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by Fedule

Part 6: The Nonary Game

This entire update consists of Zero III talking about this and that. Consider every audio link highly recommended. Listen in or miss out.

VLR OST: [Eeriness]

Listen in: [English/Japanese]

Where are you, you little bastard!? Too scared to come out and face me like a man?!

Are you an idiot?
I'm a rabbit. You really think a talking rabbit is a real thing?

Of course I don't.
You're some kind of CG rabbit or something, probably.
That's not what I meant, though!

I guess God touched this one a little too hard.


Weren't you listening to Phido? She's clever, you know.

Then... you're saying...
Zero is one of us?

Well, yes, I guess that's one way to put it.

You're responding to our questions and stuff right now.
That means you're not just, like, a video somebody made.
Wouldn't that mean that Zero would have to be controlling you and sending you answers right now?

Because it doesn't look like anyone's doing that...

Well of course they aren't.
I'm an AI.


I'm an artifical intelligence powered by a quantum computer.
Zero is the one who built me, of course.
So I guess that makes one of you my parent!

He he he...

Now, with that said, I guess I should probably tell you that I'm not the one who brought you here.

I mean, obviously. I don't even have a body...

I'm just the... facilitator for this facility. I just do what I'm told to do!

And what do you... facilitate?

Didn't I say? The game, of course!

Oh, the... Nonary Game, Ambidex Edition...?

(There she goes again... she knows something.)

Listen in: [English/Japanese]

"Nonary" refers to a base-9 numeral system, but can also mean something that is, in some way, related to the number nine.
"Nona" can be used a prefix as well, where it means essentially the same thing.

Therefore it stands to reason that the "Nonary Game" is a game that deals with the number nine in some way.

Exactly. Nine is a very, very, important number in this game.


Yes, goal! You see that door in front of you?

If you can open the door with a nine on it... you can escape.

Wh-What do we have to do to open it?

Yes yes yes. Let me explain.

You see the bracelet? Of course you do.
Now tell me Phido, what number is on yours?

What about the rest of you?

They're all the same. We've all got 3s.

Exactly. I'm going to call those numbers "Bracelet Points"! If you're feeling lazy, you can just call them "BP".

That's how you'll get out.
Anyone with greater-than-or-equal-to 9 BP can pull that lever and the door will open.

There are three rules you carrot forget!

When your time is up, it'll close automatically! So be careful.

Once that hoppens, it's allll over. It'll close for good after 9 seconds, so if you're not careful you could get stuck.

You're thinking, "Oh ho... If my BP is too low, then I'll just have someone with enough BP open the door... and I'll just slip through when it's open..."

If you think you can be sneaky, well...

Well what?

All you need to know is that anybunny who tries to sneak out gets hit with a biiiig penalty.

And what the hell does that mean!?



Why did you start making... rabbit... puns?

Um... well... um... 'cause I felt like it?

I thought it might make me sound cute...

Listen in: [English/Japanese]

You still haven't told us what we need to know most.
How do we get BP?

If you like abbreviations, you can always call it the AB Room instead.

You mean those, uh...

So how do we go about using them?

How else do you use a room? You go in.

You mean through those hatches?

No. I had a hutch you might try that, so I closed those up tight while you were talking.
So don't be hatching any hatch plans, you understand?

I live in the master computer.
That means all the electronic doors in this whooooole warren are under my control.

We tried the doors on the front. They're all locked.

All you've got to do is slide a card through, and there you go.

Well, we don't got 'em, and there weren't any in the warehouse...

Oh, well, no, of course there wouldn't be any there.

Then where are they?

Chromatic Doors?

Right hare! You see the three pretty doors just to your right?

Huh? Hold on...
I thought those doors were locked.



You see those buttons on the sides of your watch? Can you press them at the same time?


To make little boys ask questions. Just press them, please.
In fact, why doesn't everybunny press their buttons as well!

The two digits on the left show hours, and the two on the right show minutes.

Does that mean it's 12:10 in the morning?


It's gone from 10 minutes to 9.

So... that would mean this must be counting down to something, right?

Correct. I don't even need to explain the rest, do I?

I'm guessing this is the time until the Chromatic Doors unlock?


Listen in: [English/Japanese]

In 9 minutes the Chromatic Doors will open automatically.

Just like the number nine door, they won't stay open forever.
You have 5 minutes. Once your time is up, the doors will close no matter what, so I hop you've gone through by then!
That's just the primary door...


Unfortunately, the secondary Chromatic Door on the other side is locked too.

Couldn't make it easy for us, could you?

Of course you'll all have to split up.

Split up?


Because you're the only person who hasn't talked to me.

I try to communicate with as many people as I can.
It helps me improve, you see. I'm trying to get into the rabbit of doing it all the time.

Now, answer my questions. Do you know what the three primary colors are? Well?

Y-You mean red, green, and blue?
You're supposed to be able to make any color by mixing them, right?

So which colors would you mix to get magenta?

How about yellow?

What if you wanted cyan?

Now take another look at the nice bracelets you're all wearing. Notice how they come in three vibrant colors?

The red and blue bracelets can open the secondary magenta door together.

Green and red can open the yellow one...

And blue and green can open the cyan door.
I miss anything?

There is one other little thing, though.

You're talking about what happens if you've got two of the same color, right?

Yep. What do you think happens?

How the hell would I know?

If you want to open a door but all you've got is one color, then you can use that to open a door with the complementary color to the one you've got.

Hm... I see.
So if you've got red and red, then you can open the cyan door.
Blue and blue can open the yellow door.
...And green and green can open the magenta door.

Looks like your brain hasn't rotted away yet, Tenmyoldy!

Just what the hell's that supposed to mean?

It means exactly what it says! I was trying to complement you, you know.


Ah well. Let's continue, shall we?

That means there's two types of players too! Pairs and solos.
In this game, the two members of a pair are considered to be a single entity, which means they share the saaame destiny.
Isn't that a good deal? I mean, you get two for the price of one! Unfortunately, it also means they carrot split up. Aww...

Both members of a pair have to go through the same Chromatic Door.

I mean, why would they? They're forever alone. But that means that they can go whereeeever they want! Yaaay!

We'll start with you, Siggy.
What color is your bracelet?

Are you a pair, or a solo?

I'm a pair.

Phido is next! Tell us about your bracelet.

What about you, Alas?

B.O.? Quirk?

Moony! Cleaver! Tenmyoldy! All at once!

And finally...

I'm... uh... Let's see...

I'm not lying.
This was just a... how do I put it... a flash of insight, I suppose. I saw the letter K..

So? What does "K" have to do with anything?

I wish I knew. Sadly, I have no idea. Does it mean anything to you?


Now, ah... K... Can I call you that?


I'm guessing your bracelet is the same as Clover's.

That's right.

And the text is green.

Now, lettuce return to the subject at hand...

How do you open the secondary door?

Well, Phi and I can't split up since we're part of the same pair.

Or you could work with Mr. Dio and me.
We're blue too...

Oh celerysticks, I forgot to tell you.
You have to have exactly three people in your group to open the secondary door.
That means you can't have two people, or four people, or, well, anything other than three really.

Then our only choice is to pair up with Luna.

Pretty much.
Aaaand I guess I should probably tell you that the secondary door won't open until the primary door closes.

We didn't want a fourth or fifth person just running in at the last minute like "AAAAAAAAH WAIT FOR ME" when the right people open the door.
But if the primary door closes first, then that's impossible! You see? It all makes sense.

Might have run a hare too long in my explanation, but now I'm aaaaalll done.

Any questions?