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Year Walk

by Niggurath

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Original Thread: Year Walk



As the year is coming to a close, some of us take this time to reflect on the year and see all that we've done. We use this reflection as a means to better ourselves for the coming year and to make resolutions to not repeat the mistakes we've made. But how do you know it's really going to pay off? How do you know it's not all a wasted effort? What if you could gain access to visions of the future to see if your decisions even matter? Well that is the focus of this LP, for you see the game we're playing today is just that. Year Walk is someone's journey into the unknown to try to find what lies ahead and today seems like the perfect day to do so.

Let's Play Year Walk - Part 1: New Year's Eve
Let's Play Year Walk - Part 2: New Year's Day

Grimwit shows up the try ending of the game:

*also the lovely Huldra drawing is by Panzer Skank. But that's a secret.
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