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Part 5: BF5 – Lorca Lakeside

The Imperial Army's patrols in the Orlando region were crippled by the Royal Army's attacks on their supply depots.

The Royal Army had no more worries of pursuers, but Yggdra knew that retrieving the Kingdom from the Empire would be hopeless via the southern front.

In order to increase their chances, the Royal Army headed to the principality of Embellia, home of the Undines, who had once been the Kingdom's allies for many ages. However, as they reached Lorca Lakeside, on the border of Embellia, their hopes seemed lost...

You must be tired. Shall we make camp here?

No, I'm quite alright. Let us hurry to Elise, the Water Capital.


What's going on!? The people are under attack!

What!? The Undines, attacking people...!?

There's a punctuation triple-threat. The only threat in this level...

You can't be serious.

We must invesitgate this immediately.

You there! Undine! What do you attack the innocent? Stop this foolishness!

Silence! Selfish humans... Do not interfere, or you will be next!


They seem pretty dead set. I don't think we have a choice.

So there's literally nothing to this map. Undines are weak, and use spears. The only reason for pause is their Water , meaning they'll probably defeat Durant in combat. One on one, though, Milanor will be fine.

To make things even better, we still have the Silver Moon equipped, with its No Battle Penalty characteristic. It didn't matter then, but now we know what it actually does. Milanor won't lose units due to multiple clashes in a single union. He can, and will, do this entire level himself.

Ishiene is slightly stronger than her team mates, and has a lot of morale. If we want to do this in 7 turns for the quick clear, we need to get her off the water.

Ace Guard gets us to the edge of the town. We get a 30% Geo, but we won't need it. I'm staying slightly away from Ishiene to see if I can lure her away.

This level is dumb, and there's nothing to see.

Yeah, pretty much. The only thing Milanor has to fear is a critical hit, and I doubt anyone but Ishiene would win even under those odds.

Our movement ploy worked. Ishiene, who was in the top right, moved into the centre of town beside Milanor. Two of the other Undines initiate combat.

The fights are a little closer with them on the offensive, but not as close as it looks. You can get a feel for how much "HP" each unit has, so you can guess when about the next one will die. The head is twice as strong, which you can take into account for 1 vs 1 battles.

I attack back, with Mind Change. The weak Undine will die, but the Ishiene and the other one will be fine.

Ooh, look. Undines attack with Ice while in RAGE.

The top Undine falls, and drops her medallion.

And it gets pillaged on their turn. Something to look out for in the future is being able to collect the items after they drop. Future levels will have multiple named characters, with unique items. It gives them plenty of chances to drop an item, only to have another enemy snag it.

Ishiene leads the charge this time, but I'll be able to take out one, maybe two, of her allies.

Meh, the last one survived, but barely.

Steal is a little weak, but I have this turn, Ishiene's turn, and my next turn to win to get the Quick Clear.

Ishiene survives for one more round.

The last Undine does not.

Ishiene doesn't critical hit me on her last turn, so this battle's over.

We made it! The townspeople all seem to be safe.

Sheesh, the Undines are a lot more violent than they look...

But... why are the Undines attacking humans? We've always lived in harmony with them before...

Lady: One day, they just... started attacking our towns.

How strange...

Well, if they're attacking us, that makes them the enemy.

It may be difficult to garner the Sovereignty's support... Let us go to the Water Capital and find out the truth.

You're right... We should hurry.

Closing Notes