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Ys: The Oath in Felghana

by toddy.

Part 5: Lava Reef Zone

Hi I'm update and this is a toddy.

We begin our journey into the Fire Temple Lava Reef Zone Zone of Lava and fight a fire dragon, Volvagia Guilen the Fire Eater. We're not done with this dungeon yet, we have one rather obnoxious obstacle left.

There are many treasures inside the volcano, of all places, the most important of these treasures being the Wind Magic. I will go into further detail on how the wind magic works next update, but just take my word when I say that it's amazing.

Enemies that tried to divebomb us this update:

Note: The official guide for the game recommends a max level of 18 for this fight. This is not a hard level to reach in this area of the game with about 10 minutes of grinding kills in the room before.

A Searing Struggle