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by toddy.

Part 4: Chester's Breakdown

Time for an update!

It is now time for Inferno mode to pull its foot out of its ass and kick ours. Enemies are now complex with their attacks, do more damage and the entirety of the next dungeon (and beyond!) is just horrifyingly difficult. We also confront Chester - just wait until you see what happens!

Thanks to rumrusher for the drawing I used as the thumbnail in the Blip link.

Enemies that repeatedly punched us in the face this update:

Ys: The Oath in Felghana OST
Illburns Ruins

Apologies on the wait for this update, though more of this and Wanderers is on the way in the next few days.

Edit: (taken from post further down)
Something I forgot to mention about the Chester fight is that there is another exploit that makes waste of him detonating his shield after one fire projectile. Just after that phase, the more fire projectiles you shoot at him the more steps of his default pattern he skips. This is less exploitable than the proximity exploit I used because on Inferno mode Chester can (in the second half of the fight) cancel his shield on hit into the teleport dash + 3 knives and it's really hard to dodge.