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Yuppie Psycho

by Bacter

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Original Thread: Goodbye Forever, Beggars! Let's Play YUPPIE PSYCHO!



TLDR Weird horror game, NO SPOILERS EVEN IN TAGS, subtitles instead of talkin', hope you love it!

Now we can find out what's behind the company's mask!

Awwwww yeah!

Bacter, give us the usual intro!

So, cards on the table goons, I like all kinds of games but my groove a genre I've heard defined as WEIRD HORROR.

It covers a huge swatch of territory, from the creeping dread and subtle psychology of Night in the Woods to the visceral terror and oppression of, say, Darkwood. Both excellent games that you should check out, incidentally.

But we've got a real one for you this time, droogs! A real *Italian chef finger kissing motion* of a game!

It's got good pixelart, good sound, good writing, good story, it's g

Alright, sit down and easy does it, champ. What IS the game?

THE GAME, my friends, is YUPPIE PSYCHO, by the gloriously named "Baroque Decay" studios.


Survival horror. Of the games I've LP'd, I'd say it's most similar to Lone Survivor, though the tone is... uh... different.

What should I expect

Lots of unease, medium amounts of gore and office politics, and a small amount of sentient, angry office fixtures.


I don't want to go into it. The less you know, the better, honestly.

Weird horror games tend to be mysteries, and this is no exception, so Ima call for a BIG HONKING NO SPOILERS AT ALL EVEN IN TAGS rule in this 'ere thread.

You talkin'?

No. It's a very atmospheric game, and I genuinely spent most of my first playthrough in some level of unease/panic. I don't feel like trying to pretend that's how I'm feeling on a third playthrough, but I can WRITE like it is!


I like your attitude, son. You'll go FAR. LET'S DO IT


Noisycat posted:

Hi! I drew the Forest Goblin

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