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Part 4: The Ghouls "take over" the city, I take it back!

Part 5: The Ghouls "take over" the city, I take it back!

Last time we got our sixth and final locator card, time to meet up with our "friends" at Yugi's grandpa's cardshop.

According to gramps here, Joey came by and took Tea with him, but there was something strange about him.

I just got back now, too. I'm getting a very bad feeling about this...

Then, one of the Ghouls barges in uninvited!

Who are you?!

We are the Ghouls. We have your friends Joey Wheeler and Tea Gardner. If you value their lives, do as we say. Hand over your decks and quit the Tournament.

Feeling brave, are you? But know this - we are serious. You will come to regret this...

Haven't you guys been watching me? I eat duelists for breakfast. The only chance you guys would even have is to just start throwing a ton of your boys at me to try and slow my ascent to the King of Domino City.

He then runs off instead of letting me kill him like a man.

Those kidnappers...Tea and Joey are in serious trouble. Let's split up and look for them. They must be near.

We then leave the card shop.

Okay, PersonMN, this is what we'll do. If we find any clues, we come back here. Okay, let's get going.

He then leaves.

I go enlist Tristan to help search for clues.

I then learned what their true plans were at this point; to just start throwing a ton of their boys at me to try and slow my ascent to the King of Domino City.

First there's one in the graveyard (who kicked Bonz out again).

One where Espa Roba was fought.

One in front of the Art Muscum (after beating him we still can't go in).

Two over in the bridge area.

Two at the Aquarium.

After fighting all of those guys, some more appear at the park (trust me, I checked the park beforehand and these guys weren't there).

Fight these three guys, then when you head into the last area of the park;


Yes folks, it's Bandit Keith! First introduced in a flashback as the champion of AMERICA!, he dueled Pegasus. However, Pegasus instead wrote instructions on how to beat Keith on a piece of paper, gave it to some kid, and the kid won, embarrassing Keith. Bandit Keith basically stowed away to get to Duelist Kingdom, he hired Mr. Bonz to beat Joey (which he failed to do) and then tried trapping Yugi, Joey, and the rest in a cave (which they escaped from). He was the first to go to Pegasus' castle for the finals having gotten 10 star chips, and witnessed Yugi and Kaiba's duel from afar. When it was revealed that to be eligible for the finals you needed one of these stupid cards, he stole Joeys (which was given to him by Yugi). Luckily, Yugi kicked Mai Valentine's ass so hard she gave Joey her card since she didn't need it anymore. Joey managed to beat Bandit Keith even though Keith was cheating like the whole time. Guards tried taking Bandit Keith away, but he jumped up to where Pegasus was sitting and pointed at him (seriously, in the 4kids dub he just points at him. in the manga he had a knife and in the Japanese anime he has a gun but those are to violent for AMERICANS!). Pegasus hit his panic button and Keith was jettisoned out a hole in the rock wall below Pegasus' castle into the ocean. In the anime of course. In the manga series, Bandit Keith threatened Pegasus with a knife. In response, Pegasus turns Bandit Keith's hand into a gun and makes Bandit Keith shoot himself in the head. He later joined the Ghouls (in the anime only) and lost to Yugi or something who cares he loses anyways.


We get this card out of it, pretty badass card, but still not very useful.

Yeah, good luck with that. Those guys are second and third only to me.

I think my deck has already "ruined" this tournament. Seriously, nothing can stand in my way.

He then leaves. So let's go back to the card shop to exchange information with Yugi and Tristan!

I don't think I ever introduced Mai. Mai Valentine was introduced in Duelist Kingdom as well, where she loses a bunch of duels, makes it to the finals, and loses to Yugi. She has the hots for Joey but he's a dumbass and never goes for it. She is basically ignored in Battle City until the finals, where she's a contender. I'll explain everything about the finals when we get there.

She makes a good point. So now we get to go find Kaiba to find out where Joey and Tea are!

And now Yugi is following us around. Let's head over to KaibaCorp and see if he's there.

Alright let's just head in and ask Mokuba whe-

Okay, now what? Well let's go to the Building for no discernable reason!

Hey what do you know there's Mokuba.

PersonMN and Yugi go confront the would-be kidnappers.

That's right, so you should know that you should just run off, worlds top two duelists right here.

Apparently they would rather get a demonstration of my abilities. Even though they know how many of their friends I've killed beat in a duel, they still want to fight.

Oh hell yes.

Those of you familiar with Yu-Gi-Oh will recognize this arena. This is where Yugi and Kaiba fought Umbra and Lumis in a 2 vs 2 duel. If any given duelists lifepoints reached zero, the window beneath their feet would shatter and they would fall to their deaths fall so fast they entered the Shadow Realm (no seriously). Kaiba was unwilling to cooperate with Yugi at first, but eventually when they started working together they had Umbra and Lumis on edge, making costly mistakes and fighting between each other until they eventually lost. Marik talk through Lumis (the short fat one) and Umbra used a parachute to not die enter the Shadow Realm.

PersonMN, which one will you duel?

I'd rather duel both, preferably in a 2v2 format, but I pick


Had I not explained what happened with this duel in the anime this wouldn't make any sense. They don't explain in game what he means by this.

For winning, we get

This is normally a Ritual Summon monster, this bastard is what knocked me out of the second tournament I ever played in (also the last one I played in because the guys running it were dumbasses and let the person I was playing blatently cheat by playing a monster in face-up defense mode and using its effect to get the ritual summon card for Masked Beast out of his I'm not still bitter...). At the time this card was made (which was before this point in the show I think), 3200 attack points was unheard of, and due to the nature of Ritual Summons was very easy to get on the field. A staple of pretty much every deck back in the day.

Marik takes control of Lumis and then lets Umbra and Lumis die collapse.

Since this update is going to be super long anyway, I'll explain Millennium items here even though they don't matter in the game. There are seven Millennium items. There's;

The Millennium Rod. This allows it's user (Marik) to control peoples minds from afar. The brain washing thing is wrong, actually, that would be more of the Millennium Key. The Rod also contains a hidden dagger, which, in the manga, was used by Yami Marik to kill his dad. In the anime he used the Millennium Rod to send his father to the Shadow Realm. Of course.

The Millennium Necklace. Owned by a person we'll meet later in this update, it allows its user to see the future. Due to circumstances which I'll explain when I get to the finals, it's current owner gives it to Yugi, since he eventually needs all seven to help the Pharaoh go on to the afterlife.

The Millennium Puzzle. Contains the soul of an ancient Pharaoh who was really really good at random games. Allows its user the Pharaoh to force Penalty Games on the losers of these games, which during the original series (Yu-Gi-Oh volumes 1-7, for those of you interested) were fucking insane. Yugi's grandpa found this in the Pharaoh's tomb, where he had to prove that he was good enough to own the Puzzle by getting through very poorly designed traps.

The Millennium Ring. Owned by Bakura, it contains an evil soul within which basically owns Bakura at this point. It can point to other Millennium items, and allows its user to enter the Shadow Realm or something. It also lets the user play Shadow Games using a laser. Seriously.

The Millennium Eye. Formerly owned by Pegasus, it allows the user to play the same Shadow Games and Shadow Realm shit, but also allows the user to see into someone elses mind (read: cheat). Pegasus still loses to Yugi, what the fuck. Now you may be wondering how Pegasus got that piece of solid gold eyewear into his eye. Well in the anime Shadi holds it up to his eye and it glows and then replaces his eye. In the manga, a group of Egyptian dudes gouge out Pegasus' eye so Shadi can put the Millennium Eye in the socket to see if it will accept him as its owner. Yes, they gouged out his eye JUST TO CHECK IF HE COULD KEEP IT. Bakura then laser-duels Pegasus and steals the Eye out of Pegasus' head.

The Millennium Key. This one isn't really explained in detail in the anime. It is shown that Shadi can enter someones mind with it, but there's more than that. He can reshape their entire mind in any way he sees fit. In the manga he does this to Tea to test Yugi by having her turn into a zombie and stand on a platform that will break. In order to go back to normal the affected person has to touch the key.

The Millennium Scales. I don't even think they showed this in the anime except for when the fat guy gives it to Yugi. It was owned by Shadi, who would set it in front of a person, and set a feather on one side. He then removes the persons heart and puts it on the other side, and if their heart is weighted down by too much evil, a giant lizard monster appears and eats them. Seriously. You can't make this shit up folks.

Alright, let's go to the art muscum!

Yugi, PersonMN. What brings your sort here?

Hey, what do you mean, "you people"?

The Ghouls abducted Joey Wheeler and a friend. Please, can you tell us where to find Joey? We need your help.

Humph. I could care less about a dreg like him. But the Ghouls...they are irritants. They're filthy sneaks with no respect for cards...I'd been considering sanctioning them myself. Yugi, I'm not helping you, but I will run a check. The Ghouls cannot be left unchecked. Wait here. I'll run a search on our computers.

Wheeler is in the vicinity of the pier.

Hey thanks for the help that you apparently didn't give us! Also note that "checking his computers" involves standing around for several seconds.

We unlock a new area, and immediately get jumped. Yugi says he'll take care of the Ghouls, and leaves Bandit Keith to me. Good, we have unfinished business or something.

Meh, not a very good card in all honesty.

Yeah we know that's why we're here.

Joey? What's wrong with you?

Duel with me, Yugi...

But, why? Joey! Listen!

Quiet. Shut up with the chatter. Or Tea Gardner will pay with her life.

Joey's under mind control, too?

No shit, Sherlock, figure that one out all by yourself?

PersonMN, Yugi... You go to your graves here. The loser sinks into the sea bound by chains, and weighted by an anchor.

Dude, it's just a card game for kids, seriously.

No! I can't duel with my friend's life at stake!

Fine. Tea Gardner will do as my bidding if you refuse. If I will it, she will take a capsule of poison. Do you still refuse to duel?

I didn't edit that first sentence at all, I swear that was how it was written.

That's beyond contempt...

Duel! Now!

Joey! Wake up!

It's useless...

I have to do this?

I can't win...

Dude, it's just a Flaming Swordsman. It's not even that good.

I can't defeat my own friend like this. I... I just can't...

Haahahaha! Then sink beneath the waves!

Hahaha, rot among the kelp!

Hey you asshole, now my cards are kinda wet! I'll make you pay, even if you are being directly controlled by Marik!

Persistent to the bitter end... So be it... PersonMN, it's your turn. But his time, there is no one here to save you. Enough! Be gone from my sight!

Umm, are you kidding me? Look dude I'm not as nice/compassionate as Yugi, I play to win and leave a trail of destruction behind me. If it means being directly responsible for the death of one of my best friends, so be it.

Fuck the haters, Red Eyes Black Dragon is awesome because it looks awesome

Also holy shit check out Summoned Skull's attack points on the Yami field.

Grr... PersonMN... You... But this puppet... I will dispose of it...

...Joey! Joey Wheeler! Wake up!

Save your breath... This is my puppet.

We... We promised! We promised each other that we'd make the finals. All three of us!

Hey, I never promised shit, I'm making it to the finals, and I'll fucking make it even if it means I have to step on you guys' fucking heads to do it.

It's futile! My puppet will leap into the sea, never to... ...Urrggggh...

Joey! Remember! Remember our promise!


You're Joey Wheeler! Our friend!

Hey now let's not jump to conclusions here. He's my 'friend' when it's beneficial to me.


No... It's not possible... My mind control is broken?

Yugi... PersonMN... I... What...

You've regained your senses...

...What was I doing? Where am I?

Come on. We should get back.

We fade to black and end up at the card shop.

I can't tell you how glad I am.

I'm sorry... I must've been careless... He took me without notice...

It's okay. You, Tea, all of us are safe. There's only Marik Ishtar to blame.

Speak for yourself bro, I was never in any immediate danger.

He claimed to have a Millennium item. But I don't know why they're trying to gather cards. And I don't understand why they would target us.

If we get to the finals, he'll be sure to show. I'll settle things with him. Depend on it. That coward - always hiding behind others... I'll put him down.

Joey out in first round, leaving me on cleanup duty, book it.

Marik Ishtar and his thugs will appear at the finals. That's when our real battle begins.

Yeah, I'd say so.


So me and Yugi have collected 6 locator cards, but Joey is lagging behind. So he runs along to get the last few he needs, leaving me to explore!

There's a warehouse in the Pier area where you can challenge Bandit Keith to another duel.

Welp time to go to the Art Muscum for no real reason!

There is a matter that I must discuss with you. Come with me, please.

This is Ishizu Ishtar, Marik's sister. As you can see, she is wearing the Millennium Necklace, so as you can imagine she cheats like holy hell in duels.

First, I should tell you of the secret behind cards. In ancient Egypt, wizards kept peace in the land. They did so by sealing away the monsters in the hearts of humans - the causes of all misery - in stone tablets. However, some corrupt high priests tried to oust the reigning pharaoh by using the wizards and their stone tablets to carry their rebellion. This 3,000-year old artifact is a record of that war. Pegasus, who created the Duel Monsters cards, based all his work on the stone tablets described here. Ancient Egyptian wizardy has been reborn as cards.

This is even more retarded than the actual explanation (as seen in the manga series Millennium World). The only part they got right was that Pegasus came up with Duel Monsters after having an acid trip vision of the priests in ancient Egypt dueling with the stone slabs.

You appear surprised. This is the truth, however. I tell you this for a reason. But, before I explain why, there is something else. Duel with me, please. I must confirm that you indeed possess true power. The true power that I believe you possess...

Why are you even bothering? You can see the fucking future, you already know I'm going to kick your ass.

See? (Cosmo Queen is a ritual summon I think, not worth it)

Yes... The rumors are true. You are truly skilled. Perhaps you are the one to put an end to my younger brother's mad scheme...


My younger brother... You already know of him. A man named Marik Ishtar. Please, turn your eyes to the artifact again.

Do you see the three tablets depicted? They represent the three Egyptian Gods of such rarity that they are often dismissed as mirages. Needless to say, their cards are also of great rarity. Anyone obtaining all three of these mystic cards is said to inherit the legend of eternal invincibility and the title of Duel King. As such, each card embodies enormous power. In the wrong hands, that power may be catastrophic. My brother... Marik Ishtar has allowed evil to consume his heart. Marik organized the Ghouls to hunt down rare cards. He hopes to obtain the god cards by doing so. I must stop him, no matter what. I am even willing to entrust you with one of the three. The one god card that remained in Egypt. However, before that, you must duel once more.

oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy, I'm gonna get one of the Egyptian God Cards and I'm gonna live forever this is so awesome wait I have to duel another person?

Kaiba!...wait, you aren't difficult at all what am I worried about.

Humph... So, that's it? You're the final test? But a duel over a god card... Amusing. But a dreg like you... You're no match for me.

Yeah sure whatever, let's get this over with, I really want that card.

Please, forgive me for forcing this test on you. But I need proof. Proof that you are worthy of bearing the god card. Proof that you have the power to overcome evil.

The card will choose me! En garde, PersonMN!

Well, we get a pretty sweet card out of the deal that is completely useless.

Grr... Lose? To a dreg like you? So careless of me... But even without the god card I can win the finals. I'll win the title of the Duel King that way. It won't end this way next time, PersonMN.

Yeah sure, you can beat me when I have a fucking EGYPTIAN GOD CARD in my deck, keep telling yourself that. (also this is the last time we duel Kaiba)

He leaves.

Congratulations, PersonMN. I shall entrust you with one of the Egyptian Gods... Obelisk the Tormentor. Please use that card and stop my brother. He is trying to exploit the power of cards to satisfy his desire for revenge against the world.

What, and you expect different from me? Seriously, you guys may just be better off giving them all to Marik.

If he were to obtain all three god cards... But the future has chosen you. Please, do not fail.

Oh boy oh boy oh boy oh boy!!

She leaves.

This baby goes straight into my deck, replacing some useless card I never use.

Well that was a really long update. I'll see you guys next time, when we'll probably maybe finally be going to the finals!