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Original Thread: YESTERDAY



Yesterday is a 2012 adventure game by Pendulo Studios. Oddly, it’s called New York Crimes in Spain even though the majority of the game isn’t even in America. Originally an iTunes App, this game is notable for a particularly userfriendly interface and a completely wack-a-doodle plot. I wish I could go into more detail but I think it's best to discover the silliness of the plot yourself as the game progresses.

The prequel/sequel, Yesterday: Origins, is in development.

How the LP will work?
It’s going to be a little experimental, actually. Because I have beaten the game and know all its puzzles, I could easily speedrun it, however there’s no fun in that. Instead I will ask my guests to solve the puzzles. I’ll be rotating guests every episode or two. I think it's fun to see how different people approach puzzle solving and whose the most adept at adventure game logic.

This game refused to be windowed so I had to create a complicated set up to make it work. Unfortunately, this means the LP is going to be recordings of streams so the audio balancing might not be great. I'll work on fixing that, though.

How would I guest?
If you want to guest, that'd be great! However I strongly prefer people I've talked with on twitter or who have been in other videos so I can see first hand you're not a gross clown. DM me on here or tweet at me @ThatPazuzu if you're interested. I have a bunch of people lined up so if I turn you down, take it very personally and doxx me.


Episode 0 – ThatPazuzu explains it all. (Watch this if you didn't read the OP, otherwise skip it.)YouTube
Episode 1-1 – BeamSplashX and I stare at a gate for no god damn reason.YouTube
Episode 1-2 – BeamSplashX and I become chess champions.YouTube
Episode 2-1 – Devious Vacuum, Jordan Mallory, and I attempt a sweet dunk.YouTube
Episode 2-2 – Jordon Mallory, Devious Vacuum, and I learn about the Satanist mother.YouTube
Episode 3 – ToastWhisperer and I admire some nipples.YouTube
Episode 4-1 – Dame Has Class and I master the four elements.YouTube
Episode 4-2 – Dame Has Class and I unlock our inner ninja.YouTube
Episode 5 – Bob and I take the Chūnin Exams.YouTube
Episode 6-1 – Voidburger and I go on a learning adventure.YouTube
Episode 6-2 – Voidburger and I axe you a questionYouTube
Episode 7-1 – Skippy Granola and I learn basic hygiene.YouTube
Episode 7-2 – Skippy Granola and I master the ability to LP in the dark.YouTube
Episode 7-3 – Skippy Granola and I finish the game.YouTube
Alternate ending compilation.YouTube


Episode 6-1 [Old Man Yells At Cloud Edition]– Geop and I are free, free fallin'.YouTube
Episode 6-2 [Old Man Yells At Cloud Edition] – Geop and I firewalk.YouTube
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