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Part 50: BF45 – Chamber of Brongaa

After being driven into a corner by the Royal Army, Gulcasa allowed the Evil Dragon's blood to flow within him and charged forth to begin the final battle.

Flames engulfed the fierce battle, but the Royal Army emerged triumphant. Castle Bronquia had fallen at last.

However, the war was not yet over.

Though severely injured, Gulcasa used the last of his strength to reach the Chamber of Brongaa.

Yggdra grasped the Holy Sword Gran Centurio tightly and advanced to finish the Emperor of Carnage once and for all.

Gulcasa is trying to resurrect the Dragon of Purgatory here. Ughh... This heavy, sinister energy... It's difficult to move in such an intense presence...

Look, there he is! He's heading for that chasm!

My life... is yours... S-Soon... The resurrection ritual will be complete... Our lineage... shall take back this land... once more...! Just... awhile... longer...

Stop him! If he reaches his destination... If Brongaa fully awakens... This land will again know unimaginable torment!

Yggdra and Milanor lead the battle, and you can bring one additional unit for support. In addition, you may only bring three cards. After your third turn, Gulcasa will have reached his destination, and the game will end.

With all of his strength unbridled, Gulcasa changes classes from Dragon Knight to Brongaa Knight. He keeps his Wasteland , but gains immunity to all elemental damage and status ailments. He still deals fire damage during his Rage attack. Brongaa's strength also pushes Gulcasa's stats to the limit, but being on the brink of death and severely injured does no favours to his Gen. If we had allowed Gulcasa to reach the inner chamber in the previous mission, we'd have to finish him off in this new form.

His Genocide card carries a 7500 power, as well. It's possible to survive if your characters are at max morale, but it's best to look towards not taking a loss at all.

The flames of the battlefield still deal their damage, but it's really nothing compared to what Gulcasa can do. More annoyingly, you may only move one tile per character. It's unlikely, but possible, to get into a really bad position because of this.

There's not a whole lot else to do, so let's finish this.

Yggdra starts off with the advantage. If we hadn't stolen the Salamandora last mission, Gulcasa would still have it now. Counter with Same Damage is much, much more threatening now. Gulcasa's 1 Gen lets you deal impressive charges, which he'll then inflict on you.

Not much changes before Gulcasa reaches Rage. It allows Yggdra to push her advantage even further.

Still, the battle lasts long enough for Gulcasa to reach Max, and use Genocide.

From the Abyss, the Dragon Awakens... Crimson flames shall be my blood!

He takes out Yggdra's remaining troops, but she has enough of a lead to defeat him.

Yggdra cuts right through his morale, due to his low Gen.

Milanor finishes it.

Ugh... Graahhh...! The strong rule the earth... That is the Bronquian way... …......... O new sovereign... You were magnificent...

…A world controlled by power is cruel and empty. Power is defined by those who wield it. My parents' deaths still seethe within me, but... I mustn't let those feelings control my power. I have sworn to use my power to protect the people.

Heh... Foolish to the end... You and I... Our souls will remain distant for eternity... But your heart that beat so strong as to crush our will...


...Is he...!?

The battle is won... is it not?

...Yes. It's over.

Hey, the fire's getting out of control! Move it, people! Oww!

Princess! It's dangerous here!

Evacuate the troops! Take shelter, everyone!

Forgive me, Gulcasa... I wanted a peaceful solution, but I couldn't stop you...


Even with the Holy Sword, things are going wrong. It may be true that the Holy Sword is sacred... But that doesn't change the fact that it's just a weapon. Those who wield it are bound to deliver justice. We are bound to strike down the unjust. But the Holy Sword is still a sword... It can only wound.

...Well, yeah, I mean... What else would it do?

If the wielder of the Holy Sword is wrong, what then? What if I've used it to strike down those who were just?

No way... Just look at you. That can't be true.


Well, you treat all of us – even me, a thief – as equals. You do everything you can to prevent needless deaths... You never used to the sword to destroy, only to protect.


That's the whole reason why I believed in you. Kylier, too. But I guess none of that helps those who were struck down...

...The reason you believed in me...

Well, how about this: you use the sword to solve problems... What if you did the reverse?

The reverse...? Using problems to solve swords...?

Yeah. I mean, no! Solving problems without swords! Though if that were possible, this wouldn't have happened... Well, it was just a thought.


Whoa! What was that!?

Something is emerging from the ocean! It's... An island!? A giant island is rising from the sea...!?

…...! This... This feeling... The Holy Sword is resonating...!

Dammit, it's just one thing after another!

I have a grave feeling... Let us go and investigate.


Prominence: Gauge fills is... not very useful at this point on.


Not a whole lot to say here. There's one thing, and one thing only, to do here. Bring your three strongest cards, and your three strongest characters, and finish off Gulcasa. You've done it time and time again by now, so this fight isn't too different. You can't rely on Gravity Chaos, as he's immune to the damage and the curse, but otherwise this fight is the same.

Alternate Outcome

Well, something significantly different happens if Gulcasa reaches his endpoint. Let's see what happens.

King of our proud lineage... Brongaa, Dragon of Purgatory...


We were too late!?

...Heheh... Haaahahahah! Scion of the proud lineage... King of Kings... Brongaa, Dragon of Purgatory... show the world your power! The mighty shall run the new order! The strong will rule! All the world shall be bound by this law... He who holds power creates the world in his image! ...Heheh... Haaahahahaha!

The terror... has awakened...


The Dragon of Purgatory...

Aiieee! Calamity has befallen us! What tragedy... what horror...! It has awakened... Brongaa, the Dragon of Purgatory... The age of darkness is again upon this land!

Video – The Dark Ages Reborn

With Yggdra in pursuit and wielding the Holy Sword, Gulcasa, the Emperor of Carnage, used the last of his strength to drive his blade into his body and throw himself into the abyss.

It was the second advent of Brongaa, the Dragon of Purgatory.

Engulfed in hellfire, human society burned to the ground.

An age of darkness governed by absolute power had begun.



So failure in this battle can result in the first ending. Pretty much what you'd expect from an end of the world ending.

We're starting the final chapter now, and it will tie up a lot of loose ends.