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by Orcs and Ostriches

Part 25: BF20 – The Tower

Disguised as an Imperial soldier, Milanor slipped through enemy lines and infiltrated the prison tower where Yggdra was rumored to be held.

Inside the prison tower, however, were rows upon rows of cells. The hunt was on to find Yggdra...

This mission's pretty quick, with only one enemy unit on the map – and she's entirely optional if you want to miss some stuff. You can only bring one ally besides Milanor.

...Nothing. Where is she?

First things first. This is a great level to force an MVP bonus on someone specific. Mistel could really use a Quick Clear Bonus, especially in Atk, so we're bringing her.

Second, the one enemy we fight drops a pretty nice item, but we need 3 Luk. With Mistel's level up in the last mission, she came to an even 2 Luk. It's a perfect time to increase it through food, so we'll give her the Sweetberry.

I don't bother restoring anyone's morale.

This mission is a little unique, in that we need to explore each area to open the adjacent sections.

We'll use a throw-away card here to get into these positions. Milanor will unlock the East wing; Mistel will unlock the West.

I think I'll have a taste...

On the way, of course, Mistel eats the Sweetberry, hitting a permanent 3 Luk.

At the end of the turn, the new wings are opened.

Was it this way?

Which way is it?

Milanor heads East, and finds an old letter in a cell.

These positions reveal the next areas.

I think it might be over here...

There seems to be someone here...

We used to play games with these when I was younger...!

It's all rusted and falling apart...

After looting random garbage, we can open up the final areas.

Gracious, you couldn't have come at a better time.

Y-You're from the Royal Army...! What are you doing here!?

I have something to ask you if I may... Could you tell me where I might find the Princess?

Thankfully, Aegina doesn't move. Revolution has a pretty insane power this round, but we're not too worried about losing to just her.

Even though she is quite powerful. We only need to take out her, however, so we can just slam down our power cards, like Shield Barrier and Mind Change. Ideally we should be able to take her out with just those.

Her item's nice, too, but it makes Rosary and Nietzsche less than ideal candidates to take her out, since she blocks their aggressive mode. With good cards it won't come to that, however.

Whatever. We used Shield Barrier first, so no surprises. Our low surviving units, and Aegina's Fort Geo are slowing things down, though.

And we fare well on Aegina's attack. She's down to 3271.


Mind Change brings us an even clearer victory, but it doesn't quite have the kick behind it Shield Barrier does.

But Aegina fights pretty hard on her attack, and Mind Change doesn't bring us that much of an edge. It's unfortunate. To get both the Quick Clear, and all the items, Aegina needed to fall now.

Since all we're picking up is garbage, in the literal sense, we'll forget the last item.

Gravity Chaos brings us enough power to finish her off. Mistel fights quite fine just slamming her with Aggressive Mode.

Princess! We're here for you~!

Oh my, I'm sorry. Did I get the wrong person? Can you wait just a moment? I'll get this door open... There. Everything's fine, now.

Am I right in saying that you're with the Royal Army?

That's quite right. Gracious, it's drafty in here. So... why did they detain you in there?

I am Russell's fiancee. We're originally from the Kingdom.

Russell... You mean Russell, the Astral Fencer?

Yes. He was captured in battle against the Empire. Gulcasa saw his strength and demanded that he join them. Russell was loyal to Fantasinia and refused... So Gulcasa held me hostage. Ever since, he's been forced to fight for the Empire...

Is that so... We are in search of the Princess. Do you happen to know anything about her?

I couldn't say for sure, but I haven't seen her around here.

I understand. Anyways, staying here will do you no good. Please, you should come with use before you catch a cold...!

The last item is the set of shackles that were holding Flone there, and they're on the tile she was standing on. We need to leave now to get the Quick Clear, and Mistel can't move since she lead the attack.

Oh well. Time to end this.

Esq. Milanor! Where's the Princess!?

She's not here. They might have taken her to the castle.

By the way, who is that lady?

My name is Flone...

She's Russell's fiancee. I found her in the dungeon and thought I'd take her with us.

Russell, the Astral Fencer!?

Anyhow, the Princess isn't anywhere around here. They might have taken her inside the castle... Let's go!

We must find the Princess before reinforcements arrive!

Let's go!

Bam, Atk +2. This will pay off nicely.


Blindfold: Yeah, don't equip this. Ever.

Rusted Chain: Or this.

And if I had gotten the shackles, they're the same type of thing. Movement costs double, too.

Letter: This just plain doesn't do anything.


Platinum Ornament: This, however, is a real item. We'll still face a plethora of fire-using enemies, and lightning isn't rare either, with Fencers. We also fight Aegina like every other level, so the Void Holy comes in handy too. Lasts for 3 maps.

The random prison implements we found do terrible things in combat, and restore 0 morale to everyone. Well, almost everyone.

Rosary seems to like them.


Not a whole lot going on over here. It's a lot easier to actually see the paths in the PSP version. The map resolution in the GBA left a little to be desired, so it's easy to waste turns just trying to find the hallways.

If you want Aegina's Platinum Ornament, you need at least 3 Luk. Durant and Mistel can fight her well enough, but are often lacking in the Luk dept. Rosary and Nietzsche have Luk to spare, but Aegina voids their Aggressive attack, so you need to plan for that. The girls all get the benefit of Mind Change, as well.

Roswell is a good choice against her. You can generally just go full aggressive right at the start, and kill her before she gets to her Rage mode. His Luk is good enough to collect the item, too.

But before we're done, let's take a look at Mistel after 2 levels, 2 MVPs, and one Item.

3's across the board. Looks like next mission will be another good time for more food.