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Original Thread: Let's Fucking Play Yakuza


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Released in Japan in 2005 and then in Europe and North America the year after, Yakuza is an action/adventure game with Japan's criminal underworld as the backdrop. As Kazuma Kiryu, you take to the streets of the fictional Kamurocho and follow an intriguing story filled with many fun and interesting characters. Along the way, you also beat the ever-living shit out of hundreds of thugs and yakuza using your hands and whatever you can get your hands on. You can also take time out of your busy beating schedule to play at UFO catchers or slot machines, get drunk, pick up hostess girls, and other Yakuza-type activities.

The series is exceptionally popular in Japan, with its Playstation 3 installments standing beside the likes of Metal Gear Solid 4 and Final Fantasy 13 at the top of the best-seller list. Unfortunately, the games have not yet found similar success outside of their native home, but perhaps this LP will help draw in some more fans.

I had not played this game prior to doing this LP. Rather than doing a full-on blind run, however, I utilized editing of multiple recordings to blend the inexperience and initial reactions of a blind run with the knowledge and pacing of being more familiar with the game.
Character Profiles

(Best viewed after watching through Chapter 4)

Information About the Yakuza

Contributed by Arthur D Wolfe


Daruma Dolls and You: Learning to Fight the Yakuza WayViddler
Drinking on the Job and Well-Dressed HooligansViddler
Mystery! Intrigue! Jack Nicholson!Viddler

The More Things ChangeViddler
Looking For Some MensViddler
Let's Explore: Chapters 1 and 2Viddler

Sneaking Missions and Mysterious MenViddler
The GauntletViddler

The Search For Answers. Wait, Nevermind. BOOBIES!Viddler
Criminals and Little Girls - A Match Made in HeavenViddler
This Plot Confuses and Angers MeViddler
Chapter 4 SIDEQUESTIN' - Part 1 (With Ambisagrus and VoidBurger)Viddler
Chapter 4 SIDEQUESTIN' - Part 2 (With Ambisagrus and VoidBurger)Viddler
Chapter 4 SIDEQUESTIN' - Part 3 (With Ambisagrus and VoidBurger)Viddler
Let's Explore: Chapter 4 - Part 1Viddler
Let's Explore: Chapter 4 - Part 2Viddler
Let's Explore: Chapter 4 - Part 3Viddler

Forget it, Kazuma. It's Bumtown.Viddler
Paying for Information... IN FIST DOLLARS YENViddler
An Old Friend ReturnsViddler
Gonna Hit A Few BallsViddler
Chapter 5 SIDEQUESTIN'Viddler
Komaki's Training - Part 1Viddler
A Guide to Hostess ClubsViddler

The Greatest Plot Twist This Game Will Probably Ever HaveViddler
Weenie LoveViddler
A Terrifilarious DistractionViddler
You're a Loose Cannon, Date!Viddler
Chapter 6 SIDEQUESTIN' - Part 1 (With Ambisagrus and VoidBurger)Viddler
Chapter 6 SIDEQUESTIN' - Part 2 (With Ambisagrus and VoidBurger)Viddler
Chapter 6 SIDEQUESTIN' - Part 3 (With Ambisagrus and VoidBurger)Viddler
Colosseum Fights - Part 1Viddler
Colosseum Fights - Part 2Viddler
Hostess Girls
Yuzu of ShineViddler
Chisa of Jewel - Part 1Viddler
Chisa of Jewel - Part 2Viddler
Erina of ShineViddler
Aya of ShineViddler
Hiromi of JewelViddler
Reika of JewelViddler

Too Intense for a Proper TitleViddler
Death and Bum ShantiesViddler
The Hardcore Gambling Underworld of... Dice Numbers... Guessing... ThingViddler
Someone Just LOVES Being a JerkViddler
Chapter 7 SIDEQUESTIN' - Part 1Viddler
Chapter 7 SIDEQUESTIN' - Part 2Viddler
Chapter 7 SIDEQUESTIN' - Part 3Viddler
Komaki's Training - Part 2Viddler
Haruka's TrustViddler

Uncle Kazuma Will Fuck You UpViddler
Real Housewives of KamurochoViddler
Colosseum Fights - Part 3Viddler

Chinese Take-OutViddler
Highway To, From, and Of the Danger ZoneViddler

The Streets Will Run Red With BloodViddler
Rooftop RumbleViddler
Kazuma May CryViddler
Chapter 10 SIDEQUESTIN' Part 1 (With Ambisagrus and VoidBurger)Viddler
Chapter 10 SIDEQUESTIN' Part 2 (With Ambisagrus and VoidBurger)Viddler
Chapter 10 SIDEQUESTIN' Part 3 (With Ambisagrus and VoidBurger)Viddler

This Chapter is All About SlutsViddler
Game's Packing My Ass With So Many Unsolved Mysteries, I'm Shitting Robert StacksViddler
Getting Dirty in the SoaplandViddler
You Could Cut the Tension With a KnifeViddler
Coin Lockers Wrap-UpViddler
Komaki's Training - Part 3 and Colosseum Fights - Part 4Viddler
Meet Jo Amon (And Scream At Him)Viddler

Shimano Shipyard ShitstormViddler

I Am Become DeathViddler
Colosseum Fights - Part 5Viddler
You, Me, and YumiViddler
Is This Guy a Dick or What?Viddler
The Final ShowdownViddler
The EndViddler
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