can only give it a try!
Hammer: Well, if that's how it is then I'll just go off and register you now!

Hammer leaves

Fei: That Hammer, he looked very pleased all of a sudden!
Citan: But are you alright about this? As we spoke before, whether you are forced to or not, you did not want to do this, right? Fei, I do not want to push you into anything you do not want to do!
Fei: I know, doc. I still don't like Gears. That much hasn't changed. When I pilot them, I become aware of how unstable my very 'being' is, even if I don't want to think about it!
But at the same time, it is also a connection with some lost part of me. If that's the case then, recently, I decided I would stick with it to the end. Elly had also been troubled by the same thing. And if I just stay depressed about it, nothing will improve!
Citan: Is that how you feel? I think I understand you better, now, Fei. Anyway, let us go get some rest today. We are going to become busy!

Prepare for a mindfucking

Gazel - Blue 1: Faster than we expected...
Gazel - Red 3: The awakening of the untouchable one...
Gazel - Blue 4: It has been 3 years since we heard any news. According to the memory cube What Xenogear's calls save points, 'he' is currently in Nortune, the Imperial capital of Kislev.
Gazel - Blue 3: Detestable... Vexing... Cursed...
Gazel - Red 1: If only 'he' did not exist, the Lambs would not have been turned into the 'Animus'. It has been 500 years since our fall in the 'Days of Destruction' that 'he' caused... We would not have to do this in such a troublesome manner as we do now.
Gazel - Blue 2: the excavation of the 'Anima Relics' in each area is proceeding as planned. It's too late to change things now. But in the future, we'll shape what will be.
Gazel - Blue 3: Detestable... Vexing... Cursed...
Gazel - Red 2: Although we do not know which route it flowed from... we're fortunate the 'gate keeper' was activated.
Gazel - Red 3: From the 'Ethos'? Or...
Gazel - Blue 1: It doesn't matter. Although...
Gazel - Blue 2: So are you saying we mustn't break Ignas' equilibrium?
Gazel - Red 4: Well, it is the surface... and that land is unclean!
Gazel - Red 1: That is merely and excuse.
Gazel - Red 3: It's a justifiable reason. Even Cain would not object.
Gazel - Blue 4: But we can't use the 'Gaetia Key'. Not until the proper time comes.
Gazel - Red 4: There's a third fleet in Bledavik. Their reserve units will do.
Gazel - Red 2: Oh, his fleet. Your orders?
Gazel - Blue 1: To purge. Give no motives. If he knew our motives, it's obvious he'd do something unpredictable.
Gazel - Blue 4: But, wouldn't we need more men to raze the entire area of Nortune?
Gazel - Red 1: There is an ancient reactor in Nortune. We'll use that. The half-life fallout will be 1000 years. Nothing will be able to live within 300 kelts of the explosion. However, they've lived through that before. They won't persih that easily.
Gazel - Blue 2: But, we must atleast eliminate 'him'.
Gazel - Red 4: Yes. There's nothing we need from there. So be it, take care of it.
Gazel - Blue 4: If it is a direct hit...
Gazel - Red 3: Well then...
Gazel - Blue 1: Your orders are given.

-END- Part 1 Nortune

I'm going to break Nortune up a bit, there is an appaling amount of text here.