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Part 18: BF14ii – Lenessey Mountains - Volcanic Region

Thanks to the guidance of the mysterious Mistel, the Royal Army escaped Baldus's assault. Deep within the Lenessey Mountains, they found a village naturally fortified by live volcanoes.

The Royal Army followed Mistel to Bly's village.

Meanwhile, Baldus sent reconnaissance scouts through the moutain range. Once he regrouped with Aegina, the Royal Army would be cornered.

This is where the tactician, Bly, lives?

...This location is well-suited for defending an attack. Even the geography of the land is advantageous. He still has it in him! We need his assistance.

Huh? What's going on?

Hunter: Please...

Old Man's Voice: With practice, man can utilize the skills he was born with. But eventually, he must accept what talents he lacks! Now scram!

In this case, that Hunter lacks pretty much any talent...

Hunter: ...I got it. Sorry to have bothered you.

Grampa, why are you so upset? You know losing your temper is bad for your health.

I heard my trap go off... I was worried about you. Wait... Who are those people behind you?

They're from the Kingdom. They came to see Bly, the tactician.

Are you Bly? We've been looking for you!

Bly? I don't know anyone who goes by that name...!

But that trap, this location... You must be...

...Hmph! The man you want died a long time ago. Bly's no longer here... only a withering old man.

The Empire is on the verge of overtaking the Kingdom. We need to brains that served my grandfather...

...Grandfather? Then, you're...

Yggdra Yuril Artwaltz of the Liberation Army.

I see. So you're the daughter of that stubborn ox... Hm... If you're here, then Ordene must not be alive...

...Yes. Mother and Father both were...

That fool... If he'd have listened to me, Fantasinia would be safe...


That's right. I'm Bly. But I'm an old man now...

Will you at least hear us out?

Let me warn you, though. I won't be of much help.

It seems the Royal Army has fled there.

Alright, alert General Baldus immediately! Tell him we found them.

Yes, Sir!

We shall buy time until General Baldus arrives! Surround them, and commence the attack!

Yes, Sir!

Hey, it looks like we've got company...

Princess, prepare for battle!

You two, please stand back.

Visitors!? Well, then I must welcome them.

Mistel, don't rush in without thinking. You can be quite reckless sometimes...

That's not true! I'll be fine. Now, let's go!

Alright, let's push them back!

Nietzsche's going to be a key player in the next two missions, so I'll give her the Shell Breastplate. The Tec and Luk Ups are nice, but that Evade Criticals is what I'll be looking for next battlefield.

I'd bring Durant, but there will be a good number of Griffons, and stronger Knights on the field. Rosary will take up the fourth slot.

Some water for Nietzsche in the central region, as well as a catapult. Either side can use it, so we need to be careful about how we line up our defences.

Shoot, they spotted us... It doesn't matter. Attack!

It would seem it is only a reconnaissance unit.

We have to stop them from alerting the main army!

Mistel joins us for the mission. And wow, look at those terrible stats. They never get much better, either. She maxes out at 4, 4, 3.5, 2.5. Nor is her special attribute that great, either. Town is a little lacklustre.

Her stats can easily be brought up to par with food usage, though. And it can be worth it. Look at that weapon! Scythes are good against all melee weapons, and weak to nothing.

Having No Battle Penatly increases her usefullness in this mission, at least, because she will mow down swaths of weak enemies herself.

The recon group is a little far to get a good attack into, so we'll into position for next turn. They're nothing special – mostly 2s, with a few 3s. They use Shield Barrier, though, which is a pain in the ass.

So we'll use Shield Barrier of our own. It serves two purposes in battle – the first is obvious, our own shield. The second use is breaking the enemy Shield Barrier. When they cast an O-type skill of their own, we can use any skill to counter it. Sometimes even throwing a Flame or Blizzard at them inneffectually is worth not dealing with their shield.

We start off with a bang. This Griffon is overkilled by a long shot. Yggdra manages to take care of the Hunter too. Rosary doesn't quite finish off the Knight though. And with the last point of movement available, Yggdra retreats out of Milanor's union.

You guys are getting on my nerves!

Oh, yeah!?

The last two Knights attack, and they bring in the catapult as well. It doesn't matter. Milanor finishes off the first Knight, and Rosary chips the other to 2500 morale.

Our turn now. There's a very good item in the water that you can only get at night, and only on a second or higher playthrough. You also need at least 10 Total Rep. We'll send Nietzsche, of course.

Huh? There's something here...

Ooh!! This fish is so shiny!

You're not leaving here in one piece.

We'll see about that!

We'll finish the last Knight off with Flame. It's a weak card, to be sure, but it helps against Shield Barrier. Our Tec's are high enough that it's worth it just to blast him and deal the 2-3 damage, but in really tight situations we can use it just to break Shield Barrier.

Either way, Nietzsche cleans up.

Princess, we defeated the enemy!

Is everyone alright? How about Bly and Mistel?

Yes, we're both just fine.

She's pretty strong. What have you been doing up here?

I told you before... I'm just a housewife. I cook, I clean, I wash clothes... Oh, I do some farming, too.

...Um, but where is your husband?

Er... W-Well, that doesn't matter, does it? ...Besides, it seems the Empire has already been alerted.

Oh no! Princess, look!

That's Baldus's army!

What should be do!? At this rate...

Child, did you say Baldus?

Yeah, the Imperial Army's God of War.

Why didn't you say so!? His defense is almost impossible to penetrate... You can't win by fighting him head on. Hm... I see... So, Baldus is still alive...


Everyone, can you by me some time?

Then, are you lending us your expertise...?

Only this one time, and only becausee it's Baldus.

So... Much... Text...

What should we do?

Let us stay back and defend their attacks.

Oh, I'll help too! This is so exciting! Maybe I wasn't supposed to be a housewife.


The Empire's coming!

Tch... We don't have many options here.

General Baldus, Sir, it's the Royal Army.

They have nowhere to run; they'll have to fight back. Even a cornered mouse will try to bite the cat. Move carefully until all our preparations are complete.

Yes, Sir!

He's not as strong as when we saw him on the Lenessey Mountain trail, but he's still the strongest opponent we've had to fight so far. Won't be any trouble for Milanor, at the very least.

The rest of his troops are unremarkable – mostly 2s again. He's back to Ace Guard, so you need to watch for that.

Listen. Don't run in and take unnecessary hits. Stay on the defensive... for now. Hold your formations, and keep your guard up.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. You can easily sit there and wait it out, but you can just as easily wreck Baldus's shit.

The Hunter dies, but the Griffon stays in there.

On his turn, however, Baldus doesn't move. He's waiting for something. If you are adjacent to him, though, he will attack.

Strange... I thought they would press their numbers... It's like they're waiting for something.

You think they have something up their sleeve still?

If it's Baldus, then you mustn't write anything off...

We have another free turn to wail on them. Rosary moves up to assist, and even Mistel gets in on the action from her start location.

The Hunter goes down again, but the Knight survives.

Yggdra's pretty much done for the map, so I'll get her in position for the next situation change.

The enemy doesn't move... Listen up! Hold your ground until Aegina arrives.

Yes, Sir!

You can easily do this level if you listen to Bly, and stay on the defensive. The text expects it, as you can see.

Anyways, this is the trigger for the next event, as soon you pick your next card...

A new army's approaching from behind! It's Aegina's army!


They all came down the mountain, huh? Baldus alone is tough enough, but now with her...!

At this rate, we'll all be trapped!

Commander Aegina! It's the Royal Army!

We have you now, you worms...! Alright! Launch a pincer attack with Sir Baldus! This time, we'll take 'em down!

Yes, Commander!

I didn't get a screen shot of it, but Aegina is 2,3,4,3. If you didn't take the Flamberg from her in BF3, she apparently has it now. In our case, she has a medallion.

The card you just picked is lost, but you get an immediate turn afterwards. Try to pick a card you don't need to use to trigger the event, and then go back to a good card.

Like Shield Barrier. Mistel easily cleans up every fight, leaving only Aegina and one Valkyrie that wasn't in the union alive. As usual, Aegina uses revolution, and even with her Scythe Mistel will likely lose to her one on one. Shield Barrier blocks Revolution, so it's a moot point this turn.

Baldus attacks Milanor from the North. The Griffon and the Knight are defeated, and Baldus is brought to 4002 morale.

He then proceeds to pillage two medallions that were on the ground...

Here I come, God of War!

Young lad, I won't hold back this time.

And Aegina attacks Mistel this round. Nietzsche's also in this fight, against Aegina herself. Mistel can likely handle her again, but Aegina seems to get a lot of critical hits. I didn't equip that armour on Nietzsche to cover this situation, but it's better to be safe than sorry.

We win both fights, but both Valkryies survive.

Again, when you pick a card, the situation changes. Pick an unneccessary card again.

A pincer attack... The Empire means business. But it's such a boring tactic. Too straightforward...


Hey, Gramps! Now isn't the time for reflection!

He's right! At this rate... You and Mistel will...

Calm down. Everyone, there's been a change in the plans. I have a device for these situations.

A device...?

But there won't be a second chance. We must succeed. First, everyone, we need to move up ahead.

Hey, hold on a minute! We'll be sitting ducks...! This can't...

Just listen to me. In a volcanic region, the terrain changes over time... Wait till the right moment.

Then what?

You'll see. If we can buy some time, everything will be ok.

Whaddaya think? Can we trust him?

Bly is a man who historians felt worthy of remembering. He has written many books on strategy, too. I think he's trustworthy. ...And it's our only plan...

...If you say so. And if we can show the Empire, I'm all for it!

Before we head off, Rosary and Nietzsche will assist Milanor in thinning Baldus's ranks.

And as usual, Nietzsche doesn't take anyone's shit. Baldus survives with 63 morale. Not that it matters – both he and Aegina have morale protect. Rosary couldn't quite finish off the Griffon, either. But Exp is Exp.

How's that!?

Well struck, young thief!

There'll be no escape for you fools... If this is where you choose to die, then I will oblige you!

What's this?

Yggdra and Nietzsche continue on to the waypoint. Rosary is still with Milanor, and Mistel is by herself.

That's just what kind of battle this is turning out to be.

On the bright side, Milanor levels up. He now has 4 Atk.

Mistel takes two unfortunate losses. Revolution can be hard to counter. And I did predict a Critical Hit from Aegina; I just missed it by a turn.

It's time to start pulling back, so I pick Doll Craft, with 11 Mov. Milanor's going to stay as long as possible to fight off Baldus, but Rosary will pull back as soon as this attack ends. The card isn't strong, but it should get her and Mistel into a safer location.

Haha, seriously. This is getting stupid.

Yggdra, Rosary, and Nietzsche are all in the waypoint. It'll take a couple of turns to get Milanor back, but until then, Mistel will hold off Aegina.

Baldus tries his luck again, but Milanor wins 2.

Aegina's Valkyrie attacks Mistel, and Mistel finally takes her out.

Using Mind Change on our turn, Mistel gets back to safety. Milanor's in the open, but with his Wasteland and his stats, he should be able to fight Aegina. If Aegina attacks the girls, however, Mind Change could prove to be a tipping point for our victory. If we pull enough units away, she might die before she can use Revolution.

Baldus's last Knight commits suicide by Milanor.

And Aegina feels comfortable spending a turn just to pillage. I'm not even sure if the AI units are allowed to travel back here.

Regardless, Milanor finally hoofs it back on our turn.

Hey, Gramps, we just need to defend this spot, right?

General Baldus! The Royal Army is moving! They are running right into a dead end!

How foolish... They are trapped. Or do they have something planned...? No, that's impossible... Alright, let's move in. We'll attack them from two sides.

It's about time...


The volcano...!?

C-Commander Aegina!?

Wh-What's happening!?

L-Lava is... bursting from the ground!


Everyone, maintain your lines! Regroup!

Ok Bly, detonating a volcano on your enemies is suitable metal. Everyone (your troops included) not in the safe zone take damage. Aegina goes from 1028, to 90!

Look at that! They're scared senseless!

Incredible... Their defenses just crumbled!

... Baldus, you've grown old. You must consider the terrain!

That voice... Is that really you? Sir Bly!?

It's been a long time. Too long, perhaps.

I thought it was you when I saw that trap, but...

I heard you were coming, so I'm here to settle this.

You remember. You do know how to hold a grudge...

What? Gramps, don't tell me...

God dammit. We're in the middle of a fight taking place in a volcanic eruption. Combat first, reminiscing later.

You know General Baldus!?

Yes. He is the only man who could see through my tactics. Years ago, I'd won the war... but I lost the battle. People called me the “Undefeated Tactician,” but... I never once was able to defeat him. That was my only regret when I retired...


Now, the rest is up to you. Baldus is tough, so use all of your power. Give me that final victory.

Alright, leave it to us! Let's do it!

Yes, let's move!

In addition to burning everyone to death, that volcano also lowered Aegina's and Baldus's Tec. Meh.

Time to clean up. Mistel is very close to a level due to all that combat she had, so I want her to finish up.

Please, don't cause any trouble around these parts.

Are you their ally? Then I won't go easy on you!

Mistel goes in with Shield Barrier, and Aegina is wiped out.

Madam, your resistance will only prove ineffective. Withdraw your soldiers!

Oh my, you're so thoughtful. But that might be your undoing, dear.

Baldus runs into Shield Barrier, and loses.

Ready for more talking?

The Empire is retreating!

And why's a Fencer doing the talking. There aren't any in the Royal Army, and there weren't any on the map. They should bring back Flunky for these parts.

Princess, shall we give chase?

No, we have taken quite a blow ourselves... We should regroup and continue onward.

Understood, Princess.

Man, tacticians are sweet...!

Verily. It would be great if he would lend us his wisdom.

Let's try asking again.

But the old man said something peculiar... He said this would be his “final victory,” didn't he? Does that mean he's not going to help us?

... Well, I'll go talk with him first. Everyone, wait here.

As you wish.

...So, are you sure you won't come with us?

I regret having to turn you down, but... I'm too old for this.

No, your strategy last battle worked superbly. Or... is there some other reason...? Would you please tell me?

Very well. ...I was actually driven out of Fantasinia.

Driven out?

In other words, exiled... chased away from the court.

You mean... Father...?

No, Ordene actually defended my actions. It was thanks to him my family and I were able to escape. His retainers did it. Because of what I said...

What you said?

One day, we had a meeting about the Kingdom's safety. Ordene asked for my counsel on the matter... And I told him to conquer the rest of the world. The Kingdom would be safer if it had no enemies, of course.


At that time, Bronquia was the only real threat to Fantasinia... But their dictatorship had weakened the country. I gave Ordene my justification for taking the Empire. I tried to convice him to seize this opportunity. We could free those people from their tyrant... ...and ensure that other countries wouldn't march against us.

For you see, conquering can be done without force. We just needed to hit key political cornerstones. You know how one bad apple can spoil the bunch, right? If we had removed the bad apples, that would end it... But it was notp to be. And now... all this.

...What did Father say?

Your father was a knight, through and through, Princess. He asked me if he himself were to become a bad apple... He wondered if that happened... Would I remove him, too?

I told him I would... for the sake of the Kingdom. He wasn't angry at that, but his retainers were furious. My skill at war probably scared them, too... They labeled me a threat and chased me from the Kingdom.


Haha... I see you're surprised, but that's what happened. I don't bear a grudge against your father. I am actually grateful to him for putting up with me. ...But many people don't know the truth. They think I despised the King and his retainers. So what would happen if I returned to the Kingdom now? I'd be accused of plotting the King's death...


Do you see? There's no place for me to return to.

Bly... We would never...

Besides, Princess Yggdra, I really am tired. This is a job for you young ones, not us old men. You must shape the future with your own hands. I'm sorry it's our mess that got you into this, though.


Well, I guess we need to get going then.

Thanks for your help, Gramps.

So you will be leaving now... Be careful.

Sir Bly, I apologize for any trouble we have caused you. It is sad you are not coming, but we will not forget this.

I pray for your luck.

Goodbye, Grampa.

Huh!? Mistel, where are you going...?

I'm joining the Royal Army, silly.


You need someone to cook and clean, don't you? Is there someone who can already do that...?

Er, well, no... b-b-but...

And of course it's not just the housework. I'll stand on the front line and protect my new friends. I want to help you in place of Grampa.

Th-This is a kind offer... and yet...

She may be a bit sheltered, but she'll prove useful. Please, take her with you.

...I understand. Mistel, welcome to the Royal Army.

Why, it's a pleasure to join.

Princess, take this... This is my offering for the late King Ordene.

...Thank you. We will put it to good use.

Now, listen to me, Mistel. I want you to be there to help shape the fate of Fantasinia. You got that?

Leave it to me.

And don't fall for any other strange men you don't know.

Hey! I-I told you not to talk about that...! Hm! I'm not listening to you anymore!

Hahaha, hahah...

I was hoping Mistel did enough work herself to claim this, but I must not have split Milanor's duties up enough.


Glittering Ashes: Trade item I believe.

Gold Dozeu: Awesome. Like the other food items we saw, the stat growth is permement. With this one, however, you gain 1 to every single stat. You can only get this item after you've beaten the game at least once, and your Total Reputation has to be at least 10.

When the philosopher rings the bell of Dawn... The ominous book of war shall be Torn. - Daybreak Soyeck
Oblivious Dawn: I... like this card. Others may disagree with me. But I'm also pretty fond of Mistel, so it helps. It's restrictive, since you generally need Mistel to Ace it, and always to cast it, but some of the harder encounters can be triviallized by its effect. 10 Movement is solid, and it starts reasonably powerful.

Mistel - With food items like the Gold Dozeu, you can easily make Mistel a powerful member of the army. The Scythe can basically be used in any encounter, so it's hard to use her wrongly. Its only downside is that Mistel can't Ace a lot of cards, since there's only one Scythe card (and user) that we get – barring special effects. Regardless, we have a large supply of All Ace cards that we use, so that's no big deal. Obvlivious Dawn has a handful of uses, like de-charging someone's Rage bar as you fight him, or lock them at 0 the fight before your priority target comes around – making them charge up in one encounter.


Long level, even if it's all just talking...

The beginning is pretty simple, with the recon group, so let's just ignore them.

During phase two, Bly wants you to sit tight and defend. Unfortunately, Baldus wants to do the same. You can easily wait it out until Aegina shows up, but I see a lot of wasted Exp there. You have two free turns to get in there and make some kills. Baldus won't move to counterattack you, so as long as you kill the union leader you target you shouldn't have to worry about any counterattacks.

When Aegina shows up, though, a whole new can of worms opens up. Revolution is entirely unpredictable. If you're hit by it, even with better stats or a weapon advantage, it's a 50/50 change you're going to lose anyways.

The way it works is it kills all the unit members, and transfers the current damage to the unit Head. If the last surviving unit was near death, you're head will probably die instantly. If you're gonna take it, make sure you have some skill ready to go aggressive. Note that Yggdra can't do this with her Holy damage, so it's sometimes better to not send her against Revolution using Valkyries at all.

Shield Barrier, as usual, works wonders. It can at best block Revolution, but if you need it too, it can guarantee you don't lose while you're on 1-1.

Overall it's a good level to get Mistel an MVP, if you plan on using her.

Beyond the combat, I like the level for the world development it does. Even though Bly is introduced in the PSP version, it gives some insight into his character, and also tells you that Bronquia was a pretty shitty place before Gulcasa took over. It would've been nice if it wasn't all text-dumped though.

When we get there in the game, we'll see that's not quite the case any more.

As far as character use goes, the next few missions require fairly specific units to get certain items, so there won't be much choice. At the end of the chapter things will get shaken up, so I'll do another character overview and we can see who we want to use.

This is the end of the PSP exclusive branch. After this, is links up to where the GBA path would go, which we could have done by not visiting the villages during BF13.