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Part 38: BF33 – Welheim, the Holy Land

After the battle with Juvelon, the Royal Army faced a sudden attack by Gulcasa, the Emperor of Carnage, but Milanor and the others succeeded in defending St. Meriata Church.

Meanwhile, Pope Joachim and Yggdra left for the Holy Land. The chaos of the battle between the Royal Army and Imperial Army afforded them a chance to escape, and they fled through the back of the church.

Though the Holy Land was meant to be a sealed place where only the Pope and those of Royal blood can enter, a figure appeared before Joachim and Yggdra, barring their path...

Indeed. The coronation will be conducted there. Now, allow me to prepare for the ceremony. Wait here.

As you say.

(This is it... I'm ascending the throne... It's a little nerve-wracking...)


You're... Roswell!? I don't understand... You were defeated at Verlaine Hills...!

How has a lost soul entered the Holy Land? What is the meaning of this?

Even though we had equipment on Yggdra, we start this mission with nothing. Roswell's not a push-over, so any little bit will help now. The Midnight Robe doesn't offer much in the way of stats, but its Void Dark will be invaluable.

I'm so sorry...! I didn't... We didn't want to kill anyone...!

...Ah... Ankh... You... in the way... Won't... forgive...

But that Ankh was...! What...? The Holy Sword is...!?

(What is this...? I can feel Roswell's heart through the sword...)

…......... I... I need.... power...

… You are not the Lord of the Black Rose I knew. Just a mass of hatred and an insatiable lust for power... The good in you is gone, and only a deep darkness remains...

W-Won't... forgive you...!

Eek! ...Am I forced to defeat you once again...!?

We have two Skeletons to deal with before we reach Roswell. While not too threatening, they can still pose a minor challenge to Yggdra.

Roswell, on the other hand, is quite an encounter. Yggdra right now is 4,4,2,2, which doesn't have a definitive lead over Roswell. Added to that, Roswell's Dark attack – Yggdra's weakness - is raised through his item. We brought the Midnight Robe to prepare for that, though.

You'd normally save the Four-Leaf Clover or another 100% Item Drop item for now, but we traded that in for the Clover Leaf last time. We'll have to skip this item.

Yggdra has high status for this entire mission, so a few losses aren't the end of the world. One or two will be expected against Roswell.

The first Skeleton is dealt with easily, thanks to a good charge on our end, and a poor counterattack. The added Holy damage for Yggdra's Aggressive attack helps too.

The second Skeleton puts up a bigger fight, and we win with a weaker card and smaller margin. We'll have to take this to round two.

During the Skeleton's attack, we finish him off.

Next turn, we'll pick Steal and go hunting for a special item.

We don't reach Roswell this turn, since we're still 8 tiles away. That will come next turn.

Using Revolution, we'll rush him. Depending on how the Charge/Counter phase go, we might have the chance to use Revolution, and then soak up the final damage during his nullified Rage attack.

We end up with even numbers, although Roswell will take the lead soon enough.

We're down by the time he starts his Rage attack. At that point though, we can catch up.

He still reaches Max, and uses Necro Gate. The summoning defeats our last Valkyrie.

Roswell is defeated seconds afterward.

This round starts off slightly in Roswell's favour, with him having a one-unit lead.

It's enough for him to claim victory. Necro Gate is dealing enough damage to tip the battle in his favour, even after we're basically immune to his attacks for half the battle. We'll have to deal with that.

We can use Kiss of Death to buy us almost 8 seconds. Both battles ended quickly after Necro Gate, so it should work.

We actually claim the lead on our charge. Even so, Necro Gate would even us out.

He goes down with 2.5 seconds to spare. It will take another victory to defeat him, though.

This one goes quite similar, and Yggdra has almost gained two levels from this mission.

Did I win...!? I defeated it, but... this solves nothing. War causes hatred. Hatred causes war... An eternal wheel of suffering, turned by rivers of blood... What can stem the tide of war?

The dead attacking you... It may be one of the trials. The ordeals are dictated by heaven. Unless you overcome them, you cannot continue. Now, let us head to the altar.

But, I...

What is the matter? Why do you hesitate? You are of royal blood. You have a duty to the people. Who else can bear the responsibility of the crown?


Remember those who believe in you, those who follow you...


This problem is no longer yours alone. You must never forget that. Do you understand, Princess?


This level should take about 10 minutes, max. It's worth it to restart it until you gain Luk from the MVP bonus, in my opinion. The rest of Yggdra's stats look much better, and will continue to be so.


Orihalcum: Trade item.

Forbidden Fruit: Just like the Gold Dozeu we gave to Mistel, this permanently increases all stats by a full star. A great item for any of the casters, as well as Elena – who will be taking it this time.


There's not a whole lot to say. This mission and next mission are basically cut-scenes. Roswell, or Rosary, can trip you up, though. Losses will slow you down, but with High status you'll be brought back to full morale. In a switch from the beginning of the game, siding with Rosary will prove harder now, since Roswell is much more difficult of a fight overall.

All the same, there are a few good things to use against Roswell. Banish will cause Fatal Damage, and Shield Barrier's always a good choice. Yggdra's Aggressive mode also does a great deal of damage. A problem here is that Yggdra is weak to Dark, and Roswell deals an increased amount of Dark damage, making damage racing difficult. Anything that voids Dark will be good, unless you need the 100% drop item for his Black Rose Crest.

If we we're fighting Rosary, though, her Atk and Luk would actually be lower, at the cost of her higher Tec. Yggdra's not as vulnerable to her Fire damage, either, so you can focus on your offense against her.