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Xenosaga Episode II

by ScurvyKip

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Original Thread: Let's Play Technobabble: The JRPG (Now Playing: Xenosaga Freaks)



No spoilers at all, not even in tags.

Let's Play the Xenosaga Series!

What the hell is a Xenosaga?

Xenosaga is a sci-fi JRPG, developed by Monolith Soft, and published by Namco. This is a three game series, all games being released on the PlayStation 2. It's well known for its lengthy cutscenes and non-standard gameplay, for better or worse.

Why a VLP?

I enjoy this series, though its one of those ones that I think lends itself very well to being made fun of while you watch it, so this will be less on the informative side. After the tutorial dungeon, I will be removing all repetitive encounters in order to streamline things a bit and not have thirty minute updates of only random battles.

What if I want an informational LP?

Zutaten did a well done hybrid LP of the series (most of it anyway). You can find it on the LP Master List, but it requires archives.

I love sidequests! Are you going to be doing any?

I'm going to be as comprehensive as possible when it comes to getting 100% completion.

Who are these people with you?

I will have a few mainstays rotating as guests, and another random rotating guest as well. My mainstays are DazzlingAddar, KasaiAisu, and Unpronounceable.

How about an upload schedule?

I'm aiming for about once or twice a week. No promises though.


Part 1: Old Miltia(14 Years Ago) - Part One
Part 2: Old Miltia(14 Years Ago) - Part Two
Part 3: Plot Recap
Part 4: Escaping U-TIC - Part One
Part 5: Escaping U-TIC - Part Two
Part 6: Escaping U-TIC - Part Three
Part 7: Exploring Second Miltia
Part 8: Sidequestin' - Part One
Part 9: Y-Data Analysis
Part 10: Sidequestin' - Part Two
Part 11: Yuriev Institute
Part 12: Subconscious Domain(Summer) - Part One
Part 13: Subconscious Domain(Summer) - Part Two
Part 14: Subconscious Domain(Winter) - Part One
Part 15: Subconscious Domain(Winter) - Part Two
Part 16: Subconscious Domain(Winter) - Part Three
Part 17: Dammerung - Part One
Part 18: Dammerung - Part Two
Part 19: Dammerung - Part Three
Part 20: Sidequestin' - Part Three
Part 21: Ormus Stronghold - Part One
Part 22: Ormus Stronghold - Part Two
Part 23: Ormus Stronghold - Part Three
Part 24: Ormus Stronghold - Part Four
Part 25: Ormus Stronghold - Part Five
Part 26: Ormus Stronghold - Part Six
Part 27: Intermission
Part 28: Sidequestin' - Part Four
Part 29: Sidequestin' - Part Five
Part 30: Sidequestin' - Part Six
Part 31: Old Miltia - Part One
Part 32: Old Miltia - Part Two
Part 33: Labyrinthos - Part One
Part 34: Labyrinthos - Part Two
Part 35: Labyrinthos - Part Three
Part 36: Labyrinthos - Part Four
Part 37: Labyrinthos - Part Five
Part 38: Intermission Two
Part 39: Sidequestin' - Part Seven
Part 40: Omega System - Part One
Part 41: Omega System - Part Two
Part 42: Omega System - Part Three
Part 43: Omega System - Part Four
Part 44: Omega System - Part Five
Part 45: Omega System - Part Six
Part 46: Space-Time Anomaly + Credits
Part 47: Postgame Backtracking
Part 48: Sidequestin' - Part Eight
Part 49: Desert
Part 50: Factory - Part One
Part 51: Factory - Part Two
Part 52: Factory - Part Three
Part 53: Heaven's Ruins - Part One
Heaven's Ruins - Part Two
Space Colosseum
Secret Bosses



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