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Ys: Ancient Ys Vanished

by Oyster

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Original Thread: This game isn't as Ysy as it looks



Hey everyone! Welcome to an Oyster LP to not feature heavy breathing and shouting of cuss words! This time around I'll be typing them, and I'll be bringing you this little gem:

Before we go any further, it's probably wise to address a pretty widespread issue: Just how do you pronounce this fucker? It's like fleece, but without the fl. It's not "ease", even though that's how I pronounce it most of the time. It's not "wise". Eece.

Ys was released first in 1987 for the NEC PC-8801, and has since been released for 15 other consoles.

Of the original ports, the most popular one (in america) was the master system port, entitled Ys 1: The Vanished Omens:

While most people believe that of the original incarnations of Ys the best one was the turbografx16, I will be playing the Famicom one, simply because that's the one I have and it is the most distinctive. While the TurboGrafx-16 and Sega Saturn versions have some additional cutscenes, the Famicon version has an entirely different overworld and brings an all-new final battle sequence. That, and while the Famicom version is considered the black sheep of the original ports, the TurboGrafx version is already on the Japanese virtual console and has been rated by the American ESRB, so it will be hitting America soon. Therefore, I'll point out some of the differences found between most versions and the famicom one.

In 2002 it was re-made for the PS2 and PC. Both versions feature an all-new town, several new cutscenes, and more playability. I would highly recommend both.

One thing that really rocks about the game is the music. I will be posting the soundtrack along with the updates. It seriously is up in the range of Uematsu/Mitsuda quality. The soundtrack itself is directly downloadable for free from IGN's fileplanet (free registration required) here. I will be uploading the perfect collection arrangement, which is also available for free download from that site.

The gameplay is a lot like Zelda but with more RPG-like elements, and a distinct lack of sword swinging. You'll see what I mean.

In the game of Ys, one plays as Adol Christin, a red-haired swordsman who first arrives in Esteria in search of adventure. That's the plot. Right there. So let's get started!

Check out the fancy title screen. And music: Original, Arrange

So, without making this OP Mega Man sized, let's get started!

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