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Part 39: BF34 – Nacht Altar

Youtube – BF 34 – Nacht Altar This mission is about 10 minutes long as well, and may as well have been a full cut scene. It's mostly plot, character development, and scripted battles, so the entire thing is available as a video.

Otherwise, enjoy the read.

A departed soul had appeared in the Holy Land. Had its grudge from Verlaine Hills tethered it to life, preventing it from reaching eternal rest...?

Yggdra wasted no time in purifying the tormented soul with the Holy Sword.

The Princess and the Pope finally reached Nacht Altar, the deepest part of the Holy Land.

The coronation to succeed the throne of Fantasinia was about to begin...

However, through the power of this tiara and the Holy Sword... Fantasinia overcame each of them in turn. The tiara and Holy Sword... Our nation's divine relics... Only those of royal blood can harness their powers. Through your veins flow the last traces of that blood... The Kingdom now faces an unprecedented crisis. The time has come to bestow that power upon you. Serve your kingdom under the banner of justice.

I now acknowledge you as La Pucelle. May God protect you!

Lift your head. ...You are now the rightful sovereign of Fantasinia... The Holy Sword acknowledges you as La Pucelle...

You will gain the power of the Holy Sword. May the tiara and the Holy Sword be with you all your life...

Hm!? Look out!

Your Eminence! Hold on!

...Aegina!? Why are you here!? How did you enter the Holy Land!? Only the Pope and those of royal blood can enter...!

Justice would be to strip you of that sword and crown.

I will end this here... Prepare yourself!

Such indomitable resolve...! What is it that drivers her!?

You... I will never accept you!

What!? What are you talking about!? Please! Tell met he meaning of this!

What's the use... Nothing will change if I tell you now. It's all too late!

Aegina enters combat by herself, and with High status. This gives her the perfect opportunity to quickly use Revolution.

Down to a one on one, Yggdra doesn't last long.

Regardless of your morale, this attack will always be nearly fatal.

Woohoo, let's break up the tension.

Ugh...! Such resolve! At this rate...

Ygg... dra... Show the power you claimed... By the Holy Sword...

The power I claimed... By the Holy Sword...!


With Yggdra's forces defeated, this battle is between just the two of them.

Yggdra's skill gauge rapidly fills, bringing the chance to unleash the Grand Centurio's power, Crusade.

With it, the battle is won.

In the name of La Pucelle... Holy Sword! Light my path!

Aaaaaargh! So, this is... the true power of the Holy Sword... The true power of the Gran Centurio...

Wait! I must know something!


Your Eminence, are you alright!? Please, answer me!

...Y-You were brilliant... Sovereign Queen... But, do not let your guard down... I can hear... it...

Shh... Don't speak. I'll take you outside immediately! We'll treat your wounds there...

No... It is too late for me. Listen... my new sovereign... Can you hear it...? The heartbeat of Brongaa... Dragon of Purgatory...

Brongaa, the Dragon of Purgatory...?

At Lost Aries... The ritual of Soul Unbinding... Gulcasa has awakened the sleeping dragon, Brongaa... Brongaa is the emblem of destruction. It will bring disaster upon the Kingdom... No, the world...

Your Eminence! Pope Joachim! Please, open your eyes...! ...Your Eminence...

You're late, Princess! I take it that everything went as planned?

Er... Where is his Eminence?

...He has passed away. He fell to Aegina's blade.

Passed away...

Wait... What? Only the royal family and the Pope can enter, right? So, uh, how did Aegina get in?

I don't know. But it was most assuredly Aegina.

Huh... You know, that's not all that bothers me about her. Elena got her good in the right eye. We all saw it. Yet, here she is looking like nothing happened...

...Could she be some sort of invincible demon...?

Don't talk nonsense. She's as human as you or me.

...I suppose, but...

We shall return to the Kingdom immediately.

Why? What's wrong?

The Empire is up to something terrible. We must stop them. It is time to launch our counterattack and end this war.

Then, we're finally...!

Our first target is the Fortress of Ishnad. We cannot reach the Empire without passing through there. Our first order of business, then, is to control Ishnad!

As you wish, my Queen!


This mission always completes in two turns, and takes a couple of minutes to complete with turbo on. It's well worth it try to get Luk+2.


Revenger: Cntr same damage does what it says. If you take X damage on the charge, you deal that back at the enemy. I don't know if it will kill 1 to 1 with large units, though, which could make it quite good at times. The Gen -6 is actually quite helpful for this weapon, since it makes you take more damage on the charge, which then lets you deal more damage on your counterattack. Unfortunately, both sword users have high Tec, so they already have good counterattacks. 2 maps.

Divine empress loved by the phoenix Mulmunams... Bring light to the Darkness of Chaos.
Crusade: This card... What more can I say? It's Revolution with the Zolfy built in, and a 50% damage bonus on top of it. All Ace, 12 Mov, and good starting power.

Class Change: Sword Maiden – La Pucelle
Yggdra's the recipient of the only permanent class change in the game, and she goes from mediocre to my favourite character. She loses that annoying Dark Weakness and her strength against Golems, and she gains immunity to status ailments and Always Ace – fitting for a leader.

Her base stats also improve, and thanks to her 2 recent Luk MVPs, her luck actually looks decent. She keeps all the MVP and food star growths she gained earlier, and they're reapplied now. As it stands now, except for one small star in Luk, she'll max out each of her stats. We'll still speed things along, though.


The only way you can lose this is by not using Crusade. Apparently Aegina will still finish you off.

The tiara the Pope talks about is force equipped on Yggdra on this map. It gives UP to all stats, and Always Ace. It only lasts the one map, and you won't see it unless you look for it, but it's a neat touch.

Chapter Summary

We're heading into the final stretch of the game now, and aside from a few annoyances it's pretty consistently good. And for the most part, our roster will not change, and we're not going to get any worthwhile cards.

So let's see who and what we're bringing through the final chapters of the game.

Yggdra, obviously. She'll get one of the Luk Up food items, for sure, and probably a Gen Up as well, to speed things along. She's probably a candidate for a Tec Up, as well. The window is small for food, though, because I have long lasting items planned out for much of the later levels.

Milanor has to come as well. As far as food items go, he needs nothing. I'm going to try to keep him guarding the back, just to spread the MVP and Exp bonuses around.

Durant will be my choice to try for a few MVPs. He'll get a Luk Up item for sure, and probably some others. His Boss Bandana is increasing his Gen by 1 star, and his Atk by 2. Even so, with a few MVPs and the items, he'll max out the majority of his stats soon.

Elena will be taking the Forbidden Fruit, which increases all stats. From there her Atk and Tec will max quickly, but she'll need an MVP to max her Luk. Thankfully, there's a level perfect for that, so it won't be an issue. Her Gen will be stuck at 4, though, most likely.

Mistel is in a similar position to Milanor, in that she doesn't need food or MVPs. She'll max out in a few levels, so it won't be a problem.

Those are the characters that will be coming throughout, with the addition of Kylier every now and then when she feels like it; now let's look at the cards commonly used.

Gravity Chaos comes in at one of the best cards. It has great utility, great power, and a solid move of 9.

Steal is also an important card. It has the dual role of taking items, but as a result is also a bit of a boss killer. It ties at the highest movement, and its power is also great.

Bloody Claw is a somewhat situational card, but still extremely useful. With Yggdra able to Ace it, its largest issue has been resolved, and with much of the upcoming end-game fixed to Night, we'll have no problems using this. I'd like to raise its power as we go, as it's a little low.

Shield Barrier's been seeing less and less use as we've been playing, for a few reasons. Its power skyrocketed early on due to heavy use, all the while its use has been dropping. Its Shield property is becoming less and less useful as we deal with cards like Ace Guard and Genocide, which we'll be seeing a lot of, and our Gens are becoming high enough to avoid most damage cards. Its combat utility is also lacking compared to new cards, and its movement is still hindering, especially trying to position large unions. Finally, due to its high power, it too easily wipes out large unions, thus raising its power further. None the less, it's still the most powerful card in our inventory, and will be useful.

Dragon Killer, while a little on the weak side, still deals with weaker dragons like Imperial Knights. For the most part, we'll have better cards against Gulcasa. While it may be phased out, it's still a great card when the time is right.

Mind Change is in a similar boat as Shield Barrier, with lots of early use powering it up quickly. At the same time, its utility has been replaced with higher move cards. It's still a great fallback card, though, because we'll always be against Mind Change-able targets, up to and including Gulcasa.

Revolution is still an odd card, and it may be phased out as well. For the entirety of the game it's just been a high move, high power blitz card. I've used the Revolution skill maybe 5 times total, but the card's always been in the inventory. Still, a 10 Mov card with high power and a fairly situational ability comes in handy.

Crusade is pretty much awesome. Its All Ace makes it even easier to use than Revolution, and its effect is that much greater.

Kiss of Death hasn't been used a lot, but it still has some very specific uses. Reputation is becoming less of an issue, as well, so I don't need to protect a high rep.

Oblivious Dawn should have been a replacement for Revolution early on. Not only do they have similar power, but they have the same movement. Oblivious Dawn has an actual useful ability, though, and now that Yggdra can Ace it it's flexibility has been greatly expanded.