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Ys: The Oath in Felghana

by toddy.

Part 9: Forgotten Legends

Antonio discovers the secret to Adol's ability to store over 200 raval and 20,000 gold in his pocket.

It may sound like my commentary during the Istersiva fight is off-sync, it isn't. I just had trouble keeping up with everything that was going on.

Now that achievements have been introduced, doing the Elena escort quest nets you one of them. It's called "Forever Alone," accompanied by exactly what you think as the achievement icon.

Can we... can we go back to not getting anything from it again? Please?

The reason why Istersiva is only medium difficulty is because although it does a lot of damage in its attacks, the attacks are very easy to read and avoid. There is one exception to that (the green barrier shield charge), but that's just the game cheating. The speed of that charge is a lot slower on the lower difficulties and does a lot less damage.