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Part 13: BF11 – Black Rose Domain – Alternate Level

The Royal Army quickly destroyed the house of the White Rose, avoiding a disastrous battle between two fearsome magic powers.

However, they soon found themselves dealing with another situation: an Imperial coup d'etat within the Black Rose Domain.

Roswell, head of the house of the Black Rose, fled his manor and narrowly escaped from the Empire, which continued to pursue him.

To save him from this predicament, the Royal Army hurried to the Black Rose Domain.

*chuckle* Don't you get it, smart-ass? You've outlived your usefulness! Kill 'em all, boys!

What...? You used me!? Curse you!

Hey! Isn't that Roswell those troops are chasing?

*pant* *pant*

There he goes! After him!

This really is a mirror mission from the other route. Replace White Rose with Black Rose, Rosary with Roswell, and Russell with Leon, and we're good to go.

I'll bring Durant along this time, but he'll need some morale. There is a lot of Road for him to use, but no Water for Nietzsche.

Oh, man, this is bad... That Black Knight is chasing him.

First, we'll save Roswell. Once he's secure, we strike back!

Emelia, the Griffon Rider flies in again. Her role's the same as last time.

Leon, I'm here to pick up the goods!

Took you long enough, Emelia. This is from Zilva. Here.

I just need to deliver it, right? Leave it to me!

Better not drop that thing on the way home. You know what'll happen if you do...

D-Don't worry! I'll keep it safe! Bye-bye!

Emelia is the same as last time. Leon is less threatening than Russell with only 3 Tec and Luk, and his Brascendo is slowly killing him.

Leon has 3 Knights, instead of Fencers, at 2,2,2,1. Most of them are on the Road, though, so they are slightly stronger. Instead of Necromancers, Leon has 2 Witches – 1,1,3,3. He still has the lone Hunter at 2,1,3,2. The Knights are actually the biggest threat, and probably stronger than Leon with their Road .

It's not possible to rescue Roswell on your first turn, as it was with Rosary. It takes 10 Mov to get this far, and it would take 4 more for Durant to get to Roswell. Regardless, we'll win all three of these clashes and defeat both Knights. Roswell is safe, even if we can't recruit him.

Roswell in action.

Leon takes 5% morale loss, and Emelia runs away with Roswell's Ankh. We don't even get a chance to attack her this time.

By the way... Isn't that a Rune Crystal?

Yggdra runs up to the village, and pawns off that Rune Crystal. Milanor also moves up to join the union. We have one left over movement point, so after this attack Milanor can move to the side and rescue Roswell. We could rescue Roswell immediately, but then we'd lose our attack opportunity for this turn, as the situation would immediately change.

The Hunter goes down without breaking a sweat, but the Witch puts up a fight. Milanor was up against a weapon advantage, and Max mode, so the Witch's 1 Atk wasn't a huge handicap. She still falls, but has about half morale.

That was a close one.

Lord Roswell, what happened?

...As soon as the White Rose lost, the Empire betrayed us. They suddenly turned on us...

That was most likely their intention from the start.

How dare he betray me...? I must return to my manor. I'm concerned for my land... No, for my people.

Don't worry, we shall accompany you.

Let's hurry, and send the Imperial Army packing!

There he is! The Black Knight...

We shall recover this domain from the Empire! Charge!

Yggdra moves in to join Milanor, and Durant also fits into the Union. Both Yggdra and Durant can put Mind Change to work.

Milanor and Yggdra both win, but Durant can't. Chariot cuts down the advantage given by Mind Change, and the enemy Knight had the benefit of the Road.

Here's a little glimpse at Warp movement. Roswell will disappear on any odd numbered steps, and reappear on the even steps. He can even pass through the un-passable terrain South of him, and appear in the tile below.

We can also see where this is a double edged sword. If Black Rose Manor was clear of enemies right now, Roswell wouldn't be able to capture it – it's on an odd step. We'll need to take care to position him during the day, so we can use his mechanic at night.

The enemy attacks, but we prevail. Milanor has no trouble, and Yggdra can still use Mind Change.

The last of Leon's units steps forward, to end the turn.

Oh, there you are, Zilva. I gave the goods to Emelia.

Then your task is complete.

Great! Now I can go kill those Royal pains in the ass! *chuckle* Man, just thinking about it gets me going!

So Leon's a pretty classy guy, as you can tell. While he's loud, rowdy and violent, Russell was quiet, calm, and not looking to kill anyone.

Zilva sends her troops forward, and remains in the back.

These two are the same, as are the 1,2,3,2 Valkyries.

Yggdra moves back to the town, to slow the enemy advance. This is a good defensive position, because the town offers a Geo Defense. We aren't in a good position to attack the Assassin's union, since we'd only get the two of them. It could also trap us in a bad counterattack on their turn.

Milanor and Roswell position themselves to attack Leon, with Durant's help.

Milanor has no trouble with the Witch. Roswell and Durant both handle themselves as well, with Shield Barrier to block Chariot.

Durant moves out of the way slightly, and finishes the turn. If the Valkryie and Elena attack, we don't want Durant killing her by accident. Roswell is now 4 spaces away from his Manor, so when the time comes he will be able to capture it even if he warps there.

The enemy moves up, but only attacks with two.

Yggdra quickly charges up Shield Barrier, and runs it until the enemy Valkyrie starts dealing Holy damage. We'll stop Shield Barrier then, since the enemy isn't much of a threat. Yggdra wins, and the Valkyrie is defeated.

Meanwhile Milanor rolls over Elena. She gets dropped to 1286 morale.

Zilva ends her turn perfectly for us. Elena is in the front of the union, followed by the Valkyrie, and then Zilva.

Yggdra steps aside, and Milanor takes point. With Roswell taking 2nd in the formation, Milanor will have the chance to Steal against both Elena and Zilva. Zilva has low enough Luk to take her item by force, but this way we'll deal extra morale damage, and lower her stats.

Durant will rush up to Leon, to provoke him to attack. Leon is strong, but Durant has the Road advantage from his location.

Three fights, three victories, and two stolen items. Zilva is all that remains, but she's ok with 2148 morale.

We don't want Roswell to be on the receiving end of one of Zilva's charges, so he moves out of the union. He moves two steps, so he's still an even number of spaces away from his target. It's night next turn, and we'll need to capture it then for the quick clear. We can't have Roswell overstep.

Leon barely managed to sneak a victory. It was a long battle – Leon managed to fill his bar, use Chariot, and nearly managed to get to Rage mode again. The little skill we had with because of Steal's 12 Mov wasn't much of an aggressive advantage.

Zilva approaches Milanor and attacks. Roswell wouldn't have fared well, so it's good we moved him out of the way.

Milanor ends up losing. He doesn't take a lot of damage, but we still don't want it to add up. It was a close fight, but Zilva had flash attack, after flash attack.

This is the final turn before the quick clear. Yggdra runs up to the North, and claims part of the Fort. This will put her on equal footing against Leon. Milanor and Durant will follow up. We'll likely need two victories to take out Leon, and Roswell will be able to reclaim the Black Rose Manor.

Leon's superior Tec gives him the slight lead in the beginning, and it's enough to keep him ahead for the fight. Yggdra takes 450 damage, which isn't a big deal thanks to the Fort Geo Defense.

Milanor has no problem.

Durant has a good charge added to Leon's Battle Penalty, and gets a lot of free damage against Leon before he can use Chariot. It's too little, too late for Leon. Durant wins.

With Leon's retreat, Zilva leaves as well.

The Imperial Army is in retreat! Shall we give chase?

No... our first priority is the people of the Black Rose.

So what exactly was the Empire trying to do here?

Just generally causing havoc isn't their style.

About that... I've grasped their true intentions now.

You... have?

It should have been obvious. They were after our Ankhs.


So that's why they approached both houses as allies...

So what are you saying... The White Rose's Ankh is...?

I ordered a search. I'm afraid they've already gotten to it.

Fantastic... Now the Empire has two freakin' Ankhs!

I have a favor to ask: I want to recover the Ankh. We have a common enemy... Let me travel with the Paltina Liberation Army. ...And I will swear never to use the Ankh for war again. I've been a danger to my people... It was rash of me.


I vow to discover the true power of the Ankhs. For the sake of the descendants of Valois... both of them. With my magic, I'd be a useful ally, if you'd have me.

...Of course. We'd be honored for you to fight alongside us.

Alright, but we'll be counting on that magic of yours!

Ha... And I will rely on your strength.

New Loot

The Lightning Bow and Murderous Mask are the same from Rosary's side, and we've already seen Poison Breath. Since we defeated Roswell in BF9, we also gained Necro Gate early. If we hadn't, he'd give it to us here.

I didn't get the Brascendo from Leon, because I suck and forgot Durant didn't have the Luk to take it from Leon. It's not terrible, despite the Lose Morale ability. You lose 5% morale a turn (roughly 200 at full right now), but gain Tec+4, Atk UP and Luk UP. All spear users can handle it, and it lasts 2 maps. Considering you'll lose less than 1000 morale after 5 turns, but gain at least 2 important stats, it's probably a worthy tradeoff. You'll probably lose much more than 1000 morale from a bad loss anyways, which this could prevent. Nobody gains any morale from it. I would've redone the level for completion's sake, but I thought this was pretty good for an unrehearsed run, and we're not continuing along this path anyways.

Crystal Rod: A slight boost to Atk and Tec, but the key point here is Ice Attack Up. Ice is already the most useful element, due to two common upcoming and important enemies being weak against it. This gives even more of a reason to use Blizzard, and it lasts 2 maps. It's no Shin Zantetsu, but it's an awesome weapon.

Roswell – Roswell's Midnight Robe increases Gen+4, and Tec+2, so it's not affecting his stats at all right now. It's not the worst starting gear a party member has, but it's entirely useless in his hands.
Roswell maxes his stats out at 5,4,4,4, as opposed to Rosary's 4,3,5,6 – he's more balanced. Warp movement at night is one of his greatest benefits, as he's the only character who can permanently do that. He's immune to dark damage – but not dark status effects like curse – but weak against Holy. He's also good against skeletons, but we fight like 2 more in the entire game.


Same as with Rosary's side, there's nothing special going on here. Besides Leon, only the couple Knights on the road should pose any threat until the Assassins come. As long as they don't attack during the night, or attack Roswell, even they're nothing more than a speedbump.