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by toddy.

Part 1: E1 - Chronicle

A couple people asked me to collate the chronicle cutscenes in the game into one video for reference so here ya go!

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I also pulled the narrator's script as it's read verbatim from Deuce's patch notes:

Chronicle of Darkness

In the distant past, a nation was founded on a small continent in the great Duarl Sea. Its name was 'Eldeen.' It was a land of beings with mighty wings. Eldeen held a power source greater than Heaven:
Under the divine protection of the 'Mask of the Sun,' it flourished for 1000 years and seven months. However, a great cataclysm was visited on the land, and in the course of one night, it sank beneath the sea. None live now who know why it happened.

Southern Europa, off the coast of Celceta. The few Eldeenian survivors escaped to this area by using the power of the Mask of the Sun. With the skills and devices of Eldeen, the undeveloped land of Celceta grew into the continent's most productive farmland.

However, those folk who prospered so grew corrupt and greedy. The land was split into two bitterly warring factions. The war-torn Celceta was conquered, with schemes and trickery, by a man known as the 'Lord of Slaughter.' That man was Arem. And thus, Celceta was plunged into a dark age.

Chronicle of Light

In the early days of the King of Slaughter, Arem, the land was in ruin along with its people. It was a dark age, when power replaced justice. All of the people lived in constant fear. But one day, fate brought a hero to stand against Arem; that man was Lefance. He, along with his fellows, fought under the flag of fellowship and justice, and thus overthrew Arem.

Slano, the military warrior without peer.
Talim, the mystic, unsurpassed in the world.
Miyu, the Earth wizard.
Rady, the wise and learned diplomat.
Torie, sorcerer of Light.

They would later be called the Five Disciples, and fought alongside Lefance against Arem's forces. At the end of the bloody battle, Lefance had defeated Arem. The ruined earth again knew the light of hope.

With the overwhelming support of the people, Lefance founded the Selcetan Dynasty, with himself as ruler. The newly crowned king took a ferry to Eldeen, land of the Winged Ones, where he was given the source of greatest power: the Mask of the Sun. King Lefance used that power to build a great citadel overnight, and the mask was enshrined at its center, in the Temple of the Sun. Then, to help control the power of the mask, a twin was fashioned: the Mask of the Moon. The Selcetan Dynasty, with the blessings of the two masks, saw unprecedented prosperity. With humans and Winged Ones working in peace and brotherhood, a golden age began.

Chronicle of Hope

After their deaths, the Mask of the Sun's power was passed down to Lefance and the Five Disciples' descendants. Several hundred years passed. Eventually, the peaceful times of Selceta came to an end.
The dark sorcerer, Sieg Fact, made his appearance. Sieg borrowed the military strength of the mighty Romun Empire and began his invasion, seeking the Mask of the Sun. It was believed that Lefance's fortress city would be able to withstand any assault. But then, tragedy struck.

The Mask of the Sun's only controlling influence, the Mask of the Moon, fell into Sieg Fact's hands. Sieg used the Mask of the Moon to subvert the Mask of the Sun's power to evil purposes. Because of this, the Mask of the Sun became unstable, and eventually a great crisis befell Selceta. Earthquakes, famine, pestilence and demons appeared....

At their wits' end, the descendants of the Five Disciples used the last of their strength. In order to seal away the power of the rampaging Mask of the Sun, the entire city was sunken deep into the earth. In time, the entire area was covered with forest. The ground of Selceta was swallowed by the dense sea of trees. There now remains no evidence that it ever existed at all.