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Ys: The Oath in Felghana

by toddy.

Part 21: Art Updates I: Postcards!

Bonus Update 1: Oath in Felghana Postcards

I thought I'd pass some time between updates to bring a quick look at some of the game's art collectibles.

Recently I managed to get my hands on a bunch of Oath in Felghana merchandise not really seen outside of Japan due to a complicated importing process. I have all three soundtracks for the game, I have the "Perfect Guide" (not quite perfect in terms of content coverage, but I guess they wanted to keep secrets), the Official Visual Art Book and a bunch of postcards they send for free.

Usually, depending on what you order from the Falcom store, they'll box in game-relevant postcards. If you're a collector of sorts, these are pretty special because a lot of them have exclusive art in them, seperate from the art books. Today we'll take a look at a few of them I scanned. Apologies for the scanlines, apparently my 6-year-old scanner jus ain't what it used to be or I did something wrong.

This one's just a shot of Adol, Dogi and Elena chilling out. This one is pretty common, it's in the Art Book, (I think?) the Perfect Guide and it's also an unlockable gallery art picture in the PSP game.
Look at that pikkard. Look at it.

This one's apparently pretty rare, since I can't find it in any release or publication of the games. In case you couldn't work it out it's Chester, Elena and assumedly their mother. This is a plot thread that is non-existant in the game, so it's not really a spoiler even in context.

Food time! It's Dogi, Adol, Elena, Margo and... uh, what's-his-face... at the Redmont Inn. Not much to say here.

Chester. Asshole.

Just something to hold you over while I record the rest of the next dungeon. If people want to see more art scans maybe next update I'll put up some stuff from the guide and art book covering what we've done so far.